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How Rubber Soles For Shoes Are Made?

How Rubber Soles For Shoes Are Made?

Great thanks go to Charles Goodyear for his development. In the year 1844, after long years of experiment, he invented the all-new process to heat natural rubber which is mixed with the sulfur. 

This process was termed as vulcanization and still, this is how the shoe rubber is made today. With the right mixing combination and use of curing agents, the sticky natural rubber is transformed in colorful and tough shoe bottoms of rubber. 

Why rubber soles are a better option?

Before learning how rubber soles for shoes are made, let’s understand why rubber soles are a better option?

The main benefit to wear leather sole shoes is that they are highly comfortable when worn during summers. Moreover, they also help your feet to breathe. But a right pair of shoes with rubber soles is best for all seasons. 

When you walk on the wet pavement or on any street which is covered with the snow, you must wear shoes that have rubber soles as they offer much better traction on the wet surface. Your chances of getting slipped on snowy streets also get reduced. 

The shoes that have rubber soles are affordable enough and one of the practical choice to go for in footwear. 

Variety of rubber soles

Not all types of rubber soles are the same. Not all rubber can also be used to make soles. Based on the type of shoes and brand that you wear, the different types of rubber soles which are used include,

Resin rubber: This one is waterproof and even hard-wearing. It feels a bit hard when you walk on the hard surface.

Gristle rubber: It is used mostly in industrial shoes. They are robust in their quality. 

Resin rubber: This one is waterproof and hard-wearing. It feels a bit hard when you walk on the hard surface. 

Crepe rubber: They are one of the versatile sole types for all footwear as they are hard-wearing, flexible and light. 

PVC: They are made of PVC, are cheap and flexible. But sometimes cracks occur in it. 

Polyurethane: They are light in weight and hard-wearing. They offer good resistance against slipping. 

How rubber shoe soles are made?

For making a rubber outsole, you first require a sole design, a heated press of hydraulic, metal outsole tool and a rubber compound. These operations of rubber pressing for the shoe soles are usually done in a factory that is expert in pressing and compounding of rubber parts.

These works of rubber mixing are messy and the pressing rooms are hot uncomfortably as they are done best outside a shoe factory. Moreover, the factory of rubber pressing can have various customers that allow the presses for running higher volume well. 

The work of rubber pressing starts by mixing of all the rubber components. Based on the performance needs of rubber outsole, synthetic and natural rubbers are also then combined with curing agents as peroxide and sulfur. 

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