How Often Should You Get Running Shoes? – Get a Complete Idea

How Often Should You Get Running Shoes? – Get a Complete Idea

Nowadays, people want to have the right lifestyle. And why not! It decreases the risk of developing chronic diseases and helps you to maintain your good health. Running is quite cheap, but the same can’t not be said about running shoes. Almost everyone wants to change their running shoes most often.

How Often Should You Get Running Shoes? – Get a Complete

Are you thinking of getting new running shoes? Hold on! If your shoes have covered a distance of about 500 to 750 kilometers, it’s time to replace your shoes. If the distance is compared with the time, it would be approximately 6 months or more.

Regardless if you are going jogging in the park or training for the marathon, the thing you need is just a good pair of running shoes. It suits your running stance, foot structure, and the number of times you run in a week.

Suppose a person needs to buy running shoes. It's open for debate; if you are taking a response from 5 different runners, you will likely get five different responses. There is no right and wrong answer for runners, As there are many guides to know about how often you should get running shoes, but we’ve come up with the most comprehensive one.

How much distance shoes can cover

A runner can cover up to 500 miles distance with their shoes before they need replacing. Your body weight, foot type, the pressure exerted while running, and the surfaces you run are the significant factors on which distance covered by your shoes will depend.

For example, a roadrunner will carry its shoes better than an off-road runner. Similarly, the light neutral runner will also have their shoes faster than others.

To measure the distance you’ve covered in your shoes, one can use a mobile app or a piece of log.

Look For Signs Of Wear

For visible signs of wear, you’ve to look at your shoes. The first thing you should notice is the tread, whether it is worn down or not. Secondly, look towards the midsole and try to feel it by asking specific questions from yourself like

  • Does it feel too soft and spongy and collapse entirely once it's under pressure? A flexible shoe that can be bent from toe to heel may not be a good shock absorber.
  • Look at the shoe from the side, are there prominent creases in the midsoleIf so, it means how much shoes are collapsing when under pressure.
  • Compare both shoes; one will be worn significantly than the other.
  • To see if shoes stand up, put them straight on the ground flat surface.
  • If these shoes do not stand up on the flat ground, then this pair of shoes should be replaced.

How Often Should You Get Running Shoes? – Get a Complete

How a Bad Running Shoe Feels? 

The main point to consider is how your running shoes feel? Ok, you’ll not feel bouncy when you buy them for the first time. Is there any discomfort they have provided in these shoes directly?

Maybe the shoes feel less supportive or are collapsing at the heel, or they no longer feel right to you. You may be going to experience more in the way of niggles or even blisters that you were not getting before.

If you doubt the shoes, you’re running; it's a good sign that they should be replaced now. If you’re trying to cover extra miles in your shoes and running, the risk of injury isn't worth it, on the other hand, you need a pair of shoes anyway, don't you?

Why Often You Need to Buy a New Pair of Shoes?

An excellent running shoe gives you comfort and should reduce the impact of your feet on the ground. The inner sole should be cushioning in running shoes as it's comfortable for your feet and heel.

If your shoes become old, you can’t run anymore with these shoes, you’ve to buy a new pair of shoes anyway. And another thing you should know that cushioning does not last all that long.

Professionals say that the cushioning expires when you run in a shoe maximum of 500 to 800 miles. So if you run three miles or five times per week, your running shoes will expire in six months, then you will have to buy a new pair of shoes.

Reason Why Should You Get a New Pair

Some runners prefer to run with less cushioning shoes. And most of the runners still prefer the boots, which is well cushioned because it reduces the impact of feet and reduces the chances of injuries in runners' feet. But then you should know that cushioning does not last long.

If you are wearing old shoes and running with these shoes, it will increase the chances of damage to shoes. And the cushioning does not last longer than it will give your feet a shock and can be poorly injured while running. It can cause injuries like shin splints and tendonitis. So how can you stop this from happening?

A smart way to prevent this dilemma is to sell out your old shoes for a new pair regularly. Replacing your running shoes will keep you healthy and will reduce the damage to your feet.

How Could You Determine If You Need to Buy New Running Shoes?

Everyone has its unique way of running practices; knowing how you should buy new running shoes is to count the miles you run in a month. The ranges of changing shoes depend upon what kind of runner you are.

If your weight is more than cushioned shoes will be comfortable for you and your heel than faster and light running shoes. And your feet will be safe from striking with the ground.

That’s quite said, how would you know exactly when you need to buy a new pair of running shoes.

Here are some things below that will help you to find out:

  • Press test

  • First, find the most cushioned part of the inner sole and then press it with your thumb and then check if it's not becoming more challenging when you push it then it's ok. But if it's hard part comes earlier, you have to buy a new pair of running shoes.

    This part should be relaxing and gives comfort while running.

    Be aware of aches and pain

    Some people believe that their body is adopting the problem due to the new exercise they are doing. On the other hand, others believe that it could be a sign of something wrong. A little bit of pain means that your running shoes have worn out.

    Does its sole crease?

    While you are observing the midsole, then press the midsole from the outer side. If the midsole does not compress much and thick compression lines are visible even before you pack your thumb into it, it is the sign that you need a new pair of shoes.

    Comparison of new and old shoes

    Try both your shoes when you go for a run. Compare both old and new pairs of your shoes. If your old shoes are not comfortable while running, you should know that you need new running shoes. And you will feel satisfied with the new pair of shoes.

    How can we make shoes last longer?

    Replacing your running shoes time by time will make a hole in your pocket. Fortunately, there are some tricks that you can make your shoes long-lasting. These techniques are discussed below:

  • Buy two pair of shoes

  • The midsole is compressed when you run in shoes, and the cushioning takes almost 24 hours to come into its original position. It seems expensive to buy two pairs of shoes at a time, but buying 2 or 3 pairs of shoes and using them alternately will help each pair of shoes last longer than if you run in a team.

    Using a pair of shoes only once and twice a week will help you to reduce the stress on the shoes and will allow them to last longer.

    2. Running on alternating surfaces than the flat surface

    Concrete is hard to walk on while running feet presses its midsole of the shoes to compress to absorb the shock to your feet. Running on the soft surfaces of the ground can make your shoes long-lasting.

    This is because the shoes will not have to compress as much to protect and support the feet.

    3. You should keep your shoes clean

    Sometimes when we run on the ground, it catches the mud and absorbs mud. Cleaning your shoes will not only make them look good but will help them to last a long time.

    There are many proper ways to keep them clean and safe from further damages. Keep in mind that do not ever throw your shoes into the washing machine to clean them. The detergent will destroy your shoe stuff that holds your boots together.

    Final wording

    We care about you for choosing the best runner shoes for yourself. For this reason we’ve tried our best to answer all your mostly asked questions. We hope our guide will help you out in sorting your problem.

    How Often Should You Get Running Shoes? – Get a Complete
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