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How to Remove Stains From Suede Shoes, Clothes, and Furniture

How to Remove Stains From Suede Shoes, Clothes, and Furniture

Suede is natural leather with a fuzzy finish. It’s a thin leather and quite solid. But no doubt removing stains from suede shoes, clothes and furniture could be challenging. By choosing the best tips, you can keep your shoes and clothes, stain-free, and soft for many years. 

However, there are various ways to remove dirt and oil debris from suede fabrics and clothing. Heavy-oil stains should always be treated in professional ways. 

Before You Begin

Before you start removing stains from suede surface, you need to use a soft-bristled brush to remove particles from the suede surface. It’s important to perform after each time you wear as suede material can absorb oils and soil easily.

Just allow damp suede to dry away from sunlight slowly. Then you can use a brush to raise any nap, which is crushed. You always need to test cleaning solutions on the hidden area first to check for any damage. 

What Supplies Do You Need?

  • You may need baby powder or corn-starch for oil stains.
  • You can also use commercial glue remover for synthetic suede.

Tools Needed:

  • A good-quality suede brush
  • Soft, clean cloth
  • Art gum eraser for removing adhesives
  • Knife or plastic edge

How to Remove a Scuff or Dried Stain From Suede Shoes, Clothes, and Upholstery?

You need to follow each step carefully. After each step, you can brush the stained area with a suede brush to restore and smooth the nap.

  • Gently Rub Stain With Soft Cloth
  •  Use a clean, soft cloth to rub the area and remove any dried-on surface stain gently. The cloth will also restore some of the texture to the nap.

  • Try A Pencil Eraser
  • However, if the stain remains, you can gently rub that area with a pencil eraser or even art gum eraser. 

    How to Remove an Oily Stain From Suede Shoes, Clothes, and Upholstery?

  • Sprinkle Stain With Powder        
  • If you’ve got oil strain on suede shoes or clothes, then you can sprinkle the stain with baby powder or even corn-starch to absorb the oil. After some time, you’ll see the powder begin to look like oil, so it should be brushed away with a soft brush.

    • Repeat Process
    • Now repeat the process until you see color changes.

    How to Remove a Wet Stain From Suede Shoes, Clothes, and Upholstery?

  • Blot the Stain
  • You can use a clean and soft cloth to blot away moisture. You can put the cloth over the stain and apply pressure to draw moisture away from suede and into the cloth. Now keep turning the cloth to a clean, dry area, and continue repeating this process.

  • Allow the Stain to Dry
  • When no more moisture is shifting, allow the suede to dry perfectly away from direct heat.

    • Repeat process if necessary.

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