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How To Paint Shoes

How To Paint Shoes

Do you want to paint shoes? Today, we’ll share the best tips to paint shoes and add highly-attractive and unique hand-painted designs to your shoes. You can do this with acrylic paint. So, continue reading this article to learn about the best tips. 


Here are a few supplies you may need to during painting canvas shoes. These are:

Canvas Shoes: Get a pair of shoes, whatever color you like. Try to get the ones with a black background to make images that can stand out.

Acrylic Primer: You need to get an all-purpose wall painting primer. It’ll give the best results. 

Acrylic Paints: Get the top quality Golden brand acrylic paints (you can choose any brand depends on your budget). However, you can also use acrylic paints such as Martha, Fork Art, Steward, etc. 

Painter’s Tape.

Good Quality Markers: Get the best quality color fine tip-markers to fill shapes.

Please note: Metallic markers are no way recommended because they run when we apply scotch guard. 


Scotch Guard.

Paint tray with a water cup.

Planning Your Design

Now the first thing is to plan what you want to design on your canvas. You can start from simple. Pick basic designs that you can easily fill with marking pen.

Before You Start

  • You need to try your design on a paper, before drying it on your shoes using an HB pencil. 
  • Use green painter’s tape to protect the soles.

Working Steps

  • First, remove shoelaces and apply painter’s tape to cover the sole. 
  • Now prime the areas you’ll be painting and allow to dry it thoroughly. You can use primer but don’t make your canvas thickly. 
  • Start drawing your design on shoes with an HB pencil. Go lightly; otherwise; it’ll show through the paint.
  • Now fill the design with acrylic paint and let it dry completely. 
  • After that, use marking pens to outline the designs and add details correctly. 
  • You can protect it with scotch guard.

Fixing Mistakes

  • You can make a mistake, but don’t worry, you can fix it too.
  • Simply paint over the affected area again, or use primer and allow it dry. You can draw and repaint your design.
  • Get acrylic paint on the sole? No problem, just remove it by using:
  • Methyl Hydrate (99.9% pure)
  • 2 Mineral Spirits
  • WD-40

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