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How to Clean Your Basketball Shoes in Easy Steps

How to Clean Your Basketball Shoes in Easy Steps

The basketball game and basketball shoes are so much interrelated that every basketball player loves his shoes as much as he loves playing the game. The shoes plays very important role while playing the sports and no professional player overlook the type and features of shoes before lacing-them-up for game. As a basketball player you must had enjoyed when you bought yours new pair of shoes and after un-boxing you would had touch to feel the fresh look, color and that unique pleasant smell of new pair of shoes. 

The players don’t only wear basketball shoes when they face the opponent team during the match but they also wear them during practice and also as a fun to keep you attached with the basketball, basket, court and shoes. So as a player you must be worrying about durability, longevity and look of your shoes. As an ethical and top footwear company the Freaky Shoes (www.freakyshoes.com) aim is not only to sell the quality shoes but to solve all the footwear related  problems of not only their existing, loyal and prospective customers but also of all footwear lovers. 

Keeping our Corporate Social Responsibility Tradition we have focused basketball lovers regarding maintaining their shoes for the longer time. In his short be comprehensive blog you will get to know how to keep your clean at home and keep them fresh just like you are un-boxing for the very first time. 

Read till end to learn wonderful, easy and effective tips to maintain and clean your basketball shoes.

Storing is Caring:  Never ever rush to stuff your shoes in the gym bag which is already stuffed with many accessories to get some relaxing time after tough practice session. It will cause damage to your shoes by losing their original shape. Always keep them in the closet which is properly ventilated. Your shoes need fresh air after workout to get dry and get rid of bad odor.

Basketball Shoes are for Sports not for Party – Never use outside of Court.

Never ever use your basketball shoes outside of the court in order to protect them from harmful elements and extra burden. Your basketball shoes should specifically be meant to wear in the court in order to maintain their grip and comfort with durability and color for the longer time. 

Clean Them Regularly 

The cleaning of basketball shoes is necessary not just because of the aesthetical point of view but also for the practical purposes. If you want that your shoes are ready all the time whenever you feel to enter in the court it is essential to clean them regularly.

Always clean your shoes after every game whether it is sporting event or practice session in order to diminish common odor and protect them from stubborn debris and dust. Cleaning basketball shoes is not difficult and you can clean them easily at home by fallowing bellow mentioned simple, easy and effective steps.  Never Ever Wash your Basketball Shoes in a Washer or Dryer. 

  1. First of all remove laces from your shoes and keep them aside for wash them later. You may also replace them if you feel necessary. Also remove your insole avoid it being wet from water.
  2. Use old used toothbrush or soft-bristled shoe brush in order to remove overloaded dirt from the sole and outside of the shoes.
  3. Mix dye-free and chemical free laundry detergent in the bowl of water. Stir with toothbrush to create lather. 
  4. Use sponge or old clean soft cloth to apply mixture on dirty areas of the shoes. 
  5. Let rinse excess soap from the shoes by suing dry cloth or sponge.
  6. Now clean laces with same mixture with rubbing them together in your hand.
  7. Use soft and clean cloth to finally clean and remove all water and dirt from upper canvas, outer-sole and insole.
  8. Now keep your shoes outside in air to let them dry. You may also dry with hair dryer. 
  9. Never put insole and laces before the shoes are completely dried.

Take care of your basketball shoes. Keep them clean and store at proper place to enjoy using them in good shape and color for the longer period of time. 

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