How To Lace Shoes Seven Different Ways Explained

How To Lace Shoes Seven Different Ways Explained

How To Lace Shoes Seven Different Ways Explained

Shoes are a necessary tool for our daily lives. You do not want to spend a whole day without proper footwear since it may destroy your feet and cause you unnecessary trouble. The present age is inclined to fashion and part of it entails boots and protective gear for feet, which consolidates confidence for the person wearing it. Shoes have evolved over time considering the nature and type that existed in the development stages of footwear. 


In the past, people never wore full laced shoes since their preference majored on taking care of the feet rather than the whole leg, and it means that people loved sandals than full shoes. Royal people wore prestigious sandals that represented their glory and class in the society. It varies from what peasants could afford since their economic development was low. However, it depends on the type of shoes wore during those times, and the culture that surrounded it. The most interesting fact is that footwear culture developed from the ancient Rome and Egypt.

The earliest shoe known as the Areni-1 was found by a group of archeologists in 2008 inside an Armenian cave. The atmosphere had cool and dry conditions that constituted a great search. The cave was covered by a thick layer of sheep dung that conserved the historical shoe, which was all leather. Leather is a common material for ancient shoes, and it lasted long to be discovered decades later. However, the footwear was extracted from the secret place full of straw that played the role of cushioning and padding to improve heat sustenance and enhance foot support. 

Another milestone for the shoe industry was discovered in 1991 by some hikers in the Austrian Alps where they discovered the ice man. The ice man was the most outstanding person to be preserved for over five thousand years and intact. The body floated in a melting glacier on the same environment, he made headlines for the amazing amount of time the body was still fresh. However, the shoes that iceman wore were made of deer hide and the sole constituted bear skin. It is amazing how the ancient people created solutions in a clever way. 

For insulation and heat management, iceman stuffed the shoe with soft grass and it lasted for long in the glacier. However, such material was raw and hailed from prestigious animals that provided the material. You may want to wear a pair made from deer hides but such assets no longer live in our current space therefore, we are left with the lonely option of using low class material for our shoes. However, skipping forward to the period when early Christians mingled in the market places, shoes were more refined and fashioned in a professional way that provided a sweet image for the footwear. To prove the lasting quality of the material, a Roman shoe used two thousand years ago got revived from a ditch in the Roman fort in 2016 that had a great look. 

The discoverers observed that the footwear looked similar to the one wore by David Beckham, the English career footballer. You cannot compare the present shoe industry to the ancient world of designing footwear. The ancient industry was more creative and different and the quality produced was long lasting. Cobblers were the perfect people for making foot beauty and the presence they carried was appropriate for qualifying the shoe industry.

Most of the shoe products were used for battle by men. It is typical to conclude that the shoe making hub was meant for men. Women wore different shoes from the men, because they participated in less stressful activities, meaning that their shoes were lighter and affordable. Women’s footwear was fancy and attractive to all ages. However, battle was the main reason for making the footwear. Soldiers rocked on heavily soled boots to encourage strong grip during battle. It is why the shoe industry boomed in that period. One of the most significant victory of the Romans happened when they battled against the Jews wearing the cleated shoes which amassed joy for them after defeating the opponent army. The footwear solidified their skills which tapped glory for them.  However, the Jews could not stand the loss of a city, therefore they re-attacked the Romans to capture the premises back. In the battle, a Roman soldier called Julian witnessed his colleagues retreating during battle and in a strong move of heroism, he looked back against the opposing army and killed many of them. It was a magnificent sign of bravery. 

However, something happened in the course of war when Julian dealt with the rival soldiers. Josephus an accomplice to the battle described the scene as that which was dominated by mystery. Julian had shoes full of sharp and thick nails that made a lot of noise on the soft ground while running and at some point, he fell making thud sounds with his armor. The sounds forced his army to support him, even those who were running away. 

However, he got caught in the crowd of Jewish soldiers baying for his blood. As he lay on the ground being stabbed by the Jewish soldiers, he stabbed most of them but unfortunately he couldn’t pull over from the battle field. He got killed as his fellow soldiers watched since they were so terrified to help. However, his shoes played a major role in defending him for the period of the war. The leather was great and supportive and so was his ( Julian) strength. The soldierly death resulted from the shoes he wore, because the design did not fit in a war that involved a lot of running. All roman shoes were flat soled, a reason that explains their dominance in the battle field and the excessive victory they boast of. 

Hunters used to make perfect use of footwear since they wore colorful tunics accompanied by woolen footwear to protect their feet against any troubles they could encounter while hunting. The hunting experience may be considered a military training joint, since most people in the Roman society hunted their food, therefore the skill became a necessary tool that embraced the importance of shoes. The standard of a person in society is shown by the kind of shoes they wear and it was the same for the ancient society.

 Dignitaries rocked on sandals that had straps all over to the knee, representing their standards in the society. Women also wore sandals with a thong between their toes that showed their role in society. It is a good thing for shoes to represent functions in society and make people feel good about themselves. The fancier the footwear is the higher its price therefore wealthy people in society may be able to buy. The most expensive shoe today is estimated to be worth the shoe that Dorothy wore in the wizard of oz ( Judy Garland shoe) 

How To Lace Shoes Seven Different Ways Explained

Why shoes are important depends on how you use them daily. It is undoubtedly reasonable to possess a pair of footwear for your daily struggles. Shoes improve the quality of life by improving our dignity. Not being able to own a pair for your self is degrading and can cause low self-esteem to someone. It also protects the feet against injuries and infections, for example if you walk on stagnant water barefoot for long, you will develop serious Bilharzia infections that will make your life unbearable and cause a lot of pain. It assists in healing chronic foot infections and also provides support to misaligned arches and foot nerves in cases of extreme foot conditions that need quality care. You may work in hazardous spaces with any type of shoes only if comfort is considered. 

 A physical example of how shoes can help a lot in demanding situations happened in Mississippi back in the 1900s when there was an outbreak of hookworms. The infection could attach itself on the foot in a screw like nature and hang in there long enough to cause pain and aggravated diseases. It happened so because of lack of correct sanitary utilities and shoes. Illnesses like anemia could be experienced in serious situations. You should learn about the disease to incorporate the risks that could ensue if proper feet protection is not used. People suffer the risks due to poverty, since some parts of south America suffer massive poverty and people can barely afford a decent meal leave alone efficient footwear. Developing countries have huge numbers of people going through disease torment because of the lack of quality footwear.

 People with diabetes stand the highest risk of infection in form of ulcers, and the condition can lead to amputation of the leg. Other feet complications like bunions and metatasalgia could be improved as a result of improper shoe collection. You should make the best use of good shoes while you have them since it is like extracted gold. However, not all feet are fitting to shoes, therefore having the strategic footwear for the feet helps a lot in healing misaligned feet, and also improve posture of the body. If you rock on inappropriate shoes, the biomechanics of the feet get confused and parts that are not supposed to feel pressure feel it therefore causing confused functioning of the legs. It can result to knee and back pain and cause general body discomfort. While choosing the correct shoes to wear, you should pick footwear that respects your foot size and shape. 

Shoes have a cultural inclination since they help define ones role in the society, and how important the community views you. In some places, sleekness represents pride and overrated use for money while other places view fanciness as the real definition of greatness and wealth. It is true even today, since the greater the fashion, the more the respect. 

However, you should consider the kind of clothes you wear along with your fancy choice of shoes because it has to be fashionable and trendy too. You may have seen people who mismatch color and think they can account for it, you will only look awkward by yourself. Community standards say that the groomed you are the higher the opportunities for breakthrough. As a guy, ladies will take pride in you with perfect footwear that depicts high standards. Many people may lack the privilege of owning a pair of decent shoes and you should help them achieve their humane standards by being a philanthropic friend. 

If you are a working person, you definitely understand the meaning of having a decent pair since it makes the working environment comfortable and you can get confident in any tricky situation. Clients look for smartness and part of it hails from the choice of dressing we make. However, there is the cultural inclination towards the choice of shoes we make. Different societies have views about how the people raised in it should dress. 

A good example is when culture restricts women from wearing heels and related shoe types. It affects how outside people see them and it could affect the perception of the people. Stilettos can affect how women respond to different pressures and it makes the footwear unfit for intelligence support. However, shoes can be used for other purposes other than foot experience, a perfect example dates back to the apartheid era in south Africa. Miners were not allowed to communicate underneath the tunnels, and it became difficult to mine with lack of communication. The miners invented a method of communicating known as the gumboot dance. It became a favorable way of airing the process of mining with effectiveness.  The miners wore the gumboots to protect feet from contracting water bacteria since the mining tunnels were deep and wet. 

It is interesting that gumboots are a symbol of resistance in South Africa therefore improving the use of footwear. Some cultures use shoes for celebrations and effecting cultural events that need prestige. India is a hub of diverse cultural practices because the religious ceremonies require that one rocks on qualified boots. The uniqueness of the Indian experience incorporates embroidery, jewelry, precious stones and metal. It improves the functioning of the footwear and people feel comfort in the practice. It enhances the atmosphere of celebration in the practice and people become jovial.

In America, the idea of walking barefooted symbolizes freedom and an expression of one’s youthfulness compared to cultures that define it as a sign of poverty and recklessness. While America finds it okay to practice the trend, other people may find it unhealthy for the feet. However, walking barefooted can be okay if the ground is soft and free from harmful objects. Japan perceives that feet have to be consistently clean therefore the thought of being outside without proper footwear is bad. 

Shoes have a physiological benefit. If an adolescent acquires footwear that is implied to possess superhuman abilities, it will improve the ability to perform a skill. A great example is in the 1994 movie, The Sandlot where a baseball game endorsed by Babe Ruth included a part where the ball went over a fence full of sharp ends, and a group of boys wanted to recover it through the same fence. One of them had a pair of the P.F Flyers that were thought to possess extra abilities to make one fly and evade painful situations. It is the assumption that provided confidence to the boy who jumped over the barrier and got the baseball. The physiological impression that the footwear could make one fly improved the belief that the sharp joints could do no harm. Typically, an upcoming athlete can endorse the same approach to win games since implementing skills used by your idol can be an effective motivator to achieve the desired outcome. 

Shoes have a way of communicating confidence. If you rock first class quality cowboy boots, people will perceive you to be a great person in the community and it is a great push to your image. However, the lack of shoes can imply a negative image to somebody. Footwear makes us more expressive of our fears and strengths and encourages a good flow of ideas when you need creativity. When you have good pairs, you develop the courage to travel a lot without any fears.

You may wonder why shoes squeak every time you wear them, okay here is the basic reason for the outcome. If the insole of a sneaker is wet, it will produce annoying sounds that will irritate you. Wet sneakers discourage comfort and so is the effectiveness of the footwear. You should ensure that the insole is dry before wearing shoes. You may also purchase shoes that have the natural effect of squeaking and you need to consider getting a warranty. Noisy shoes will make you feel self-conscious as you walk along. However, there are methods of preventing the squeaky effect that will help you get your shoe a great environment of serving you. Let us dive deeper into the topic.

How To Lace Shoes Seven Different Ways Explained

Throw in the dryer

A dryer is the perfect way of acting against the noisy effect. You should add a little fabric inside the footwear accompanied by a sponge and leave it to squeeze the water inside the shoe to dryness. You may want the fabric to last for long to ensure effective service, and it is how the shoe retains its default glory. It is a process that can be used from any environment since you need some pieces of dry cloth and the faulty shoe. The format is simple because it requires insertion strategy to wick out the wet surface. 

Sprinkle baby powder

Baby powder suggests that it sucks away the water in the shoe and leaves it condusive for your use, because powder acts like sand which absorbs water in no time if you have used it in the correct period. If you live in places that are prone to rain, you may want to stock huge amounts of the substance for all the pairs. One demerit of wet shoes is it leaves the feet in a poor state and may cause health complications if not attended to immediately. Powder is great for shoes with fixed insoles since it covers all sides of the footwear. 

Soften your soles 

The magic in softening the sole is that it leaves no room for bacteria to increase. One way to soften the sole is to use gel. Spread out a sand paper and rub it gently across the surface of the insole, it will have created a soft spot for applying the gel. Rub gel effectively on the scrubbed surface and leave it to stick for sometime, after which the shoe will be fit for use. 

Add petroleum jelly  

Petroleum jelly helps the sole to rub against the shoe gently. You may have footwear that produces rough sounds that cause discomfort while walking, the perfect process of making a better experience is by smearing petroleum jelly along the tip of the insole. It assists in lubrication thus causing the rough squeaking to be fair. It is science that needs one to apply basic knowledge of lubrication and understand how to maintain it. You can purchase many packets to help in times of emergency shortages, since the winter season can get rough for you if you do not engage proper planning. You can get many types of the product and you can choose the most outstanding from your preference. Industries produce quality material since they understand that different people possess different preferences. 

Rub with a dryer sheet 

A dryer sheet operates in a simple format of creating a bumper to the inner sole therefore creating comfort therefore making the footwear effective for use. It uses the obvious theory of replication where one material stands for the fault of another. 

Try WD-40 

WD-40 is a dangerous chemical that may cause damage to your sneaker. The qualified journey of using it is by applying some of the substance on a cotton paper then spread across your sneaker. However, you should ensure to read the user’s guide to apply it effectively.  

Rub on saddle soap 

Another significant cause of squeaky shoes is shoelaces. The tip of the lace could make weird sounds as it comes in contact with the tongue of the sneaker, and the trick to solve the problem is use of saddle soap. Rub a small amount against the tip of the leather conditioner to consume the squeakiness and add reasonable amounts in every edge. It ensures the sneaker remains in perfect condition. 

Fix loose heels

Sometimes, squeakiness results from having loose heels. You should implement obvious methods like visiting a cobbler to repair any underlying damages. You can apply home based rules like using superglue for the outer sole and any other sticky substances. However, a cobbler is the best person to handle the work professionally if you do not want to have an awkward time repairing shoes you can’t fix.  

Having awful noise from your footwear can be embarrassing especially if you are in important public places. I had a disgusting moment once in a board meeting while the board directors asked me to walk to the board and give my presentation, my shoes produced the noise in the process and I could not stand the awkward stares from the rest of the board members. To avoid similar incidents, protect your footwear from the awful monster of embarrassments. 

Apply coconut oil 

Many people know coconut oil to be a delicious piece of fiber, but what they may have missed is that it is also used in protecting your shoe from getting destroyed and losing its glory. If the boots experience poor grip, apply the oil consistently with the joints in question and ensure the grip is hardened to encourage proper use of the footwear. 

Apply a conditioning oil to the shoe 

Conditioning oil strengthens the outer sole of the shoe if it gets loose. It consolidates the energy of the footwear to serve you effectively, since it is the most accessible way of solving your shoe problems. 

Some people experience shin splints with their shoes, therefore the big question can shoes cause shin splints? The main cause for the condition is when you have started on a new sports routine and it is a new thing. The type of shoes for the sport should be cushioned effectively to improve the experience of sporting. However, the pain is temporary, and it eases as soon as you stop exercising and it may be consistent if it lingers for a long time. Let us review the common factors that cause the shin splints.

How To Lace Shoes Seven Different Ways Explained

Starting or intensifying a sport or training

You may feel passionate about the new sports routine at the gym and you want to get good at it in a short time, so the only way you consider is wearing yourself out in the gym which is not a good trait. It may worsen if the shoes you wear don’t have effective support a condition that may cause improved shin pain. 

Wearing unsupportive shoes   

You have a summer workout but your sneakers are trash. Well the situation is understandable since you may have lacked money to refresh your shoe rack. Using old worn out shoes may not be the best choice for your gym work. The main reason is the cushioning could be unfit for heavy exercise or the sole could be ineffective to stand the force of the hard exercise. You should consider buying new footwear for new exercise to enhance flexibility and perfect cushioning. It is the only method of succeeding in the field of sports. The greatest asset of a player is the body, which is supposed to be protected by all means. If one plays with an injured eye, he may not see the field well and the standard of the game will be unattractive. 

Running or playing sports on hard surfaces  

It is basic knowledge to everybody that playing on hard surfaces is suicidal. It may cause a lot of damage on the feet and ankle of a player therefore making life difficult. Outdoor basketball is a sport that many people like to practice and it may be done on rough courts with rocky surfaces that may make a player to trip and fall to injuries. Players are advised to check their aggressiveness while taking part in any outdoor activity to protect toes from getting injured. 

Running on hilly and uneven terrain 

Athletes are familiar to the dangers of taking practice on hilly places, since most of them have developed leg issues that are difficult to manage. Muscles adjust consistently with every hill hiked in great speed, therefore making the leg experience shin splints that cause poor leg functioning. Shin splints can be treated by using hot salty water against the affected parts making the recovery process an easy one. 

Having pre-existing foot and ankle problems 

Some players defer the specifications of the doctors and run in the field with bruised parts and ankle problems. Most of them don’t make it to the final stages of the game and they end up getting more clinic and therapy time instead of having adequate period to improve the game. Games are a therapeutic way of relieving stress and enhancing physical aggressiveness. However, you should be realistic about the terms of engaging in sports because health should be the key condition to consider while choosing the type of sport to engage in. 

Having poor running form 

Some runners get inadequate training on the skills to use in their marathon life. Some run too fast hitting the ground hard to enhance bruising and negative side effects. You should get advisory training for effective running skills as a first time runner. Running aimlessly could lead to severe damage of the ankle and feet muscle. 

Having tight calf muscles 

Having tight calf muscles puts extra pressure on your skin while walking and exercising. It is a pre-existing condition that needs close monitoring. You can treat the splints with ice and any cold surface that will condense the muscles and reduce pain.

People have different levels of curiosity that makes them learn things faster. One may wonder how shoes are made in a factory. It is a simple but complicated process that requires attention and awesome talent which most cobblers possess. In the development stages of the shoes industry, cobblers could use hands to make good shoes for clients and give a better experience to them. Today, the process is complicated due to the use of hard machines. The method is known as nesting manufacturing journey, where it involves the use of various departments. Once a department finishes its role, it forwards the unfinished work to the next department that fills in the necessary gap. The method progresses well until the end where you get your perfect footwear. 

 It involves many hands to get the work done since a lot of talent is used in the way. It begins with the design team, where a group of verified and skilled employees design the shape and form that a shoe should take. It constitutes of personnel that understands what works best for a perfect footwear to perform effectively in the market. 

Well a more symbolic demonstration is when the army wants to siege a city, they have to understand the boundaries and how the people interact for their attack to be effective. Designers bring out candid ideas of how the footwear should look like, some of which have birthed huge brands like the air Jordan and Nike zoom shoes. The client provides the initial sketch and designers help to refine it to fit in the splendid design that will satisfy the client. However, every finish design should depict the initial idea from different angles and realize a quality experience. 

The shoe last department 

The last department physically measures the foot size and structure and causes it to fit in the necessary descriptions. It is the stage that makes the boots have the foot appeal and be consumer friendly therefore the client will achieve the desire of having quality footwear. In the traditional setting, carved wood and other material was used to make the footwear but today plastic is the most effective material considered to fashion shoes. Every right and left shoe needs to have a last to accommodate the correct shape and size of the foot, since it makes a cobbler creative on how to design the outer material of the shoe. Having a great foot structure determines how the feet roll and therefore the base of the sole is determined. Sometimes, you need to do your math correctly to achieve the best structure for the shoes. A client will be satisfied by professionalism rather than rough work.

Stamping and sewing

As the name suggests, it is where the material job is done. The shoe receives perfect implementation and births quality that we are proud of. It is the stage where cobblers get their hands dirty to make the legs clean and acquire customer satisfaction. The manufacturer crafts pieces from leather to blend a great material for an outer design and the raw end product is called a shaft. Once the material is complete, marks are made to define the areas to poke holes for laces. The parts of the leather are then sealed and taken to the sewing department for completion. 

Assembling the shoe 

The assembling department completes the shoe and forwards it to the dying unit for coloring and finishing. However, this stage is the foundation of how the shoe will look like after its completion. 

Type of shoe construction 

The most famous way of constructing any shoe is called the good year welting. It dates back in 1872, where the method involves applying three nails to attach the insole temporarily below the shoe. It explains why shoes have outer soles and you can step on them. A rubber ridge is then inserted in the inner sole using hot glue and nails therefore enhancing stability in the footwear. You see the kind of process that manufacturers undergo to make a complete footwear, you should appreciate the significance of good shoes. 

The brakes method

The brakes method is applied in Europe, mainly in the parts of Italy where most shoes hail from. However, brakes method is slightly older than the welting process therefore having much effectiveness. 

After going through the whole series of shoe processing, how many shoes do you need? Well the answer depends on the kind of profession you are in. A fashion designer should own as many pairs as he feels suit for the job, while a teacher should possess more official shoes suitable for his work. However, for a decent experience, you should own as many shoes as your budget fits. Let us look at the most common types of shoes a man should have in the closet. 


Chukkas are the casual business boots every guy should own. The footwear consists of a perfect cushioning for your feet and a great inner space to accommodate the feet perfectly. The shoe looks sharp and fit for huge social occasions. You may also use the footwear for business meetings, because they possess a sharp appeal to the feet. Once you rock on chukkas you will cease to look like a slob who wears worn out sneakers at the bar, and you will get a more diplomatic appeal. The shoe is favorable to boost your self-esteem in important occasions. A qualified example is when you rock the boots on a date or a graduation ceremony for your summertime exams. Another beautiful aspect of the footwear is its accessibility, because it is found in any store around you and is budget friendly. 

How To Lace Shoes Seven Different Ways Explained


Loafers are a good option for every man who needs to have comfort on the feet. The footwear has a sliding effect and is okay for someone who is jokey around an office, you can move from place to place easily with the footwear without experiencing any pressure. The leather make is the most efficient loafer type that satisfies the needs of the foot. You should purchase a pair of leather made loafers and you will never regret. People who rock on the footwear can match it up with quality clothes to complete the fashion appeal, and such a disposition can make you fit in anywhere in the society. The fun part of the footwear is it is a slip-on shoe type that starts your day in a good mood, since you don’t have to tie up shoe laces and adjust them during the day. 

Work boots

Work boots provide stability while standing. You can actually feel the extra height while standing since it is made of first class material that accommodates the ankles. Once the ankle is covered, the leg is considered stable, therefore the name work boots. You can walk a whole day in the shoes because it provides a level of comfort that is beyond normal. Someone can drop a heavy weight on your toes and feel less pressure it is because of the observant cushioning that provides all round protection to the feet. It neutralizes the need for socks but it doesn’t mean to make you consider throwing away the socks. Such footwear should encourage everybody to observe perfect levels of shoe style. America is the leading country in terms of shoe capacity, since a lot of people work in offices and other formal sectors. It is much to rule out the population that uses sporty footwear for recreational careers since most people focus on developing stuff. It consists of proper sole traction that protects against slipping on soft grounds.

Dress boots 

Dress boots are high fashion materials today. Every man should own a pair to achieve good fashion taste and maintain a fancy public image. It is more of a distraction from the normal footwear you rock on daily for your activities, and it creates a more sensible atmosphere of dominion. A sharp pair of suits matched up with leather dress boots will make people think of you as a business mogul who owns a dominion of enterprises. Your dress code speaks a lot about you and it is the first impression that people notice anytime they see you. You will rule out an artist from a doctor from the way they dress since a doctor will be in some sharp three piece suit while the artist will be in some fancy sweat pants and overrated sneakers. You should learn to choose your closet well because it carries your glory. Many people have risen to the top through the grooming strategy because their dress code creates an important image for them before dignitaries and essential people. A lot of businesses have acquired sponsorships because then owners were well groomed for the interview and dress boots are a significant choice for your interview needs. 

Gym sneakers   

Many people wake up and head to the gym before anything else. It is a healthy standard of living, and it should have a magnificent strategy of implementation. You cannot go to the gym in loafers, you will need something more comfortable for the practice because the gym environment involves a lot of movements that could be unhealthy for the feet. Sneakers are the best shoes to attend gym because the cushioning is reliable to protect the ankles against bruises. Use sneakers for your workout and you will avoid therapy for long. 


However, people don’t get to understand how to lace their shoes effectively so they end up doing it pathetically and may trip on their laces depending on the speed of movement. There is no special method to lace shoes since the ultimate goal is to hold the feet in place, and support the foot for effective walking. You do not want to trip over a shoe lace in public because it is embarrassing and degrading. 

Lacing by type 

It depends on the type of shoes you wear. Formal shoes have to be laced well to provide enough grip for the feet to stand official situations. You need to make the lace spread up to the tip of the footwear to ensure proper accommodation of the foot. 

Casual shoes 

One most asked question about casual wear is how often should shoes be replaced? It depends on the frequency of using it. The way is simple, because you should begin from the bottom going up ensuring every opening is filled by a material. You should tighten the grip to provide arch support to the feet, i believe you will feel more comfortable with the shoe in a gripped position. Once the lace is up, make a comfortable loop that you can pull over anytime you encounter discomfort. For first time shoe wearers, the criss-cross method is the simplest and you should graduate to more heights from there. 


Sneakers are a broad category of footwear that entails sports shoes and running shoes. The process is simple, begin from the end closest to the toes and thread the laces through to the upper tip in a straight line. The lines should be consistent from left to right ensuring every hole is occupied, grip the loop and feel the presence of the innersole on your feet. It is called the dignity of a sneaker. However, you can lace a shoe by method. Let us look at the most common ways.


You need to lace the shoe lace through the initial eye lets in the toe side, then thread the left lace through to the third left eye left. The composition should be consistent with the other laces to form a ladder like image. 

Lacing for fashion

It is a fancy way of enhancing grip on the shoe. It needs six eyelets on each side where the toe side will be at the bottom of your footwear. Make the insertions through up to form a star like appeal. Other methods of lacing include: 

  • X-lacing
  • Lattice 
  • Straight lace alternate 1
  • Straight lace alternate 2
  • One handed lacing

The commonest aspect with every type of lacing is it gives a unique experience by itself.

Final thoughts 

Lacing needs an experienced angle of making things work. You need to focus on the shoe and the grip it will acquire from the lacing.

How To Lace Shoes Seven Different Ways Explained

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