How to Make Narrow Shoes Fit Wide Feet?

How to Make Narrow Shoes Fit Wide Feet?

Worried about how narrow shoes fit wide feet? Now sit back and don't worry. We’re here to guide you about how you can make these little shoes comfortable with wide feet. When you buy shoes sometime, you observe that the shoe is narrow and wide and cannot fit your feet.

How to Make Narrow Shoes Fit Wide Feet?

You can make your shoes fit narrow feet very easily. The best way to fit narrow shoes, especially buy slim and inflexible shoes. Few methods are discussed below that how you could make regular shoes fit to your feet.

Best Way to Tell That Your Shoes are Too Wide to Wear

When you buy shoes in a shoe store, wear them and tie the laces (if these shoes have laces) and if the boots fit only when you tighten the laces tightly, it means that the shoes you have just bought are too broad.

If your shoes are comfortable without tightening your laces, then your boots are entirely satisfied and comfortable to wear. And it’ll not cause any inconvenience to your feet. Try to make sure that your shoe is comfortable without tightening it, or your toe is lost, then it means it's wide.

Whenever you try shoes, after wearing it walk a few steps to make you know that it's comfortable or too wide to wear. Feel if your feet are moving forward and backward, it means it's not comfortable.

If you buy the heel shoes, try them on your feet and look if these shoes have some space between your feet and shoes, it means that the shoe is too broad.

Some tips to make shoes fully fit to narrow feet

If you buy shoes don't worry if it's wide or big to adjust your feet in those shoes; we’ve some tips that will make your boots entirely narrow and fit to your feet. The thing you should do is to buy little shoes for your feet that fit your feet.

Some techniques make your regular shoes fit and narrow to your feet. If your feet are small, try these suggestions for skinny feet problems to reduce irritation and pain with your regular width shoes.

First of all, the skinny feet problem method can help your shoes fit better if your feet are narrow. There is also a way to lace-up your boots if your boots have strings. If your shoes have eyelets on both sides, try to lace through the one furthest from the tongue. This closes both sides of the shoes together more tightly over the bridge of the foot.

You can try another technique to purchase cushioned shoe inserts for narrow feet, which we know by the name of the insole. Ensure that your shoe's insole offers heel, arch shock support depending on the foot size and shape.

A well-cushioned shoe not only gives full shock support but also makes your feet comfortable and tight that it can’t move solidly in your shoes but will also fit snugly inside your shoe to help to reduce overall friction. Another benefit of the insole is to stabilize your foot, reduce slipping, and slide within the shoe.

8 Best Insoles for the Regular Shoes That are Too Wide to Wear

Those people who have narrow and small feet will significantly benefit from using insoles in their shoes as they can improve fit to keep your feet well protected and in place. There are so many different types and brands available; buying the right insole can be overwhelming.

Use the following list of the best insoles available for shoes that are too wide.

  • Orthotic shoe insoles

  • These thoroughly length shoes are among the most popular choices for shoes that are too wide. That you can virtually try any shoe, these power step shoes are double cushioned and have VCT to maximize your comfort. These insoles give arch support and give you all day incredible stability.

  • Anti-Fatigue Insole

  • If you’re working on the site or have to walk while using concrete and the ground for a long time, then these are the best insoles for you to feel comfortable. These insoles provide comfort and are shock absorber in boots & boots, which are too big or wide to wear.

    Even they’re designed for reducing heat when you walk so much time and prevent bacteria.

  • Green Insoles

  • These shoes are favorite in shoes that are too wide and are an excellent fit for tennis shoes. These full-length insoles are amazingly so slim and are highly durable for long-term wear. These insoles are latex-free and vegan, minimizing your environmental impact.

  • Pain Relief Orthotics

  • This heavy-duty orthotics provides superior comfort in shoes that are too wide and are featuring a temperature Regulating design and extra cushioning at the heel area. These insoles will feel like walking on a cloud.

  • Instant Relief Orthotics 

  • These insoles are specially made for those who have flat feet and work well while wearing too wide shoes. These are equipped with unique cushioning in the foot curve and heel areas and provide flexibility and durability right where you need it.

  • High Arch Insole 

  • These soft sole insoles are found in three arch heights – high arch, low arch, and natural arch so you can easily customize the fit to meet your needs. When you buy a too broad shoe, these insoles will give you support and incredible durability; these insoles will keep your feet comfortable all day long.

  • Blue Insoles

  • Another popular choice for shoes could be complete and full-length superfeet blue insoles made from top-quality materials that mold them according to your feet shape. It offers medium arch support and incredible durability. These types of shoes will keep your feet comfortable all day long.

  • Arch Support Shoe Insoles

  • These insoles usually doctors order, which provides a cushioned front foot area, absorbent material, and anatomic design for pain and pressure relief. They work well for too wide shoes, increasing elevation and immovability for good grip and balance.

    You Can Make Your Sandals Fit Narrow Feet

    As you know, sandals are wide open and comfortable to wear in summer and feel or make your feet remain calm. Sandals give incredible versatility between both formal and casual occasions. Sadly for those who have narrow feet and finding sandals that fit correctly can be a difficult task.

    Keep in mind, buy those sandals which are fully fit to narrow feet, That's why these typically limit the selection available. If you have found the perfect pair of sandals that are too wide for your feet, there are few steps you can try for a snugger and more comfortable fit.

    If you want to buy strappy sandals with straps and adjust the straps so that they are smaller. This is the work of a cobbler or shoe repair who can easily do this work. If you want to make your straps smaller on your own, then cut any loose straps with scissors' help.

    Measure the length of both straps that they are equal. After cutting the excess length of straps, secure the ends again using super-strength glue. Make sure that the Glue is safe for the material of your sandals. Allow the bond properly before wearing it.

    And now for leather sandals, another way is to wet sandals entirely and let them dry. In most of the cases, the plain leather and uncured leather, the sandals will shrink as much as half the size. Toss the shoes in the dryer after wetting them or apply heat from the blow dryer to boost the process.

    Finally, a quick and useful way to make sandals fit narrow feet is to use comfort inserts to add bulk to your foot. Inserts are incredibly affordable and can be purchased at many shoe shops or convenience stores.

    How to Make Narrow Shoes Fit Wide Feet?

    Buy Shoes For Narrow Feet

    As there are many techniques that you can make, regular shoes fit your narrow feet, but the best thing you can do is buy special shoes for narrow feet. Narrow shoes are specially designed to properly fit narrow widths to provide support and comfort in all of your daily activities so that you can say goodbye to pain and discomfort forever.

    As a professional leader in the specialty shoe sizes, you can buy a fit and slim shoe for yourself that will be comfortable to your feet that your foot cant move randomly in any wrong direction. These are the best qualities of these narrow fit feet shoes that comfort and make you relax.

    Final Words

    As we have discussed above, narrow and slim fit insoles for our feet, you can easily have them. These insoles give you much comfort and make you remain healthy and do not cause any trouble to your feet, and prevent orthotic issues.

    You can also design your sneakers and shoes on our website FREAKYSHOES.COM, you can easily give personalized looks to your shoes. The best part is you can even upload a logo and place it on your shoes and leave the rest to us. We will take care of the actual designing part.

    How to Make Narrow Shoes Fit Wide Feet?

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