The term sneakerhead refers to people who collect shoes simply because they love doing it. Sneakerheads have individual style preferences, which are quite diverse, although they have a few things they have in common. The features of a sneakerhead include: having a passion for functional footwear, having extensive know-how of different brands of shoes, designs, models, and an extensive personal collection. The fact that you have more athletic shoes than you can recall or which you do not know what to use them for is a clear indication that you are already getting to the club of a certified sneakerhead. How many sneakers should you own to become a sneakerhead? That is a phrase that is evident in the minds of many people. Becoming a renowned snakehead involves the following:

You need to have a sneaker budget in place. Though it is an expensive hobby, buying shoes can be one of the greatest undertaking ones can engage themselves in. Before one jumps into this hobby, first, they should have it in mind that it is a costly affair, and one should be able to afford shoes of different brands before getting to an amassing footwear collection. You need to develop a budget that will allow you to keep aside some amount of finances within a month or several months to purchase new brands of shoes. Sometimes it becomes necessary for those taking part in this kind of hobby to look for the second kind of job to support their hobby. Identify the brand which costs a few dollars for a start; in other words, do not start your hoppy with the most expensive pair. Those who are serious about lifestyle are advised to find a part job at a sneaker store as this will not only ensure that they get the extra finances they require to sustain their hobby but also give them a chance to work in an environment where they are surrounded by what they love most.


You should begin purchasing shoes from time to time. To get to the sneakerhead level, they should purchase as many eye-catching pairs of sneakers as possible. One should ensure that they are very keen on the new brands hitting the market, the styles, and the variety of colors. Since it is a hobby and your shoes should remain as flashy as possible, you need to ensure that you go for the latest models to keep the style. People should recognize some uniqueness in your footwear. Sneakerhead entails purchasing and showing off on new pairs of shoes from time to time, so one should get it that the more pairs they pile on their stockpile, the more impressive they will appear. Some of the places where you are assured of getting the latest brands of shoes are at the shopping malls, which usually have at least one or more stores stocked with the latest fashions of shoes in streetwear and athletic wear. There are also several online platforms dealing with shoes, such as China's freaky shoe company, which deals with designing and manufacturing footwear. These online platforms dealing with shoes have websites, and they can be easily accessed. For instance, the freaky shoe company of China can be reached through its website, Other websites for other companies include Zappos, 6 pm, among others. The good thing about these online platforms is that you can purchase shoes acquire the kind of footwear you desire to have without necessarily shipping them on your own at discounted rates.

Hunt for bargains on all-time favorites. 

It is essential to understand that every sneakerhead's collection has to contain some staples. To get this right, you have to browse thrift shops and any other discount clothing retailers to track down timeless models such as Air Force 1s, Jordan, Reebok classics. These will be obtained at a pocket-friendly cost as they are older. To attain these hunt, you need to check whether your area has any consignment stores that deal purely with footwear. The kind of sneakers found in the thrift shops or any other discount clothing retailers may not be brand new. However, if a thorough restoration job is done on them, they will have no difference with the brand new footwear.

You have to decide on a favorite brand or style. 

After involving themselves in footwear collection for some time, the snakeheads grow a preference for liking or being associated with a particular kind of a brand or a type of shoe, for that matter. Several designers, as well as models, are fashionable across diverse shoe collectors. However, there are no brands that can be said to be the best. The rule that should guide shoe collectors is that if one likes a given kind of a shoe, they should go-ahead to acquire it as there are no two snakeheads closets that are identical. Your shoe collection endeavor will acquire its uniqueness upon you refining your tests. 

Individuals decide on the type of shoes they choose to make their collection depending on their test for shoes; you can choose hi-top basketball shoes, skate shoes, or any other kind of footwear.

The company making particular footwear should not influence you in forming your collection. For instance, several individuals might opt for Nike shoes, and others will go for those made by Adidas, Reebok, among other shoemaking and designing companies. It will be necessary for one to understand that there is much territorial competition among the fans who prefer a shoe from one company and not the other.  

Show off your hottest sneakers.              

  It will be a waste of resources to buy too many shoes to keep in the closet. The most important thing is to ensure that you keep on giving your shoes from your collection a road test from time to time. It will be much better to be seen on the streets matching your outfit with different kinds of hot sneakers from your collection. Give those around you to see you on different shoes from your collection so that they can get to understand what style is all about. A smart snakehead will never wear a pair of sneakers in two or more consecutive days. You should ensure that you share your footwear on medial social platforms such as Instagram to see your followers and friends. Flashy spotting shoes will leave people talking. 


You should sell shoes when they get old. How often replace sneakers? It is advisable that you need to sell all the pair of shoes the moment they are past their prime as this will enable you to recoup finances to purchase a new pair of sneakers. The best place to sell this kind of shoes is in a consignment shop. Another way of getting rid of old shoes is by posting them through online shoe selling platforms such as eBay and Craigslist. In case your shoes are in good condition and what you need is just a new kind of footwear, you can sell the pair you do not require another sneakerhead. 

Getting the maximum amount of money you can acquire from your old sneakers makes it easier to acquire a new and better pair of sneakers. The better care you give to your sneakers, the better price you can get from them when you are selling them. Before you take your old pair of shoes to the market, you should ensure that they are clean, packed with all necessary accompaniments such as accessories. If possible, you should ensure that you return your shoes to their original box.  

Taking Care of Your Shoes.

Shoes are an essential aspect of one's life, and they have to be given utmost care to serve their users accordingly. Different parts of shoes need different kinds of attention as they are made of various materials. for instance, the soles of shoes need better care; in fact, experts argue that soles are no different from souls; hence they need the best care. Giving your shoes good care is equivalent to giving the same care to your feet. Shoes are an essential aspect as they are said to reflect one's personality. Here are some of the ways on how to take care of your shoes;

Keep your shoes away from moisture; when shoes are exposed to moisture for an extended period, such a condition may influence bacterial growth from within the shoes. The bacterial can easily cause the material to make the shoe break down, thus shortening their life span. One should use desiccants such as silica pouches, gel, or any other product to keep the shoes free from bacterial. An alternative means of keeping your shoes moist free is stuffing them with old newspapers, which should be changed from time to time; this will help prevent the shoes from accumulating moisture, especially the soles. 

Shoes should be kept away from dust. 

Excessive dust is associated with the loss of the natural shoe color, thus making them appear old. To ensure that your shoes always remain clean, ensure that you polish them from time to time. It is also important to ensure that you keep your shoes from any dust-prone areas or even near materials that can let dust on them, such as home slippers, to avoid dust from settling on them. A serious snakehead should have a shoe closet from where they can keep their shoes to protect them from accumulating dust. It would help if you never assumed that since you do not wear your shoes regularly that they should not be cleaned or polished to keep them free from dust, the fact is that shoes need to be cleaned regularly and kept well in places where they will not quickly accumulate dust.

All pairs of shoes you own should have a shoe tree

When you are not on your shoes, you must place a shoe tree on them as this will help maintain the natural shape and texture of your shoes. You can also use cedar shoe trees to keep your shoe moisture-free.

Always keep your shoes away from sunlight. Excessive heat from sunlight can cause severe damage to one's footwear. For instance, extreme heat can lead to dry-rotting, making the shoes stiffen up, thereby making them crumble. It is advisable to keep your shoes in a controlled environment, which will enable them to have a long life span. 

You should never use plastic shoe boxes to keep your shoes. Plastic boxes should be avoided in keeping shoes because the soles need proper air circulation, thus requiring them to be stored in places that can facilitate good aeration. The materials that allow proper air circulation include; bags made of breathable materials such as fabric, these materials let air in, thus giving room for proper air circulation.

Give the shoes a touch of polish and shiner. 

These practices will ensure that the uppers, as well as the soles of your shoes, remain young for an extended period. 

Keep the shoe soles clean. 

How often clean sneakers? That has been a point of great concern to many users of sneakers. Great soles are a foundation of great shoes; thus, correctly maintaining your shoes' soles is a significant undertaking. You should always ensure that the soles remain tiny and clean forever. To keep the soles in their proper condition, perform the following; the moment you take off your shoes, tap them together to release loose dust. Use a shoe brush to remove all traces of dirt from the soles of the shoes. The use of a dry paintbrush should remove the dirt from the grooves within the soles.

Rejuvenate the uppers of shoes made of leather

White shoes, especially those made of leather materials on their uppers, are known to be styling icon ads, are preferred and loved by both ladies and gents. The white color will get dirt and stain easily. That makes it necessary for one to give their white footwear additional care, one is advised to clean these kinds of shoes using a clean magic eraser, and the eraser should be dipped in a dishwashing soap to wipe off the stains properly. This process will give your shoes a new shiny look that lasts for an extended period.

Brighten your shoes by use of products such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

No one will not enjoy flaunting a pair of shiny new pair of shiny shoes, especially sneakers. Not many people will understand that some old shoes can be as bright as a new pair of shoes. Making old shoes appear like new shoes requires just a simple process, which entails; scrubbing the surface of shoes using a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda has done using an old toothbrush. This practice will leave you with a shiny pair of sneakers that looks exactly like a newly acquired pair of sneakers.

Other ways of taking care of your shoes include:

I .keeping the shoes clean. It is important to ensure that you clean your shoes immediately after wearing them. That will prevent them from reflecting any signs of dirt or wear. The best way of cleaning your shoes is by combining some amount of water with some mild liquid detergent or shoe cleaning solution for that matter; when the right solution is obtained, use it to scrub any dirt or discolored areas. Clean and well-taken care sneakers will have a long life span and give their wearers a good service.

  1. Ensure that you cycle the pairs you dress on appropriately. Wearing one pair of shoes increases the chances of its wearing out.  You are supposed to have several pairs of shoes allocated on various days when they are supposed to be worn, for example, sneakers when to use. That helps minimize the stress, foot contact, and exposing a particular shoe to the elements. It is also important to ensure that you store your sneakers' pair in their original box to avoid exposing them to weather elements such as moisture and sunlight. If you are not storing the shoes in their original box, you should store them in an area that is climate controlled. It is worth noting that too much and direct sunlight causes the fading of the shoes color while hot and cold temperatures will cause degrading of the materials that make the shoes. It will be wise to choose the kind of footwear you will dress according to the weather of that particular day. For instance, it will be improver to dress in leather shoes in weather suggesting rainfall or to put on black hi-tops during a sunny day.

III. Ensure that you designate shoes for different purposes.  Each pair of shoes in your collection should be assigned a particular function. You may have a pair which you only dress on when going to work, a pair used in playing your favorite game such as football, basketball, baseball, or any other, a pair for an evening walk, to name a few. That will mean that you will not have a particular pair assigned many duties; thus, this will help you keep your footwear in pristine condition.

  1. Display your collection.  That will require you to set aside a little closet space, which will help you organize your footwear in order. If you cannot acquire a closet, you can find a rack to help you exhibit your shoes in the open. Several shoe aficionados are proud of collections they have combined, and keeping the pair of their shoes where they can easily be seen is an achievement. The fact that you own the shoes in your collection is enough encouragement to put them on display proudly.


Ways of Staying Current with New Footwear Releases. 

A smart snakerhead will remain well versed about when the new models hit the market to enrich their shoe collection. Here are the ways which will help them stay current with new footwear releases: 

  • One should be able to find out when new models are coming out. That can comfortably be attained through one paying attention to brand marketing as this will make them learn about new models being produced and when they will be ready in the market for purchase. A good sneakerhead is usually smart in researching new arrivals in the market; the research can efficiently be conducted online. You should be aware that the big brands have websites where they run features on anticipated new models, including release dates, specs, and detailed photos. 
  • You can keep checking with local stores for new arrivals. That will quickly be done by first identifying where the location of shoe stores from where you reside. Upon identifying them, it will be a good thing to keep on popping in them from time to time to see whether they have new arrivals or when they are stocking new stuff. You can frequent visits to lifestyle shops such as Vans, Zumiez, and Journeys to remain conversant with competitive pricing and new stock. The most significant importance of visiting these stores is that majority of the workers here are sneakerheads, so you will be able to learn all you need to know about contemporary styles. It is worth noting that making a friend to store employees and being a royal buyer may earn you exclusive benefits such as opportunities to buy models that have not been physically stocked; you can even get these goods long before their release date.
  • It is important to talk to other sneakerheads. Being a sneakerhead means that you still need to hear from those who share the same hobby. It will be wise to converse in detail concerning your favorite brands. While with other sneakerheads, you will be able to borrow much from each other, thus amplify your level of knowledge on a collection of sneakers. While still on discussion, you will be able to learn about unique style preferences and expertise on different kinds of shoe brands. It is still important to ensure that you pay some attention to the kind of shoes people around you are wearing. In case you are not aware of any other sneakerhead within your proximity, take to the medial social groups, shoe blogs, or any other message boards as in such forums, you are likely to meet other persons you share similar interests. 
  • You can access paramount information about sneaker news and info from the internet. The internet has been a rich source of information concerning different kinds of items. Just like any other item, you can comfortably gather a lot of knowledge about footwear from the internet. To get the latest brands of shoes, you can sign up for an email newsletter on various manufacturers' websites or follow big companies on social media. Some of the websites which are rich sources of information concerning shoes, especially the newest brands of shoes, include High Snobiety, Drop Date and Hyper beast. These websites will not only give you information about the new releases, but they will also provide information about places where you can purchase the hot releases. You need to make fair use of pre-order promotions, catalogs, among other sweet deals you come across online. 

The Secret of Becoming a Sneakerhead Without a lot of money.    

Being a sneakerhead does not mean that you necessarily need to have lots of cash. The only thing you need to get right here is that, if you do not have the cash, then ensure you have enough time. If you have enough time, you can take advantage of the internet, create a network, and travel off the beaten path. It is worth noting that sneakerhead is just a hobby like any other and that the collector is just like any other hobbyist; therefore, time is an essential item in this field. Here are the tricks on how you can comfortably survive as a sneakerhead with minimal money.

  1. Wait for overseas releases to hit the states. Purchasing shoes from your own country has a lot of advantages. First, you will not be required to undergo unnecessary expenses and buy them using foreign currencies such as yen, euros, dollars, to name a few. You will neither have to pay for value-added tax or any other duty. Thus you will get your shoes at a bit cheap cost; remember that being a sneakerhead is not doing business, and you do not need to undergo unnecessary expenses.
  2. Become an influencer. Influencers in these games are always known to win big rewards, though being one is not just a walk in the park. It is easily attainable to people who are dedicated and who have mastered the art of networking. Through proper networking, you can have people who can organize some free shoes for you. Influence can quickly be built through blogging with a different perspective than what is currently in the scene. 
  3. Spend time at thrift stores and outlets. It is important to check on bargain bins as well as outlet stores. These are places where one can pick up sneakers that might have been left to go prematurely. For instance, the Hash Wall at Nike outlets is known to have sample sneakers that can easily be hit with an extra 20% off. Other areas include; thrift stores in cities like Portland, Marine, and Ore. In these stores, you will likely find brands such as Jordan and Nike, not every day sneakers.
  4. You have to realize that you do not have to own all kinds of shoes. A smart sneakerhead understands the kind of footwear and releases worth their time. Going for whatever kind of sneaker, which comes your way can be very costly and might occupy much of your time. You should pick what is worth.
  5. Take note of traveling to obscure as well as lesser-known stores. Living in cities like New York City allows you to visit some places in suburbs among other locations which are not accessed commonly. You never know the kind of shoe brands you might find in such areas. That enables you to minimize competition in this field. Visiting pop and mom shops that many people are not frequently visited can give you a chance to pull a surprise from there. These pops and mom shops are unique, and you are likely to find heavily discounted footwear from them. 
  6. Building a network of sneakerheads. Such association can be used for collaboration as well as sharing information. This network can be made between friends as well as retail employees. Such a network will not be complete if it does not contain some of your fellow sneakerheads; in fact, they are the people who will help you create a network. The friends in your network will offer you some clean deals on various pairs of sneakers; they will also inform you when they come to cross the right product at a fair price, among other uncountable benefits. 
  7. You should make use of social media. A serious sneakerhead can never de associate themselves with social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. It is through these platforms from where you will learn a lot about different kinds of shoes. The new releases will feature here. These platforms will also educate you much about different kinds of footwear.
  8. You can make use of Craigslist and eBay to your advantage. That, however, requires one to be more careful of fake products. These are some of the most significant networks to trade, sell, and meet people with similar interests like you. For instance, eBay is a unique platform from where you can obtain enough knowledge about the cost of various pairs of sneakers. That will be of great help to you as it will help you set a realistic price. Through this platform, people can come along with auctions that other people are correctly not following. 
  9. Getting a job at a sneaker store is another way. Working at sneaker stores is an excellent opportunity for any sneakerhead as they will get the first dibs on sneakers. The workers in these stores can get some quality sneakers at even a discount of up to 50%. It will not be surprising to find even at some times one getting free sneakers.
  10. At times you can re-sell your sneakers. However, very few members of the community will support this idea. Re-selling sneakers will help one in several ways. First, it will help them get rid of the footwear they are not ready to hold on to; they will also manage to get some amount of money to add up new sneakers in their shoe collection.

A Guide to Buying Sneakers. 

When purchasing a pair of sneakers, it is important to consider the following: 

  • Ensure that you have two pairs. The common types of sneakers which any sneakerhead should have are "Beaters" and "everyday pair." The "Beaters" are the sneakers that one is willing to let get dirty. That can be worn during occasions where your shoes are likely to get soiled, such as mowing grass or changing the soil. "The everyday pair" is the kind of sneakers that you can wear confidently in the real world; they are the kind of shoes that you will wear when hanging out with your friends. This kind of shoes should look good right from their box and even after being worn for some days. 
  •  You have to consider your age. It will not sound right to meet aged people wearing sneakers branded by young basketball players. To me, an older man wearing a shoe branded by the name of a player who is 20 years young than them or more is a kind of midlife crisis. 
  • You Need to Think and Versatile. Several kinds of sneakers are excellent and can be worn daily; such sneakers include; Stan Smiths, Vans Eras Air Force Ones. It is important to ensure that you buy what you like, but at the same time, you need to ensure that you buy a product that is stylish and practical at the same time. For instance, Nike is one of the best sneakers as they fit and feels a fantastic pair to consider a sneakerhead.
  • The quality of the shoe is an important factor to consider. Although the shoe's quality may go hand in hand with the price, it will be useful for you to go for some quality even if it may require you to dig deeper into your pockets. It will be better to purchase a more expensive pair that can last you some years than going for a cheap pair which will last some few months.

The color. The color of your shoes is an important thing to consider when purchasing shoes. Any serious sneakerhead will be much concerned with the kind of colors they would wish to keep. 

There are a variety of sneakers in the market today; each brand varies from the other. Sneakerheads will choose one brand of sneakers and not the other depending on their tests and preferences. It will not be surprising to meet a sneakerhead in sneaker stores asking, “Which sneakers are made in America” since the country of origin of giving footwear is their primary concern. Other sneakerheads would ask, "Can sneakers be dried in a drier?" before they purchase, meaning that their main concern is whether the sneakers they are going for can be dried in a drier. Let's visit different brands of sneakers broadly. 


Best Brands of Sneakers in the Market Today

Saucony Endorphin Pro Sneakers. These are known to be the best brand for elite runners. These sneakers have been proven to increase the runner phase since when on them, it is said that it can run forty seconds faster than when you are not on them. The uppers of these shoes are highly breathable material to ensure that the wearer's feet remain cool and dry all through. They have a well-padded footbed to offer the required level of comfort to their users. These shoes' outsoles are designed to produce excellent treads for improved traction with various surfaces; therefore, one is assured of adequate stability when on these unique sneakers. 

Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Sneakers

These sneakers are designed to have Foam beads that make these shoes unique. This shoe has four separate pods, which are filled with proprietary foam-bead tech in its soles. These foam- beads make these shoes more comfortable as each step you take while in these shoes absorbs your stride while at the same time returning energy to provide you with a forward push. This shoe is unique because it offers a snug fit; on top of this, it is made of materials that are highly breathable on its uppers, making it cozy as anyone might wish. This shoe's outsoles are well rugged to offer excellent traction with different kinds of surfaces, so when on this shoe, you are assured of stability all through.

Cole Haan ZEGOGRAND Overtake Running Shoe.

 This sneaker is known to offer the highest level of comfort to its wearers. It is designed to suit athletes for it increases the runner's speed on the track. It is designed to provide stellar traction; thus, you are assured of stability on this shoe. It also features an excellent energy return. The uppers of this great shoe are made to be breathable; thus, your feet will remain cool and dry all through when you are on this kind of shoe. This sneaker is also lightweight, so when on it, you will not have to worry about your feet developing fatigue as you will not subject your feet to excess weight.

Air Jordan XXXIV Sneakers

That is a shoe that no sneakerhead would not want in their collection. The basketball players highly value it as it serves them well. It is designed to have an Eclipse plate making it lightweight, which adds up to its comfort. 

Adidas Women’s Cloud foam Pure.

These are other quality sneakers known for their comfort. They are designed to have extra cushioning around the ankle as well as the heel for comfort. Their comfort is further advanced because their uppers are made of highly breathable materials, so the wearer's feet will remain cool and dry all through. Runners highly prefer these sneakers for they are very supportive. They have a complex lacing system that is simple to use. Therefore it secures one's feet accordingly. These sneakers have a sock liner in their interior that offers extra padding to give you the level of coziness you would wish to have from the best footwear. The fitness of these unique footwear has been advanced by the fact that it has memory-foam-like cushioning. The factor that makes this sneaker a good option for athletes is that it provides ankle and foot support when one is running.

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker.

These sneakers are made of perforated leather, making them not only durable but also breathable. Therefore a good pair since upon purchasing them, they will serve for some time. They are waterproof, so you will not have to worry about your feet getting wet as this is well catered for; therefore, this shoe can be used even in damp conditions. The breathability of these sneakers has been further advanced by having a built-in ventilation hole along its front and the front sides. The outsoles are designed to provide excellent traction with different kinds of surfaces, so you will remain surefooted in whichever kind of train while on this shoe. The level of comfort in these shoes is further enhanced by them having a comfortable foam midsole. 

Tiosebon Women’s Walking Shoes. 

These shoes are designed for hot weather. They are made of highly breathable materials, thus ideal for dealing with sweat and overheating. They are lightweight and easy to move on them. Therefore you will not have to worry about fatigue when on these shoes as they do not add unnecessary weight to your feet. They are simple- slip-on design, so you do not waste a lot of time dressing them on and off. Although their uppers are made of mesh, they are durable; thus, they will serve you for some time.

Nike Men’s Revolution 4 Running Shoe.

 These sneakers are made for men runners. They are constructed of a combination of mesh and solid synthetic materials to make them breathable as possible. The outsoles of these excellent footwear are made of rubber; this enhances their durability and foot security. They are constructed to have a foam midsole to give them extra padding for comfort. They also have built-in underlays to help add more support to feet of different shapes. Therefore it accommodates different feet shapes and sizes. They have a simple lace-up system that is adjustable, enabling you to adjust them to attain your best fit. The "pod" based outsoles of these sneakers are well designed to produce a superb grip; thus, they ensure that you remain surefooted on a variety of surfaces.  

Sketchers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0

These sneakers are unique in that they are low-top, lightweight, and flexible. They are designed using an unconventional design that involves the mixing of fabrics and synthetic materials to attain synthetic purposes. The manufacturers of these shoes have not left comfort behind as they have designed them to have breathable uppers for proper aeration to ensure that the wearer's feet remain cool and dry all through. The flexibility of these shoes means that they are easy to dress on and off; therefore, you will not need to waste a lot of your time when dealing with these unique pair of sneakers. They have also been designed to have EVA sole bolsters, a factor which makes them it for one to stand for an extended period or walk for a long distance on them without any strain. The other unique thing with these shoes is that they are slip-on resistance.

PUMA Select Men’s Suede Classic Plus.

The Select Men's Suede is known for being fashionable. They are designed to be flexible, flat, and encompass X-shaped grips outsoles that offer excellent traction on different terrains. The superb grip produced by these great sneakers' soles ensures that their wearers remain surefooted all through. The uppers of these sneakers are made of suede, which makes these shoes highly durable, so you will not require to replace them within a short period. The rubber outsole also adds up to these sneakers' durability, thus an economical pair to purchase for the sneakerheads as they will need an item that will last long in their collection.

New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1.

ShareThis is another brand of sneakers that is unique in a way. It is modified to have a REVlite midsole and a removable memory foam insert that adds up the level of protection and the comfort of the feet. This pair is designed to have a stable outsole, which is well modified to have an excellent grip design; thus, you are assured of remaining surefooted all through when you are on these sneakers. These sneakers are made of durable materials, making them ideal for sneakerheads as they will require the kind of items that will last several years to form their collection. They have a simple lace-up system, which is adjustable to give your feet the right fit and secure them well.

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave.

These sneakers are designed with flex weave materials, making them durable, flexible, and breathable, thus ideal sneakers to form the sneakerheads collection. This brand's durability makes them economical pair to purchase as you are assured of the value of your money. They make a very stable pair since their outsoles are made of abrasion-resistant materials, which gives them an excellent grip with different kinds of surfaces. When you are on these shoes, you will always remain surefooted irrespective of the condition of the terrain you are traversing on. 



Being a sneakerhead comes with a price to pay. We say it is a hobby. Like any other hobbyist, a sneakerhead must be more than devoted to accomplishing the demanding task of keeping their collection in the right gear. This hobby requires one to be a dynamic person since, at times, you may need to keep at least two jobs to sustain your livelihood as well as earn enough to keep your collection well-stocked. Sneakerheads will require specific footwear platforms from where they can obtain the right kind of footwear. Some of these best platforms can be accessed online. One of the best online footwear platforms is the Freaky Shoe Company, which deals with designing and manufacturing different kinds of shoes. For more information about this company, visit them on their website:


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