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How to Polish Shoes

How to Polish Shoes

The neatly polished shoes not only add the grace to your outfit but it also increases the life of the shoes. Leather boots need to be properly polished and buffed for a great look. The dirty, dull and unpolished shoe ruin overall look of the man. The polished and buffed cheaper shoe will look greater than unpolished and dull costly branded shoe. The shoe needs to be properly and carefully polished according to set rules for a bright shine and longer life of the shoe.  At Freaky Shoes, we care about your look through our expertise of footwear. We not only manufacture quality shoes and accessories for you but also guide for proper maintenance of your leather boots. Follow the step by step guide regarding polishing, brushing, and buffing of your leather boots.

  1. First of all, remove shoelaces from your shoes to avoid polishing them.
  2. Fill the toe of your shoe with old socks or paper for a firm surface. It will help you to brush easily on the toe.
  3. Clean the shoe by removing the dirt and dust from the shoe. Use a dry brush to clean dirt and dust from the outer surface of the shoe clean wet cloth can also be used for this purpose. To clean from narrow corners you may use an old toothbrush. Let the leather of shoes to dry before moving to the next step.
  4. Now thoroughly check shoes from all corners for any remaining small fragments of dirt because these can scratch the shoes during brushing.
  5. Dip the polishing cloth or rag into the polish to add some polish onto the cloth. Apply polish on the surface of shoes in slow circular motions. The pressure and friction will melt the polish and it will spread evenly on the surface of shoes.
  6. Use a toothbrush to apply polish on narrow corners, heel, welt and other areas.
  7. Remove extra polish from the shoes by using a shoe brush or dry cloth.
  8. Use horsehair brush to buff the entire surface of the shoe with quick back and forth movements. Through quick brushing, the shine will start appearing on the surface of the shoe.
  9. Now time is to give your shoe a final touch. Place a tiny droplet of water on the surface of the shoe and rub it with a small amount of polish using horsehair polishing brush. Polish in small circles around the whole surface of the shoe. This optional last step will give spit shine to your shoes.
  10. Wait for 10 to 20 minutes to dry. Now re-lace your shoe and wear bright, shiny great looking pair of shoe.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • To dry wet shoe never heat them but stuff them will old newspaper and let them dry.
  • Try to use a shade of polish match with the leather color of your shoe. You might come across slightly different shades; in this case, go for lighter shade not darker.
  • To prevent the heel structure from deteriorating use shoe horn while putting on your shoes.
  • A teaspoon of vinegar mixed in warm water can remove salt stains from shoes.

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