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How To Reconnect A Shoe Sole Using A DIY Method

How To Reconnect A Shoe Sole Using A DIY Method

It can be disheartening when a shoe sole comes free from your favorite pair of boots. With the best materials, you can repair your boots by easily attaching the sole. This allows one to wear the favorite boots more. 

If you make use of a waterproof adhesive, the repair can last long and with this simple shoe re crafting, you can make your repair a cost-effective alternative for purchasing the new shoes. 

When the sole gets detached from a sole, it shortens the lifespan and makes the shoe pair immediately unwearable. You need to re-attach the soles securely that can help you in getting the full value of your shoe pair. 

Here you can learn some DIY methods as to how to quickly reconnect a shoe sole without going to an expert shoe clean and repair near me. 

Clean the area which needs a repair 

Even if you will go to a shoe stretching near me, the experts there will also perform this as their first step. You need to clean the area properly so that glue can sit on your shoes properly. You can also propyl alcohol on one cloth for rubbing it on your shoes. 

Let it dry for some time

Protect the surface

You also need to protect the surface where you will be performing this shoe repair. For quality shoe repair, you need to be extra careful. You can lay down some sheets of paper towel for protecting the surfaces where you will be working. 

Application of glue

For shoe repair tulsa, you must apply glue on both the surface of your separated shoe. Wait for around 2 minutes which allows the glue in setting before reconnecting its sole. Make sure glue is applied on the surface which gets reconnected. 

If any excessive glue has oozed out of your glue, clean it before you close its nozzle. It is because removing the wet glue is much easier. 


Remove your insoles and insert some paper in your shoes. This allows the shoes to gain some rigidity which is required during the process of clamping. This can also absorb the glue which might have seeped inside your shoes. 

You can use a newspaper or a kraft paper for stuffing it in the shoes. However, you can also make use of a 2/3 water bottle and can stuff it in your shoes. Stacking heavy objects helps in reconnecting the shoe sole easily. 

You must keep a few things in mind as your shoe sole can shift when you stack weight in them. Make sure your sole is inline. For the desired contact, you can also place any heavy object under the heel of your shoe. 

In case you are in search of belt buckle repair near me, then you don’t have to stress anymore as the same glue can also be used for repairing the belt buckle even. 

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