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How many times you should wash your shoes?

How many times you should wash your shoes?

How many times you should wash your shoes? This is one question that is frequently asked by many. Well, the correct answer after good research has been found. It suggests that you should wash your shoes after every 2 weeks.

However, based on your shoe type, how much you wear them, how untidy they are, the washing method and other factors also vary this washing time. It can be multiple times in a week or once in several months too. 

Is it safe to wash shoes frequently?

If you are washing shoes with mild soap and water manually, using different shoe care products, then washing the shoes frequently can increase their life span. The dirty shoes don’t sustain for long and sweat and mud can damage its rubber and might also weaken its stitching. 

In case you are washing them in your washing machine, then, of course, excessive wash in it can lead to discoloration and may damage shoes. It is strictly suggested not to wash your shoes in a machine frequently. 

Wash whenever they turn dirty 

Leaving dirt and mud on your shoes overnight is a bad idea. This can damage your fabric and stitching too. It leads to bacterial infection blisters. So if your shoes have turned muddy after a running trail, it is now time to wash your shoes to make them ready for the next trail. 

If this happens all the time, it is recommended to buy a second pair and wear them alternatively so that your shoes get time for drying properly. 

Wash if they smell bad

Shoes turn up smelly because warmth and sweat are the best ground for the bacteria where they can form easily. These bacteria only cause unbearable odor. You should wash your shoes often whenever your shoes get stinky. 

However, there are different ways for deodorizing the shoes too, with powder, spray and other products. Washing them is an efficient and simplest solution. 

How many times I should wash my daily wear shoes?

Well, it is not a good idea to wear one pair of shoes regularly. You must have at least one extra pair so that you exchange them on an alternate basis. If you will wear the same shoes, again and again, your shoe will lose its shape, won’t last long and can turn stinky too. 

But in case you are still wearing them regularly, washing them once in a week is a must. 

Nowadays most of the running shoes are made of a breathable and non-absorbent material, so if you are having quality running shoes which don’t smell often, you can wash your running shoes once in a month. 

What type of shoes you should not put in the washing machine?

There are few shoes like leather shoes, rubber boots, sandals, wellies, suede shoes, uggs, dress shoe, and crocs should not be put in the washing machine for cleaning. You must polish them, clean them manually and use shoe care products for maintaining their look and feel. 

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