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How to Repair a Shoe Sole?

How to Repair a Shoe Sole?

Sole of the shoe is generally the first part where the shoe gets work out very quickly. Since the rest of the shoe is in a good place it is easy to repair a sole on your own. I find it very annoying when I have to run to a shoe repair around me every time I want some shoe alterations.  Here in this article, we will tell you three methods by which you can repair the shoe sole easily. 

Replace the worn out sole.

  • You need to pull off the sole with a set of pliers. If the soul is coming out and is loose enough you still need to use pliers to pull the soul completely.
  • Once the sole is pulled off you need to clear all the extra glue from the soul by using acetone. When you apply cotton dipped in acetone on the glue it will dissolve in the acetone and will get removed.
  • Now you need to rough up the sole of the shoe using sandpaper. It is recommended that you use 120 grit sandpaper. 
  • Use a cotton ball to apply adhesive on the clean portion of the shoe sole.
  • Use the known new soul and tightly present on the portion so that it gets attached properly and let it set to dry. 
  • Clamp the sole to the shoe using duct tapes and let it stay for 24 hours.

Reattaching a loose sole

  • Clean the shoe and sole by using alcohol and water.
  • Once you have clean this applies shoe adhesive only clean portion of the shoe sole.
  • Now you need to tightly press the shoe against the sole for some time.
  • Then you can attach rubber bands or duct tapes to keep the structure intact.
  • Once it is done you need to let it stay for 24 hours.
  • After you have done all of this try to remove the extra glue with the help of sandpaper.

Fill the holes in the shoe sole

  • Start by cleaning the area around the hole using water and a little alcohol. Once it is done it will help your shoe to adhere with the glue. 
  • Take 120-grade sandpaper. Use the sand paper to rough up the edges of the sole. Keep rubbing until you find it has a rough texture. 
  • Now you can put the duct tape inside the shoe to cover up the hole. If a doctor doesn’t go inside the hole properly then use your finger to push the duct tape in the hole. 
  • Now you need to fill the hole with an adhesive for shoe sole. Do not use your fingers to put the adhesive. Make sure that you have properly filled the hole and it is ok if the whole overflows.
  • Now you can go ahead and take an ice cube to even the surface on the sole near the hole.
  • Let it all stay for 24 hours. 
  • Remove all the extra received by using sandpaper. 

These all hacks save a lot of time and money that one can spend on the shoes and bag repair place. If you find it difficult to do any of these on your own then you can run to work boots repair place or a shoe and purse repair place near you.


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