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How to Remove Paint From Leather Shoes

How to Remove Paint From Leather Shoes

When done correctly, paints gives the best look. But no doubt, the spills of it can be frustrating, especially onto clothing. Although the paint stain looks permanent at first, there are a lot of solutions to remove them quickly and keep your material in good shape. 

However, cleaning paint from your leather shoes requires a lot of care and useful techniques. To keep your leather shoes in good condition and to preserve the appearance, you may need to choose a specific material for removal. 


You need to pad the paint spot with a clean rag in case if the spill is fresh. This way, paint spill can easily remove from your smooth leather shoes with the cloth alone.


Apply a good moisturizer to the paint with a finger or cotton swab. Gently wipe the paint spills off with a clean cloth. This method is helpful to remove paint stains that have not fully dried.


Now just soak a cloth in warm water, and place it over paint stain for 10-15 minutes. The power of heat and moisture will soften dried paint and thus make it supple for removal.


You can wipe the paint spills carefully by peeling it off if it’s in the hardened state. Just damp a cotton pad with acetone-based nail polish remover, and apply over it.


You can use leather cleaner to wipe the paint off. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning it thoroughly. After that, apply a leather conditioner to smooth out dryness that can result from the removal.

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