How to Black out Your Adidas BOOST Soles?

How to Black out Your Adidas BOOST Soles?

If you want to bring in great excitement and ideas, you always want to push the boundaries and really set the tone for something amazing. Once you know How to get custom sneakers made, it’s easy to do that yourself. Or you can buy the Custom sneakers las vegas from a company if you want. There’s also the option to do some Custom sneakers Louis Vuitton on your own if you want. The main focus is on quality and on bringing in a very good and exciting experience. It’s a system that does provide you with a very good way to customize your shoes.

How to Black out Your Adidas BOOST Soles?

Should you try to customize shoes on your own?

The idea to create custom sneakers Toronto is always a good one. While you can visit a Custom sneakers online store, you can also try to make some custom changes to your own shoes if you want. The idea of blacking out the Adidas Boost soles is a very good one, and it can bring in front some incredible ideas for you to explore. That’s why you want to take your time, test everything out and it should be well worth the effort. 

What do you need for blacking out the Adidas Boost soles?

You won’t need a lot of things. The items required are a deglazer, jet black leather dye, flat black paint, cotton balls and a few small fine paintbrushes. This is a very simple project, that’s why it makes sense to give it a try and use it yourself. The results can be great, and you will appreciate the tremendous quality and value provided with the product every time and without any worries.

Follow these steps:

  • You will need to prepare the midsole, add some deglazer on the cotton ball or a rag. Rub the midsole until you reach a gloss finish. If it’s white, leave it to dry and you will be more than ok every time.
  • Now you want to add the leather dye with a paintbrush. The idea is to make sure that the midsole surface is fully black. You can apply some painters tape over the Primeknit surface for protection. Leave the first coat to dry for around 10 minutes, then you can apply the second one.
  • Lastly, you want to add the matte finish. You will need to add two coats for the flat black paint with a medium brush if possible. Again, you want to wait 10 minutes in between each coat. In case you want a semi-gloss result, then it makes sense to use the matte acrylic finisher the way you did above. It will work great and provide you with a very good set of results without that much of a hassle.


Making the Adidas Boost soles black might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually really simple to do and you will find it to be a lot of fun. All you have to do is to give this a shot for yourself and you will be quite impressed with the value and experience. It’s a great approach and one that works incredibly well!

How to Black out Your Adidas BOOST Soles?

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