The NBA basketball league is a home for fantastic personalities emanating from all the corners of the globe. Talk of great legends in the game, such as Michael Jordan, who made historical heights in their time, Famous superstars of the date such as Kawhi Leonard, and those of all time, such as Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain to name a few.

For these great names to come to be, there must have been very committed and focused individuals who guided them towards attaining success, so we can't go by without mentioning them (coaches). Although some of the great players went on to become coaches of different teams and attained success, they were once under various coaches who lit their ways. 

For the NBA to be the fantastic league it is today; there must be great coaches who have and still contribute to the success of various teams. Some of the greatest names to ever coach NBA teams are Phil Jackson, who coached Chicago Bulls from 1989 -98, Arnold Auerbach, who coached Washington Capitals, Tri-Cities Blackhawks and Boston Celtics. Gregg Popovich has been the San Antonio Spurs manager from 1966 to present. Pat Riley who has managed Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Miami Heat and John Kundla who coached Minneapolis Lakers

The point of concern is. What makes some coaches earn more than others? To get to the bottom of this, we will see the amount of money the highest-paid NBA coaches earn annually, the current top managers in terms of performance, and their salaries before finding out whether there is a correlation between remuneration and performance in NBA coaching fraternity.


The NBA Top Coaches.

If you do follow the NBA league bit by bit, then you need no explanation about its competitiveness, and for one to shine among the many participants, they should have worked for it. Without considering careers or legacies let us have a look at the current shining stars in the 2020 NBA league coaching fraternity.

Brad Stevens. He is the current Celtics Coach. Stevens has proved to be one of the great coaches in the NBA league going by his performance in the sides he has managed. He landed at Celtics in 1993 from Butler, where he had led them to clinch back to back titles. Upon landing at Celtics, he has led them to playoffs for the Last five seasons consecutively achieving a 49 average win, thus branding himself as one of NBA  leading tacticians.

He has proven to work effectively without depending on a particular super player to attain fantastic results. For instance, he introduced Isaiah Thomas in his team, and through his coaching skills, the player managed to achieve 28.9 points average per game, thus helping the team reach Eastern Conference finals. 

In 2018 Stevens led his side to the Conference final without the services of Kyrie Irving, who was the team's backbone. Currently, he is playing a different point guard (Walker Kemba), who has already proven to be a fantastic player in his side. To him, it does not matter who is in his team and excellent results have to come. He has all it requires to make a superb player out of nobody.

Gregg Popovich. He is San Antonio Spurs coach, mention his name amid NBA basket followers, and you will have the attention of all. He is the five-time NBA Champion as well as thrice winner of the coach of the year award.

Popovich has seen his side to playoffs for twenty-two consecutive seasons.  Has attained 1272 wins, an achievement that has never been done by any active coach in history. Not even Don Nelson, bearing in mind that Nelson had coached for 31 seasons while Popovich has done 24. His winning percentage stands at (.676), which is the topmost ever of the ten NBA trainers to manage 1700 games. Pop is just fantastic.

Rick Carlisle.

He is the head coach to Dallas Mavericks, the other sides he has coached include; Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons. As a player, he featured for; Boston Celtics and New Jersey Nets. He makes the list of the eleven people to have ever won NBA Championship as both player and manager.

2020 is his 12th year with Franchise, and he has won thrice than any active trainer. He lifted the Championship trophy in 2011 with the Mavericks but has maintained the Franchise for over ten years. Rick has led Mavericks to attain a rating of (116.7 points per 100 possessions) which is the most excellent in history.

Nick Nurse.  He is the manager of Toronto Raptors. Begun his coaching career in England (British basketball League). He landed in the USA as an assistant coach and used it to thrive in a coaching status. He began his managing role with D- League's Iowa Energy in 2007. After six years, he was assigned a job at Dwane Casey as an assistant manager on the NBA bench. His star went on shining as the Raptors assistant as the team reached playoffs five times in his five years' service. Through his efforts, Raptors produced a franchise-best 59 wins though he initiated this being an unofficial offensive coordinator. 

When Casey (Raptors coach) was sacked, he immediately took responsibility as the new team coach, and he did not hesitate to founding a further success with Toronto Raptors. In the 2018/19 season, his side was ranked among the top five, both defense and offense. Under his leadership, Raptors have recorded 46-18 in 2019/20 season, which is 9(.719 winning percentage) a record higher than the team had attained under his predecessor.




Erik Spoelstra. He heads Miami Heat, and he began his career with Miami Heat in 2001 as an assistant coach till 2008 when he took the team’s top job. One would have assumed his success with the Heat to have been enhanced by the trio- Superstars, James LeBron, Bosh Chris, and Wade Dwayne. Going by the mighty power of the trio, this assumption held some ground until the three left Miami Heat towards the end of the 2010/11 season. 

Spoelstra proved those who may have associated his success with the trio-Super stars wrong when he aligned his team after their departure and attained a streak of success. Heat managed to feature in four consecutive NBA finals: 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, winning it twice; 2012 and 2013. 

Is there any relationship between the coach’s performance and their payment, having seen some of the best performing coaches in the current NBA generation one would wish to know whether they are still the most paid. To clarify this, let's see who the top earners in the NBA world of coaching are.

Highest-Paid Coaches.

Doc Rivers.Doc pockets an annual salary of $10,000,000. He is the current head manager for the Los Angeles Clippers. His greatest moments include; winning NBA Championship in 2008, attaining the NBA coach of the year award in 2000, and NBA All-Star head coach twice that is in 2008 and 2011.Doc has also coached Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, but he did not record much success with this teams.

Tom Thibodeaux. He is the New York Knicks head, coach. His annual wages stand at %10,000,000. He has along coaching history with different teams, one of his greatest moments was helping USA men's side win gold medal in the 2016 Olympic games as an assistant coach.

Tom has coached the following teams; Salem State, Harvard, Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs, Philadelphia 76 ers, Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, and New York Knicks.

Some of his most significant moments in NBA include; winning the NBA Coach of the year award in 2011, the NBA All-Star head coach in 2012, and winning NBA Championship as an assistant coach with Boston Celtics.

Richard Preston Carlisle. He takes home $7,000,000 in a year. Currently is the Dallas Mavericks head coach. As discussed above, under the current top-performing coaches in NBA Carlisle record is clear, and it's very evident that his salary does not go to waste, he deserves it. All his success has been attained from the following teams; New Jersey Nets, Portland Trail Blazers, Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons, and Dallas Mavericks.

Stan Van Gundy. He was born on 26 August 1959. Van pockets $7,000,000 in a year. He has served in the following teams as a coach; Vermont, Castleton, Canisius,  Fordham, Umass Low, Wisconsin, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons. His greatest moments can be traced back to 2005 and 2010 when he won the NBA All-Star Game head coach. 

Scott Brooks. He was born on 31 July 1965.Scott pockets $ 6,000,000 annually. He has served in the following teams as a manager; Los Angeles Stars, Southern California Surf, Denver Nuggets, Sacramento Kings, Seattle Supersonics, Oklahoma City Thunder, and currently Washington Wizards. He won the NBA Coach of the year award in 2010 with Oklahoma City Thunder, awarded NBA All-Star Game coach in 2012 and 2014 still with Oklahoma City. 

Billy Donovan. He is the current head coach to Oklahoma City Thunder; his annual salary stands at $6,000,000. He has coached the following sides; Kentucky, Marshall, Florida, and Oklahoma City Thunder. He has made the following achievements in his coaching career; John Wooden Legends of Coaching award in 2010, Amos Alonso Stagg Coaching Award in 2016, SoCon Coach of the year award 1n 1995, Sec Coach of the year three times, NCAA Regional champion four times, NCAA Champion twice and NBA Coach of the year 2020.

Jason Kidd. Jason was born on 23 March, 1973. He earns $6,000,000 a year. He has worked with the following teams as a coach; Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. He has the following achievements in his name. NBA Sportsmanship  Award in 2012 and 2013, five times NBA assists leader, NBA All-Rookie First Team, NBA Co-Rookie of the year in 1995, NBA All-Defensive First  Team, and second-team five and four times respectively, ten times NBA All-Star, NBA Championship among other awards. 

Dwane Casey. Dwane is an American national who is the current coach for Detroit Pistons. He pockets $ 6,000,000 annually. He has worked for the following sides as a coach; Kentucky, Sekisui Chemical, Isuzu Motors Lynx, Seattle Supersonics, Minnesota Timberwolves, Dallas Mavericks, Toronto Raptors, and his current team Detroit Pistons. He  has the following awards attached to his name; NBA Championship in 2011 with Toronto Raptors, NBA Coach of the year, NBCA Coach of the year, NBA All-Star Game head coach, all won in 2018 



Gregg Popovich. As he is commonly known, Pop takes home $11,000,000 in a year, which will reflect around $1000, 000 per month. Pop is one of the best performing coaches, as analyzed in the list above. Apart from what we have seen of him, what else makes him this worth?

He is not only San Antonio's head coach, but as their President, he also sums up as the USA national team head coach. His name has gone to history record books as the most extended tenured functioning manager in both key sports leagues in the USA and National Basketball Association. He has recorded the most wins in both regular and playoffs in NBA history he has led his side to achieve a different record in each season out of all the twenty-two seasons as their manager. He has a winning record against all the teams in NBA League. Pop is one of the only five coaches in NBA history ever to collect five NBA titles. I think he is the most successful coach, and he deserves the hefty salary he earns. 

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