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Shoes are an important and most noticed part of your overall attire. Often overlooked but a type and way you lace-up your shoes leave significant impact on your personality. Most of time when getting ready for gathering people randomly choose the pair of shoes which is the big mistake. With selection a proper maintenance of shoes time to time is also important. You use to press your clothes, fallow instructions while cleaning and store them at the proper place to use them for the longer period of time. Similarly, a pair of your favorite also need you attention if you want your shoes to last forever. Most of the times branded costly shoes if not properly preserved and cleaned regularly don’t last for longer period of time and in contrast a low quality cheap shoes and sneakers last even forever if maintained, cleaned and preserved regularly.

There are many ways you may search online regarding preserving of your shoes which are sometimes lengthy and come up with difficult and time consuming ideas. Whether you buy a pair of shoes for style and party at special occasion or just for casual everyday use you want that your shoes to long forever. Similarly, sometimes one order to get customized pair of shoes from custom made shoes companies like Freaky Shoes ( which are unique and only pair of shoes on their feet. They always want their favorite custom made shoes to withstand with them forever because of uniqueness of shoes and their likeness for them. Keeping in view the importance of shoes here we are describing three simple, easy and quick ways to preserve you shoes for the longer period of time.

  • Use Repellent to Protect Shoes from Damage.
  • The new pair of every shoe looks fresh and beautiful and most of time people don’t feel to apply anything on the new shoes, which is big mistake. The shoe whether new or old attracts and absorbs dust and stains caused by the liquids. In order to keep your shoes safe from dust and getting stained from alcohol, ketchup, soda, mayonnaise, cheese, ketchup etc than apply few coats of Stain Repellent. Always spray your new pair of show with Stain repellent and water to protect getting stained from all liquids. It also protects your shoes from greasy materials like oils, ghee, cheese and/or any other greasy material. The stain repellent is easily available on many shoes stores/online stores, dollar stores and hardware shops. It creates a protective barrier from getting liquids, greasy materials and dust to be absorbed and you can later wipe them off easily and no permanent stain will spoil the look of your shoes.

  • Frequent Cleaning Keeps Shoe Fresh All the Time. 
  • As you always clean your clothes whenever required, so does your shoe also require cleaning very frequently. You should always clean your shoes once in month if not once in week to maintain their fresh look and long time usage. You will not throw your dirty shoes because of permanent stains and deeply absorbed dust but if you keep cleaning your shoe regularly and it will last longer. Save 

  • Don’t forget to protect Soles with Soles Shield
  • Often overlooked the most important part of your shoes – the sole should be protecting with sole shield. The sole carry the overall weight of your body so it needs extra protection to withstand with shoes forever. Sole shield will protect the sole from being rubbed off from rubbing and friction. 

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