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How To Personalize Your Shoes With Acrylic Paint

How To Personalize Your Shoes With Acrylic Paint

Do you want to customize your favorite pair of shoes with acrylic paint? Are you doubtful over its cracks? Well, this post will act as the best guide that will help you seal your acrylic paint and will prevent your sneaker paint from cracking. 

Things to keep in mind before and after customizing the shoes with acrylic paint. Painting shoes on your own can take long hours or even days. Here are some detailed steps that can help you in personalizing your shoes with acrylic paint without letting the paint crack on the shoes.

Prepare the shoes

This is the most important step for preventing your favorite shoes from cracking. Prepping them up is really useful as leather shoes when purchased from the factory, they have the glossy coating which should be removed before you paint them.  

This will help the acrylic paint to adhere to the leather well and prevent cracking. How it can be done? Use a leather preparer and deglazer for this purpose. Take some cotton balls dipped in this preparer and deglazer and gently rub it on your shoes until the glossiness is completely gone from it.

Use paint which is best designed for shoes

Make sure the paint you pick is designed for use on shoes. The angelus acrylic paint can be used for painting your favorite shoes like a professional. This paint is flexible and durable and doesn’t even crack, peel or chip after some time. 

Offer time for drying well

Apply a thin layer of acrylic paint that allows the paint for drying fast and this helps everyone to prevent the shoes from cracking or peeling. 

Application of a sealer

Once you have prepared and deglazed the shoes properly, select the right paint and apply its thin coats. Once done, take a good acrylic finisher which is available in matte, high gloss, satin and also in normal type. 

The Acrylic Leather Finisher by Angelus can be used as it is easy to use and offers maximum protection to the newly painted shoes. 

How angelus finisher can help?

If you are the one who is an art lover and love drawing different artwork on your shoes, then angelus finisher can best help. It is because if you will not use a finisher at the last, the paint might peel, crack or the chip which will not only destroy your art but will make your shoes look outdated and filthy. 

Making use of angelus finisher can protect your artwork on shoes. This protects them from scraping and scratching. You can get the best one from available options like high gloss, satin, matte and many more. 

Make sure you shake well your angelus finisher. Use a paintbrush, rag or even a sponge to apply this finisher evenly and let it dry for at least 48 hours. When it is completely dried, it offers a non-cracking and water-resistant finish to your favorite pair of shoes. 

These are the easy to follow methods that can help you personalize your shoes with acrylic paint. If you feel them they are a bit difficult to do and own, then make a direct purchase of beautifully painted and customized shoes from 

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