How Long Does It Take To Recover From Nerve Damage?

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Nerve Damage?

People have different processes of healing. It depends on the type of nerves one possesses. If one is fragile, it may take them long to recover from primary injuries. It also depends on the kind of damage one gets. It may take up to three to four months, depending on the medication you take. Some cases become so bad that it may take longer than three months to heal. However, people who have diabetes stand a higher chance of suffering more than ordinary people. Diabetes weakens a person's nerves to the extent of making them vulnerable to an extensive nervous breakdown.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Nerve Damage?

Sometimes, shoes may cause neuropathy. The type of feet you possess determines the kind of shoes you should wear. If you rock on well-cushioned shoes, it protects the feet from getting nerval damages. If you eat too-tight shoes, it compresses the feet to the point of getting spasms of pain. Another situation that causes the nerval condition is when you stand for long periods. If you have pre-existing conditions that may make your nerves weak, do not stand for long. Take time to rest and feel the comfort of sitting and enjoying the cool breeze of the atmosphere. 

The most affected people have a diabetic condition. Diabetes happens when the body fails to generate enough insulin and sugar. Let us look at the various needs of the disease.

Type 1 diabetes 

Type 1 diabetes is autoimmune. It is when the immune system fights the beta cells and weakens them. Beta cells are located in the pancreas and responsible for producing insulin. Once the cells are attacked, diabetes manifests. The condition is more genetic than environmental. If environmental, it has to be so harsh as to bring out the effect on insulin. Such environmental characteristic exists in places where revolutionary war activities and chemical impact happen. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki scenario is an outstanding one. Lifestyle factors have a small percentage role to play in the attack. 

Type 2 diabetes

It starts by resisting insulin production. It means that the body cannot use insulin correctly. The resistance is critical in defining the situation. Insulin is produced as usual, but the body resists the production. It causes the pancreas to manufacture more insulin than it can keep up. The condition causes the body to be reluctant to function correctly. The reduction of insulin leads to high blood sugar. Factors that drive the situation include genetics, lack of exercise, and body overweight. It is why one should exercise well and eat healthily. There may be other pre-existing conditions that may cause the effect. 

Gestational diabetes 

Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy alone. Insulin blocking hormones that make it difficult for insulin to be useful in the body causes the disease effectively.  

Symptoms of diabetes 

Having slow healing nerves is one sign of the disease. Nerves should not take long to heal if what causes it to be ill is not huge. Some of the symptoms include; excessive thirst and hunger, frequent urination, fatigue, itchy skin, blurry vision, and slow healing wounds. You have seen people take years to heal wounds that occur back in their life. You may think that they are bewitched, but it is not the case. Most of them suffer from diabetes. The disease slows down the healing system of one's body. It is, therefore, necessary to take the required medication for a better experience. Diabetes patients are needed to be consistent with their medication. If a sick person delays in taking medicine, it will worsen the situation. Type 2 diabetes can cause black patches on your skin, armpits, and neck. Type 1 diabetes causes weight loss. 

The disease causes complications that make it difficult for the body to operate. Some of the situations are; eye problems or retinopathy, vessel disease, infection or skin condition, kidney damage or nephropathy, and amputations. Amputations happen due to neuropathy conditions. Once a nerve fails to function thoroughly, it is advisable to amputate it even after revival attempts. The process only ensures the proper functioning of the body. It is not acceptable to stay with a non-functional nerve in the body.

Complications during pregnancy may cause miscarriages, congenital disabilities, high blood pressure, and preeclampsia. However, the only way of treatment is by knowing your blood sugar target range. Your doctor should advise you on how to keep the content on the check. If you are a victim, you need to work closely with your doctor to make the situation more manageable. Blood sugar targets depend on your age, type of diabetes, and existing complications. People who have gestational diabetes will have low target limits.  One needs to engage in physical fitness. Going to the gym and lifting weights needs to be on your radar. Doing aerobics should also be included. Ask your healthcare manager the number of times in a week you should engage in exercising your body. You should also check on your diet. It should be as prescribed to reach its goal of providing better health conditions in the diabetes world. However, there are different ways of treating the disease. 

Treating type 1 diabetes 

The solution to managing type 1 diabetes is by taking insulin. The pancreas may be destroyed. Your physician needs to show you how to inject insulin under your skin. There is a method of rotating the injections, and it helps to prevent injury. Insulin is the only life for such people. You may also use an insulin pump. It is a machine that pumps in insulin in your body to maintain a specific sugar level. The devise is fashioned to release a specific dose. You will need to monitor the release of glucose in your body, you will need to engage professional guidance to make the process a success. Cholesterol and other complications have to be put on the radar in your health advice. 

Treating type 2 diabetes 

Treating type 2 depends on the kind of exercise you take. Diet is also a significant factor in determining the healing process. The initial line of medication is metformin. The drug enables the body to use insulin more effectively. If the medicine doesn't work, your doctor needs to prescribe a different medication of the same nature to heal your nerves. The secret behind making diabetes is controlling your blood sugar levels. Sugar is what makes the body operate effectively.

You may want to know about the prevention status of the disease. The only way is by exercising a lot and checking up on your diet. Avoid lifestyles that will increase your chances of contracting the ailment. You should also follow the physician’s advice to overcome the situation. Smoking will increase your chances of contracting the disease. If it is not necessary to smoke, then do not try the trend.

There is no cure for type 1 diabetes, the only solution to it is lifelong disease management. It requires family input and financial flow. One thing that makes many people fail in fighting is economic pressure. The disease is expensive to manage. Type 2 can be successfully managed. It only requires the following steps that your doctor has in place for you.  Gestational diabetes can only be overcome after childbirth. You should avoid stress and take on a peaceful lifestyle. 

Some shoes help in preventing the strength of neuropathy. Once your feet and nerves become weak and dumb, it becomes difficult for the nerves to perform as required. It affects outer parts like your hands and legs. Pain is inevitable. 

Some of the condition symptoms include; extreme sensitivity to touch, a lack of balance that may cause falling while standing, and walking. Muscles may become weak and dysfunctional. Changes in blood pressure will cause dizziness and migraines. Sometimes autonomic nerves get affected, and you may develop vast intolerance to heat.

Different types of neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy, this type of neuropathy affects the legs, hands, and part of the limbs. It is mainly due to diabetes. Diabetic people suffer a lot from the condition. Treatment of the situation depends on the procedures you follow. Your doctor will prescribe therapeutic measures that will enable the need to heal and be okay. Physical therapy of the feet and affected body parts is the quality standard for providing strength to the affected parts. 

Proximal neuropathy causes death to the nerves of the body. The only way to prevent the condition is by constant exercise. Autonomic neuropathy is capable of destroying the digestive system. Focal neuropathy affects a specific section of the body. It comes suddenly and can cause sudden death if not well managed. Focal neuropathy affects parts of the head. The nerves which go down to the eyes and ears are most affected. Chemotherapy and drugs relating to HIV, can cause neuropathy. 

However, let us look at some of the ways to relax the condition.

Kick the butts 

Stop smoking. It is the most straightforward counter-attack strategy for a smoker, smoking reduces the flow of blood in the body. Blood may get less nutrient circulation because of the behavior. Smokers are at the highest risk. Lack of sufficient nutrients in the blood will cause more pain. 

Take an over-the-counter pain reliever.

When you get an emergency pain, and there is no way to ease the problem, the only way to help the situation is to get some aspirin to reduce a hard time. You may die trying to hold the pain inside. Speak to your physician to get more advice on how to use yours over the counter prescription. It may increase your chances of getting heart attacks and kidney damage. It is the only way to save your situation during unprecedented moments. 

Get your vitamin D

A neuropathy condition will not produce vitamin D from the sun as it is supposed to happen. The sun should provide enough vitamin D, but it may not be enough to have underlying diabetic conditions. However, you may get artificial injections to boost your supply of the nutrient. The recommended collection of the nutrient ranges from 600-800 IU, but it cannot be given by food alone. You need to take supplements. People who adhere to the rule get fewer symptoms after a few months. 

Try a vitamin B complex 

Vitamin B plays a major role in the development of nerve health. A deficit of vitamin B 12 can cause nerve damage. Vitamin B 6 boosts the brain to produce chemicals that help it to send nerves to specific body parts on how they should function. If the nutrients are less in the body it will increase pain.

Let us look at some of the neuropathy shoes that should your comfort when faced by nerve issues.

Dr. Comfort carter 

Dr. Carter shoes have a lightweight nature that enables it to provide comfort when facing a neuropathy condition. Lightweight enables you to exert less pressure thus reducing pain while walking. It makes everything easy. Pressure in the feet causes a lot of discomfort and may lead to death. The shoes are crafted to accommodate any type of foot deformity. It takes care of everybody who has trouble wearing shoes. The heel structure is padded to reduce irritation and add support. The outer sole is durable and reliable. The footwear has the capacity of stretching to accommodate any size of feet. 

Orthofeet gramercy dress shoes

The great aspect about orthofeet shoes is that it can fit into any dispensation. It can be a casual outfit. However, it is designed to fit into any feet and help solve the neuropathy situation. Healthcare providers recommend that the shoes you wear should have a medical angle. It should be capable of providing the therapeutic appeal. It is also the best mens shoes for flat feet

The gravity Defyer for the great outdoors

The gravity shoes are spacious to fit any type of shoe. The roomy appeal provides great support to the feet and space for the feet to breathe. People with feet pain may be best suited by the deyfer shoes. purchase a pair for yourself and make your feet a great harbor of health.

The sketchers for lounging around the house 

You may be working from home due to your nerval condition. The best footwear for doing your chores around is the sketchers. They are light and have aeration make that improves your experience doing house chores.

You can take the initiative of staying out of nerve problems by wearing the right socks. Socks will make you feel accommodated and comfortable. Wash your feet daily with water and soap, and apply the gel to maintain proper hygiene. It is prudent to have hygiene on the check. It is the best way to keep a healthy nerve structure. However, shoes should have a proper leather outer sole to protect feet against damage by collisions on rocks and rough surfaces. If you wear shoes without socks, you improve your chances of contracting nerve damages. The process happens when the skin comes to consistent touch with the surface of the shoe. You should trim your nails well to fit the structure of the shoe. It should not hurt you at all. If the shoe hurts you, it is not the correct footwear for your use. The best way to prevent burns on the skin of the feet, you should not walk on harsh heat. If you have neuropathy on your hands, you should not touch hot water with bare hands. Anything that could put your feet at risk, should not be entertained in your feet. Inspect your feet daily to check for any underlying conditions that you suspect. 

Women stand the largest chance of suffering from neuropathy. It is because they wear heels that could be too high for the feet to manage. Heels provide discomfort to the feet. You will not walk comfortably while rocking on extra large heels. Let us look at some of the poor heels that are bad for your feet. 

Sky high stilettos 

Stilettos hurt like hell. If the heel is above 4 inches, it is not good for your use. It will compress the nerves and make them hurt so bad. Walking in them is an uphill task. It wiggles a lot causing snap moments that hurt a lot. The weight of the body shifts down to the toes. The pressure engaged causes pain and the disability to walk well. The parameter to choose while using the shoes, is your height. You should not shop for heels which are higher than your legs. It will cause pressure and make the experience poor. The advisable height of stilettos is below 4 inches. It will affect your nerval system and the operation will be disturbed. You will seek medical attention regularly because of the impact that your feet will feel. 

Thin strapped heels 

The thin strapped footwear hurts a lot as soon as the foot begins to swell. The outcome of wearing it cannot be felt while wearing, but after wearing it. It causes the feet to slide towards the toes and the inclination causes the toes to experience pressure. Blood circulation will be affected and the nerves will not function well. The thin strap offers little support to the muscles, and it increases the chance of developing aching feet. Sometimes, neuropathy is caused by our own lifestyle and choice of doing things. Thicker straps provide more support and can be controlled. It offers the comfort of walking well and balance to the nerves. The thinner the baseline the thinner your nerve health will be. It is advisable to try manageable things.

Take a scenario of walking on the thin straps. It cuts into the flesh as you walk. If movement is persistent, you will end up swelling and you will get a difficult time maintaining your nerves. Your feet are your standard measure, protect them. I have seen girls whose feet got bruised by the super high heels. It is not a good experience. If you like rocking on the high level shoes, try considering carrying flat shoes like slippers and rubber shoes since it will provide a relaxing environment to the nerves. The problem with such heels is that they have an aesthetic appeal and people will want to rock on them in every event. Strippers are most common with the thin heels trend. It gives them an extra height to implement their career effectively. However, strippers later develop feet problems after retiring from their dancing careers. 

Super high platform heels 

If you cannot make a good balance, do not try on this platform heels. The drift is that this heels are too unstable. You need to walk for a short distance to understand the nature of discomfort experienced. If you care for your feet, never try on super high platform heels. It will make you fall from a high platform to a wheelchair. A lot of women have made nerve problems because of the simple mistake of walking too fast in the heels. Instead of striving to walk in uncomfortable shoes, why don’t you try fitting shoes and give your feet a safe environment for walking? It increases the chance of breaking your legs leave alone having nerve complications. However, heels are not good shoes for work

Narrow pointed heels 

When you talk of risk, narrow pointed heels can be the only pandemic to damaging your feet nerves. If you miss a step and trip on a rough surface, then it will be the end of you. However, the trend is very stylish. It attracts people to apply it on the dressing table and later turn out to be victims of its effect. For you to make a successful adventure with the footwear, you need to consider your foot size, width and length. You will come up with the correct foot size, therefore make an effective choice for your shoe rack. Many successful men and women value comfort more than looks. Comfort provides a condusive environment for creating successful mindsets. The value of a successful person depends on the type of dressing they take on. It is their outer image. Such good images attract potential clients. If you fall infront of your client, it will cause a poor reputation and end up loosing clients. Heels are not appropriate for business wear. It may not help your wardrobe. Try choosing better footwear that will be efficient for the daily hustles. 

Perspex material 

Plastic materials will not be good for your foot experience. It does not have the capacity for aeration. When you sweat, it will stick on your feet causing a bad smell and discomfort. Plastic can be trendy but be aware of the consequences. Plastic will break easily while walking. It will give the stretchy effect that will exert a lot of pressure on the feet. Once the feet start to swell, the Perspex cuts into the flesh and leaves a great wound around. You may fail to walk around effectively. 

As a shoe manufacturer, you should consider using material that will be best for the encounter of the clients. Some of the best material is;


Talk of a flexible and durable material and you will never miss the quality of leather. Everybody who has worn a leather product before will give you a tale of quality and satisfaction. It brings out a good fashion and comfort appeal. Leather resists tearing. You can spend all the time digging into the material but the effect will be small. Leather insulates heat and provides stability. It is designed to give a favorable breakthrough in the shoe industry. However, it is one of the most common materials that footwear designers use. Every shoe shop will never lack a leather shoe. The reason for its popularity is its breathable nature. It also makes standard men’s shoes for flat feet

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Nerve Damage?

Using leather has its own drawbacks. It is expensive to purchase. The price of raw leather is unbelievable. The cost of making it useful is more. You should consider the essence of quality over production scope. The more quality you provide, the better the sales. Leather is heavy and the transportation becomes tedious to implement. You need a spacious vehicle to move tones of leather from the manufacturing section to the market. Leather gets very hot if exposed to hot conditions. You should store the material in a cool place to ensure it lasts long. Untreated leather is vulnerable to water damage. It is the reason why it must be stored in a cool place. The cool environment should have no water around. However, it may carry some small imperfections since it comes from animals.


The benefit of using textiles is that it is available in many colors. The diversity of color enables the manufacturer to choose a great section of material. It is quality and the standard is outstanding. Varieties include: cotton, wool, polyester and nylon. You can design the shoes in any way you wish. The material is long lasting and can stand the test of time. However, cotton may not work well if exposed to water. You need to keep the raw material far from wet surfaces. If the mistake of exposing it to wetness happens, it will lead to poor quality shoes which will not help in preventing nerve damage. Factors such as breathability and water resistance should be factors to consider in the radar of making good shoes. 


The area of synthetics is wide. It has various names like PU that consists of two layers. You can use two layers in making the sole of a shoe. The outer one should be durable and adhere to rough surfaces if exposed. Most of the synthetics are used to make sport shoes. The texture of the synthetic material is of extensive quality that will make it fit to use simple cleaning methods. The price tag of a shoe depends on all the qualities that have been outlined in the raw material. The major aim of the industry is to provide   products that will suit the needs of the clients. Lower quality synthetics do not have the capacity of reaching the standards of the market demand. It also affects the supply chain of such products. A shoe selling agency will make less sales on shoes that are made of poor synthetics than good ones. However, synthetic shoes tend to degrade faster than leather shoes. It can make best sole for shoes


When you think about the most common material, rubber is the answer. There are more rubber shoes in the market than leather ones. Rubber shoes have the best cushioning to deal with feet and nerve problems. Rubber is easily available in the market and sustainable as well. Sports is dominated by rubber shoes. Sports shoes are the most wore shoes in the world. The material is environment friendly. Today, most people have rubber shoes in their shoe racks. Anybody who has not heard about the footwear is behind.  The shoe is widely accepted as a relaxing shoe, friendly to the pocket. It is the last resort of every person in the dilemma of the type of footwear to rock on. People suffering from neuropathy can walk comfortably in the shoes and make the best casual look. Rubber, is a fashion companion to many. You can rock on the shoes with any clothes style is showcased.  You can choose from any color. People who prefer white have a hard job to maintain the cleanliness of the rubbers. White is a clean color and so should be the wearer. 


Foam is used as the upper sole accomplice in making shoes. It is durable and can be easily cleaned. All foam is made from plastic. It can be accessed easily. You will enjoy every type of shoe you bring on your feet. The material is internationally used and has made many quality shoes that dominate the shoe world today. You need to maintain the material by cleaning it well. You can use a wet cloth and wipe the dirt off easily. It suits perfectly with men shoes for flat feet.

Final thoughts 

Recovering from nerve damage depends on the type of damage you experience. The healing process is characterized by the type of footwear and lifestyle you take on. Good medication amounts to quick healing. Every therapy you attend should take you a step further in the healing journey. Your physician should prescribe the kind of footwear you need to use. 

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Nerve Damage?

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