Golf shoes are costly; hence they need to be taken care of properly to last longer. It will not be economically for a golfer to keep spending on golf footwear season in season out. One of the best ways of ensuring that golf shoes are well maintained is by keeping them clean during and after playtime. The following practices should be applied to golf shoes to keep them clean for maximum comfort and flexibility all through.

The shoes should be thoroughly cleaned by use of a stiff brush after every game to remove sand and dirt that accumulated on the shoe while on the golf course. This should go hand on hand with unscrewing the spikes to get rid of confined dirt which might not come off quickly. At the same time, one should take note of any worn out or missing spikes, if noticed they should be replaced immediately.

After the game there is a possibility of getting grass stains on the shoe since golf is played on grassy fields, this should be removed by rubbing the stained areas with a damped white piece of cloth with a solution of warm soapy water.


While playing, a golfer should be extra careful not to get their shoes too wet since excess moisture on their surface can easily ruin them irrespective of the material used in their construction (leather or synthetic modes). In case this happens, one is advised to put a rumpled newspaper in them until all the moisture is sucked up then later air dry them. The drying process should not be hastened by using artificial mechanisms such as a blow dryer or a heater as this will spoil the shoes.

When the shoe is well dried it should be vanished of scuff-marks by using a leather shoe polish which matches their colour; the polishing should be done by use of an applicator brush which is recommended for use. This should be followed by a thorough drying then waterproofing by use of the recommended shoe protector. Golf shoes should never be soaked to avoid damaging the material, which makes them. Shoes made of leather should be treated with leather oil to ensure that they keep their shine, the oil should be applied on the shoe’s outer soles and its uppers. This should be done by use of a piece of cloth upon dipping it into the oil then massage the mixture appropriately in each shoe. 

When the shoes are well cleaned, they are supposed to be put on a pair of shoe trees (those made of cedar are recommended). This is done to make the shoe retain their shape as well as take up any remaining stench and dampness. The shoes should be left to dry in a dry, shielded place while not from direct sunlight. This is because extreme heat from the sun may damage their uppers as well as the outer soles. 

Waterproofing Golf Shoes.

Waterproofing of the golf shoes is necessary when one is playing early in the morning when grass may be full of dew, when it has just rained leaving the field wet or when playing on poor weather conditions. On such instances, one would want their shoes and feet to remain guarded over moist conditions. A golfer who has acquired a water-resistant pair will not have to worry of these conditions as their shoes are well protected; also one can purchase the modern type of shoes which are sold with a waterproof warrant of one to two years. Such shoes are well protected, from extreme moist conditions as well as being highly breathable such that the golfer's feet will remain warm and dry for a long time even when they are performing under dump conditions.

If the golfer’s shoes do not possess the above features, then they will have no option but to look for ways of ensuring that they are well guarded against moist conditions in case they apply during playing time. This can be achieved through the golfer providing an extra layer of waterproof fortification on their pair. One can buy the products made for providing shoes with a watertight seal such as Nikwax. 

Nikwax is a water-repellent elastomer which is based on EVA, a material used in making several pliable soles common in the market today. This material is resilient elastic, and it is used to seal leather and fabric materials. The shoes coated in this material will be water-repellant, while at the same time producing flexibility and breathability required on golf shoes; hence the golfer on such kind of footwear will still be comfortable therefore perform effectively. Although there are other shoes sealing products in the market which are different from Nikwax, it is the highly preferred polymer. People like it due to its durability (it can survive several washings before one reapplies it) thus saves time compared to other polymers which need to be applied from time to time.

The best spikes on golf shoes.

There are two types of spikes used in golf shoes; these are; plastic and metallic spikes. Metallic spikes were commonly used in golfing, sometimes back unlike today where plastic spikes are more preferred. Despite being known to produce the most excellent traction with the terrain hence delivering the best stability for the golfer, metallic spiked footwear is not common in the game of late. This is because they are known to tear up fairways and greens in the golf course, a factor which has made many golfers prefer plastic spikes over metallic.

The plastic spikes are generally light as well as soft; hence they are not likely to temper with grass or fairways in the golf course. This is enhanced by the fact that, they  are modified to produce greater width which enhances even distribution of golfer’s weight along all the projections of the shoe, minimizing the level of pressure it subjects to the surface. Plastic spikes are more preferred during summer for they perform well in such weather as they will not weigh down the golfer and they will offer the excellent traction needed in the game just like metal spikes.  Plastic spikes are also more comfortable to walk on for they are more flexible; they are as well easy to swap compared to metallic spikes. 

How to replace soft spikes on golf shoes. 

One way of maintaining golf footwear is by replacing the spikes when need be for the shoe to remain as effective as possible. The main shortcoming of soft spikes is that they are more susceptible to wear as well as damage compared to metallic spikes thus, one will need to, replace them from time to time. These spikes should be replaced the moment they break or when they show any sign of wear, for a missing or a spike not in good condition will lead to lack of balance, loss of the required traction hence impact one's performance negatively in the field.

To get it right, the golfer is required to buy a divot tool or a golf spike wrench which are necessary for spike replacing. In most cases these tools are used in conjunction with; a soft-bristled brush, a pair of pliers and a hand towel. To begin with, one should wet the brush and scrub the bottommost of the shoe to get rid of any filth or rubble. This should be followed by proper drying of the soles which should be done by use of the hand towel. 

When the soles are clean, place the wrench tool on the spike then turn it in a counter –left in the right direction. Use the pliers to pull the spike from the soles when they are loosened the remove any dirt from the spike chamber by use of the brush, dry the chamber then insert the new spikes. The new spikes should be put by use of hand then tightened into their place by use of divot or wrench tool. Upon doing this, one's shoe is ready for the next game.

Just like the golf shoes, any other footwear requires regular cleaning, whether a sporting shoe or made for any other purpose; cleaning is one of a sure way of making shoes durable as well as offer the much-needed comfort. Cleaning shoes requires some particular types of shoe care products. Keeping your shoes clean will always give you a good look as well as make you save money since the shoes will remain in good condition for long thus you will not need to purchase the shoes any regularly. A good shoe cleaner will ensure an extended lifespan of your footwear irrespective of the material used in constructing it. Here are some excellent shoe cleaners in the market, so let's visit them one by one to aid you in making the right choice for whichever to use to take good care of your footwear.

ShoeAnew Shoe Cleaner Kit. 

  This is a biodegradable shoe caring product that will keep your shoes clean, thus prolonging their life. Its manufacturing process involves a powerful formula, which makes the cleaner so effective that one will need just a small amount to attend their shoes to produce the look they crave for. For instance, an 8-ounce bottle can clean at least sixty pairs of shoes. The kit of this caring shoe product is accompanied by a nylon brush as well as a microfiber cloth which are well modelled to attend sufficiently to the footwear giving it the most decent look. The brush is used on hard surfaces such as the soles while the soft cloth attends to soft materials like shoe uppers. This cleaner is used for any kind of footwear irrespective of the material used in constructing it. The cleaner is environmentally friendly; thus, it can be used from anywhere.

Leather Honey Cleaner.

  It is manufactured through a concentrated formula making it a cost-effective footwear care product since it is diluted before use. It is packed in a four-ounce bottle which is converted into 32 ounces upon diluting. This cleaner does not only get rid of stubborn dirt and stains, but it also nourishes and guards all leather products; hence it can be used on several leather items.

Kiwi Saddle Soap.

It is one of the best shoe caring products in the market. It has a good history of keeping leather shoes clean and shiny, thus maintaining their original condition for an extended period. It is made of high-quality wax which gives extra protection to leather shoes. Its manufacturing involves a powerful formula, producing a quality product which gets rid of filthy grime and salt stains. It can also be used to attend to other leather materials such as leather jackets.

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner. 

Jason Markk shoe cleaning kit is well known for its perfection in dealing with stubborn stains and filthy. It comes with a shoe cleaning brush adorned with the Jason Markk logo as well as a   shoe cleaner which encompasses friendly chemicals. This cleaner is friendly to the environment for it contains non-harsh chemicals. It is a powerful shoe caring product since only four ounces can clean up to a hundred shoes. It comes with a well-modelled brush which is excellent in attending to the delicate shoe parts.

Shacke Leather Brush Cleaner.

It is a suede leather brush shoe care product which performs excellently in cleaning shoes and other items such as leather jackets. It performs well when used with cleaning sprays and foams; it is the best accompaniment to all kinds of shoe cleaning kits. It is modified to produce a welt surface which attends to difficult scuff marks virtually. This brush has tender bristles which clean items without damaging them. It is designed to create an arch half-circle which enables it to clean rounded surfaces with much ease. 

Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit.  

Pink Miracle is used for cleaning washable materials. It is the most preferred shoe caring kit for professional shoe cleaning. It performs exceptionally well on suede, leather as well as nubuck 4-way leather. It can be used on other items different from shoes, for it is non-toxic, on top of this it is highly compatible with several shoe sprays. Apart from cleaning leather items, it protects them since it contains oils, conditioners and saddle soap. It comes with a brush which is well modelled to help you clean your shoes efficiently.

Sof Sole Instant Cleaner.

The contents making Sof Sole are aliphatic hydrocarbons and sodium benzoate, making it a fantastic shoe care product in maintaining cleanliness. It is instrumental in cleaning filthy and tough stains hence making shoes retain their original look. It comes with a special brush which can clean the soles and the nylon mesh efficiently, thus making cleaning easy.

Angelus Easy Cleaner. 

It is an effective cleaner on leather footwear which is manufactured through a concentrated formula, producing eight-ounce container offering excellent cleaning power. It is a multipurpose shoe cleaner as it cleans both the sidewalls as well as outer and inner soles leaving the shoe free from stains, grime and filth. Apart from shoes, it is also used in cleaning other materials such as canvas, carpets and canvas.

How to clean shoes. 

The essential part of one’s dressing stands out to be the shoes, for you to appear presentable in an occasion then you need to take your good time in deciding the kind of shoes you have to wear. Upon getting the footwear right, the next step will be ensuring that it is sparkling clean to suit the occasion. Cleaning footwear involves a process which is guided by several factors such as the shoe categories, materials used in making them, the purpose served by the shoes, among others. Since we have already gone through various shoe care products, let's look at the processes involved in cleaning them.

Before you start working on your shoes to make them appear presentable as they can, first you need to put them in their categories since each category has a specific way of cleaning. Although an individual may not have all the types to clean in their shoe collection it is impotent they understand the category on which the shoe they are cleaning falls in since it will be required to be cleaned according to that category. Shoes are broken into the following categories: Fabric footwear, Suede and Nubuck footwear, Smooth Leather Footwear and Sneakers, Athletic and Fitness Footwear. Upon identifying the type of the shoe to be cleaned, the cleaning process should start right. Shoe cleaning exercise does not need a large amount of space; the critical part of it is that a flat surface which is water-resistant is necessary to allow proper dripping of water during cleaning. One will also need a medium-sized basin to hold cleaning water, a shoe brush, a microfiber cloth as well as the cleaning solution. Before putting any cleaning product on the shoes to be cleaned, it is essential to begin by wiping off any filth by use of a shoe brush as this will make the cleaning exercise smooth and effective. 

Here is how to clean different categories of footwear:

Fabric Footwear: This need to be cleaned by use of a wet brush, whereby it should be scrubbed comprehensively and evenly upon applying caring shoe product when it is clean allow it to dry naturally away from direct sunlight. 

Smooth Leather Footwear: This is well cleaned by use of a soft bristle brush, damp cloth or sponge which should be applied effortlessly and uniformly to all the parts of the shoe upon applying a small amount of footwear cleaner. If excess moisture accumulates on its surface, a dry cloth should be used to wipe it gently before it is left to dry naturally away from direct sunlight.

Suede and Nubuck Footwear. A small amount of footwear cleaner should be applied then systematically and consistently scrubbed by use of a dry bristle brush on all the parts. It then should be left to dry away from direct sunlight. In the case of sticky spots, a shoe MGK Nubuck and suede kit should be used to clean them.

Sneakers, Athletic and Fitness Footwear.

This category of shoes should be cleaned by use of a wet brush, which should be scrubbed onto their surfaces upon applying a small amount of footwear cleaner. This should be followed by wiping gently using a dry clean towel before they are left to dry away from direct sunlight.

Having seen how golf shoes should be cleaned and maintained. The best cleaners in the market which can be used to clean the golf shoes and other kinds of shoes as well as how shoes of different categories should be cleaned we have to see some of the best golf shoes in the market before we leave the golfer to make the decision on which type they will have to go for.

Best Golf Shoes. 

Adidas Tour360 Boost Men's Golf Spiked Shoe.

Adidas Golf Men's Tour360 is believed to be the top men's golf footwear in the market currently. It is designed in a 360Wrap technology to enable it to surround the golfer's feet. This ensures maximum comfort, proper fitting as well as enough stability and support, giving the golfer a highly conducive state to perform effectively while on the golf course. It is modified to produce independent heel-to-forefoot flexibility as well as advanced arch support, making it offer the much-needed stability by a golfer. To improve on its stability, it is well spiked with a double density 10-cleat pure motion ole which has a ten slim tech pointed cleats, ensuring an unwavering grip in whichever terrain a golfer my perform from.

They are well sealed with a waterproof material, so the golfer can perform in whichever course situation even on dump grass, moist or during rainy days as they enjoy all sort of comfort since their feet are well protected from any muggy conditions. It is made of leather which increases its durability; the leather is also well perforated to ensure that the shoe is highly breathable; thus, the wearer's feet will remain cool and dry all through. The shoes come in various colours giving one a variety to choose from. 

Sketchers Performance Women’s Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe.

Manufactures of this footwear have invested heavily in its making to ensure that they come up with high-quality golf footwear, making Birdie Golf Shoe one of the best performing pair for golfers. 

They are designed to produce the best qualities in shoes such as; breathability, which ensures that the wearer's foot remains cool and dry all through, a feature which adds up to the comfort needed in performing shoes. The pair is lightweight, so it does not add up the unnecessary weight on the golfer's feet hence reducing chances of developing fatigue while playing. They are also well-cushioned such that one will find the much-needed snug in each step they make. The outer sole is modified to have soft spikes dispensable cleats which provides adequate support as well as keep excellent traction with whichever terrain one traverses on. This will ensure that the golfer is stable all through thus produce a good performance.

The birdie golf shoe is well designed with sketchers H2GO protection giving it a waterproof coating which makes them all-weather performing boots thus one can use them comfortably even during rainy days.  They come in numerous colours and style, giving one an option to choose their favourite colour and style. 

FootJoy GreenJoys Men’s Shoes. 

FootJoy shoe manufacturers are known for the production of high-quality footwear. GrrenJoys is one of their product which has satisfied the needs of golfers for an extended period. This pair is made on the Austin Last which gives a well-rounded toe character; it is also well-fitting across the forefoot, heel and instep. Their outsoles are made of rubber-modified to produce soft cleats which give the shoe required support as well as maintain excellent traction with all kinds of landscapes thus the wearer will not have to worry of stability while on this shoe. They are lightweight; therefore, they do not add much weight on the golfer's feet, thus reducing chances of one developing fatigue. They are designed to produce a well-cushioned fit-bed which provides exciting underfoot comfort, good shock absorption and sustenance; therefore, the wearer will not strain, a factor which increases the level of performance. Though they do not come with a waterproof warrant, their modification makes them a bit water- resistant thus, they able to perform under light, moist conditions. They are made of synthetic leather incorporated with PVC; this makes them durable, easy to clean as well as breathable.

ECCO Biom 2 Hybrid Golf Shoe for men.

Though it comes with a high price tag, it encompasses features which make its cost worth. To start with, it is spikeless, a feature which is not common with golf footwear. The material used on their uppers makes them durable, so if well maintained, they can serve a golfer for a long time.  They provide an excellent fitting which enhanced by their ultra-premium gum rubber sole as well as insole sustenance mechanism, which is inclusive of silicon printing. This ensures that the wearer’s feet are well secured hence boosting the golfer's stability during swinging. They are highly padded to make them cosier as well as more supportive.

They are highly waterproof since their making is based on HydroMax weather fortification tech; hence they are usable during all-weather conditions. This technology makes them even more breathable and warm such that the wearer’s feet will remain cool, warm and dry even on too moist conditions a factor which improves golfer’s performance. This pair is made from the incorporation of leather and synthetic material, making it durable, so if well managed, it can serve an individual for a long time. Their quality and style which entails a variety of colours, pattern, as well as lack of spikes, make them usable both on and off the course.


New Balance Men’s Minimus Sport Golf Shoe.

The unique feature of this pair is that; it is modified to form a flatter outline than any other golf footwear. It has a 4mm drop midsole for enhancing balance, sensory feedback as well as comfortable ground feel.  Its midsole is lighter than the soles of other varieties, making the shoe highly lightweight thus a golfer on this pair will not have to worry of fatigue since there will be no chances of extra weight being added on their feet. Men’s Minimus Sport comes with a welded thermoplastic cage for enhancing stability as well as Ortholite insole which wicks any moisture traces, keeping the wearer's feet cool and dry. The outsole is made of a dual-density rubber, which is well lugged to give the shoe the needed traction for it has no spikes. The shoe is modelled to take the form of common running shoes, a factor which makes them offer an excellent fitting making the wearer extra comfy. Though it is not waterproof, it is given a touch of good coating of a water-repellent upper, enabling it to handle light, moist conditions. 

Puma Golf Women’s PG Blaze Disc Shoes.

This is a suitable pair for golfer ladies who like style, fashion and comfort as they are stylish and spike-free, making them usable on as well as off the course. Their make dwells on disc tech that gives them a super performance while making them cosy at the same time. They are modified to bring out a micro-adjusting dial, which is effective in achieving ones fit, thus securing the feet comfortably. 

The shoes are spike-free and low to the ground, a factor which adds up their stability as well as cosiness. On top of this, their EVA insole which is highly supportive and comfortable also in moderating foot temperature making this pair usable even in sweltering conditions. The outsole is made of a durable rubber material which is highly lugged to enable it tract well with terrains of different landscapes. This provides the golfer with the much-needed stability and steady grip such that they can swing comfortably while in a golf club. 


Keeping footwear clean and maintaining it is the greatest secret to improving its life span. Clean shoes also speak volumes about the wearer, so next time you are attending an occasion, give your shoes the most pleasing look possible. Clean footwear will give one confidence and courage, which are some of the vital attributes in day to day human life. Cleaning of shoes requires some technique, process as well as cleaning materials so before you embark on the process, make sure you have all those at your disposal.

As discussed under the best shoes for golf, you will find that shoes entrail different features which gives them different qualities. For you to get the right footwear, you need to conduct enough research and understand your supplier well, for instance, freaky shoe company which is an online shoe manufacturing as well as designing company are known for quality footwear. In case you are looking for a reliable shoe dealer, try them through their website:   


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