How to Clean Sandals?

How to Clean Sandals?

Cleaning the custom slides sandals is very important and finding the right way to do it can indeed make a difference. But you need to pay attention to this and ensure that it’s done adequately and at a satisfactory level. The last thing you want is for your wholesale custom slides to just have odors. It has the potential to really make a huge difference, and if you tackle that right, the potential can be amazing all the time.

How to Clean Sandals?

Start by removing the grime and odors

A very good option when you clean the custom slides wholesale is to use a brush to remove dirt and grime. It works great and it will remove most compounds you don’t want. Just try to adjust and adapt accordingly, and it will bring in front a very good potential all the time. We also recommend you to scrub the canvas and cloth sandals with baking soda and some water. This has the potential to remove the odor very well. Remove that paste with running water and then rely on an old towel to eliminate the liquid.

For leather wholesale custom slides, you want to use vinegar and water. Use the same approach and then scrub everything. Wait for them to dry out, and then use a leather conditioner. It certainly works very well and it will give you an amazing value and quality all the time. When you have suede based custom slides wholesale, you can use just rubbing alcohol and some fine grit sandpaper. It has the potential to really work. For flip flops, you can add them in the washing machine. Air drying is always the way to do this properly.

Maintenance system

You always want to make sure that you scrub your feet before using the custom. We recommend you to allow these slides to dry off after using them. Adding some baking soda or baby powder on the sandal footbeds can be a challenge, so just try to do that properly and it has the potential to really make a huge difference. 

Some people go even further and stuff some newspaper in the sandals when not using them. This is a clever idea because you will be able to absorb odors and moisture naturally when you add newspapers in them. Of course, this works when you don’t want to use the sandals for a very long time.

Overall, this is a very good idea and it has the potential to really work the way you want. We recommend you to use this to your advantage and you will find that it will bring in all the results you expect and so much more. Patience is needed if you want to manage this accordingly, and in the end you will appreciate the way everything works. Is it a challenge to do it properly? It might take some time to remove the odor and clean everything, sure. That’s why you want to have a proper maintenance routine like the one presented here, since it works!

How to Clean Sandals?

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