How to solve a problem related to sneakers and shoe care

How to solve a problem related to sneakers and shoe care

Shoes play an essential role in maintaining and telling our personality to others. Shoes are the 2nd most crucial thing after our clothes, and even intentionally or unintentionally, we do see the shoes another person is wearing.

We know it very well that our shoes and our choice tells 90% about ourselves. Therefore, choice and the condition of shoes matter a lot.

If you are fond of wearing high top heels, low top heels, custom shoes, or sneakers, then probably you might’ve gone through many problems. Then this article is for you. We know that it is not an easy task to maintain the condition of shoes, and it’s very tricky to get the smell out of shoes and what to do if your shoes get tight? How would you wash your sneakers or remove stains?

Therefore, is proud to shed light on how you can solve problems related to your sneakers, low heels, high heels, custom shoes, and sneakers

Washing Suede Sneakers or Shoes:

Whether you are male or female, if you are fond of sneakers, then you might have probably thought of washing them, but what if you suede leather sneakers? Can we wash them? The answer is yes! We can clean them. The first thing is the protection of suede leather, and you can do that by spraying the suede sneakers with suede protector before wearing.

Suede sneakers are sensitive to water, so try not to wear them when there’s a chance of raining or the surface ahead is wet. The best thing to clean Suede Sneakers is to get a suede brush. 

The brush will quickly clean the mud off the shoes or sneakers. Try to brush your sneakers in a specific motion; brushing back and forth can damage the boots, so make sure you brush them gently.

Can we remove scuff marks from suede shoes and sneakers? Yes, we can remove them by brushing them but if the scuff marks aren’t removed with brushing, try using a pencil rubber to remove them.

How to solve a problem related to sneakers and shoe care

Washing Canvas Shoes:

Both men and women wear canvas shoes, and it’s the most liked fabric. The best thing about canvas shoes or fleet is that they are much easier to clean than leather or suede shoes or sneakers.  

There are several ways through which the Canvas shoes, sneakers can be cleaned. Before washing the sneakers or canvas shoes, you’ll have to take care of blisters and mud.

To remove the mud and other things from the back of your canvas sneakers or shoes is to take a toothbrush and start scrubbing the backside of the canvas shoes gently. You can also use the sponge but better to go with the brush.

Once you have cleaned the mud from your canvas shoes or sneakers, the next step is washing them in a washing machine, but we advise our readers to always read the label on shoes before washing them. To avoid the noise, keep the shoes in several towels to reduce the banging noise produced due to the collision of shoes with the body of the washing machine.

Drying the Shoes:

So now, since you have washed your shoes, the next step comes the drying of the shoes. This is quite a tricky part.  The best option is that you leave them as is and let them dry naturally. 

You can also improve the drying by using a tissue paper or newspaper to absorb the water in the shoes so that they will get dry at a faster speed. But beware of using newspaper, Sometimes the ink (black ink) can also be stuck on the shoes, and you will end up ruining your shoes.

Leave them for an hour, and reuse the new paper to tissue paper if the shoes aren’t dried in an hour and leave them for another hour.

Re-Heeling Stilletoes and changing inner soles:

Do you have good high top heels or low top heels, but their stiletto heels are rough? No problem, we got it covered for you in this article. 

There are two ways of re heeling stiletto. One is to drop your shoes to the nearby cobbler, and the cobbler will do it in just 5 to 10 dollars of 7 Euros. 

The other way is doing it yourself or DIY.

The DIY way will only cost 1-3 dollars or 2 euros. First, we need to remove the top piece, which is fixed into the heel, and it requires a sheer amount of pressure to take it out of the heel. You’ll be needing pliers to exert a significant amount of power to take it out.

Once you have taken it out, you will now need to position the heel. To do that, you will need a wooden block and put it inside the shoe so that it supports the hammering procedure and prevents the damage. Put a cloth while hammering to protect it from any damage.

Hammer the new top-piece inside the heel till it sits in the correct place correctly. Repeat the procedure with the other shoe until you get an even top-piece.

You can buy the new inner soles from the market and put them in your shoes to use.

Get rid of the unpleasant and foul odor of the Shoes:

Do your shoes often gives a foul odor when you take them off? That’s probably due to the moist and sweat that is on the insole of the shoes or sneakers. The simple way to get rid of this problem is by spraying the air freshener just like we do in cars. 

Just pour the air freshener in the shoes and leave them overnight. If this doesn’t solve the problem of smell and the smell remains there, then it is time for you to change the inner soles.

The inner soles of the sneakers and shoes are often made of low material that causes them to emit a foul smell due to moisture. It is better to get coal layered, high-quality inner soles that are better at absorbing the damp and doesn’t emit the scent.

Winter Salt Stain on Shoes:

During the winters and cold seasons, the streets are often covered with different chemicals and have moist and dampness on all the surfaces. This environment is very damaging to all sorts of shoes. The cold not only damages the boots but also leaves a terrible salt mark on the shoes.

These salt stains are stubborn to be removed. Therefore, decided to write on this matter too. To remove the salt stains from shoes, you will need some vinegar. Mix water and vinegar in the proportion of 1:3 and wash the shoes with the help of some silk cloth or tissue. 

By doing this after every visit outside, you will be able to get your shoes free from the salt stains.

How to whiten the shoe soles? 

One of the many questions that are asked is how to whiten the sole of the shoes. Well, the answer to this question is that you will need toothpaste and a toothbrush. The toothpaste not only whitens our teeth but is also good at cleaning the backside of the shoes as well. 

The procedure is also relatively straightforward. Just take an old toothpaste and pour some toothpaste on the sole of the sneakers, or joggers or fleet, whatever you like to wear. Let toothpaste be on the sole of the shoes for almost 5 to 10 minutes. 

After that, start rinsing the sole of the shoes, and you will see the improvement yourself.

How to widen or broaden the small shoes:

Do you have pain in your feet? And are they swollen, and you cannot wear your regular canvas shoes or sneakers due to swollen feet? Or you have bought a 1 number small of the shoe? 

To solve all these problems, we have got one solution for this, and that is the Ziploc bag. Yes, you heard it right! The Ziploc bags can be filled with water and pushed in the inner side of the shoes and then keep the shoes inside the freezer for one day. 

After one day, take the shoes out and let the ice melt for 10 to 15 minutes, and after that, remove the Ziploc bags from the boots, and you will find your shoes broad and wide with increased size.

How to take care of soaked shoes:

You were outside, and suddenly, it rained cats and dogs, and you are all wet now, and your sneakers or shoes, or canvas shoes, are thoroughly soaked in water? If this is something that happened to you, then your boots are at the risk of getting broke or low life.

So, how to cope up with such a sudden situation? The answer is rice. Yes! You don’t need to place your shoes near the heater or radiator to dry them but try the rice instead.

The rice is very well-known for absorbing moisture and dampness out of things. Get a cotton bag to pour some rice in it and place your shoes in the rice bag. 

Rice will absorb all the moisture overnight, leaving your shoes dry as they were before the rain. 

But there will be a bad smell of rice in the boots; to get rid of the scent, use some air freshener or drop a few drops of oil that will get rid of the smell.

My Low Top and High Top Shoes are too big:

If your low top and high top heels are too big for you due to your skinny feet, then you will need to fill the additional space.

This problem can also happen to older age women if they have swollen feet, and then their feet return their average size, the shoes can appear significant to them. To solve this problem, take some pieces of cloth and insert them inside the shoes. 

This will solve the problem, and if they are still prominent in size, then you will probably need “ball of foot” or heel liners. The ball of the foot or heel liners will be able to fill the ample space.

My High Top Heels are new, and they hurt because they are tight on toes:

If you have a high top heel and they are hurting you on toes because they are tight, that’s due to the new material used in the making of these shoes. The simple and easy solution to this problem is when you are at home, try to wear socks when you wear high top heels. Try this trick for one or two weeks, and you will see the result in the form of loosened heels.

Shoes Scratching the skin:

If you wear canvas shoes or heels, both high top heels and low top heels, there are reports that they can scratch your skin and turn your skin red and put some rashes. To solve this problem, you will need to add the heel liners or some band-aid to the place where it causes rashes on your feet. This can solve the problem, and you will not face scratching again.

How to solve a problem related to sneakers and shoe care

Shoes leave stain marks on the socks:

If you wear shoes with socks and when you take your shoes off, you see that there’s a stain mark on the socks. 

This happens when the shoes are new. They can leave marks on the socks, stockings, and on feet as well to prevent this, and you can use the talcum powder. Rub the talcum power on the inner surface of your shoes, sneakers, or canvas shoes, and make sure you use a fair amount of talcum powder. 

Take a piece of cloth or tissue paper and clean the powder from the sole of the shoes and wear them. You can also go for the baby powder as well.

Final Conclusion:

In our conclusion, We have discussed the problems that are faced by our customers and what they complain about most. In this article, we tried to address the majority of the common issues that our customers face. 

We tried our best to define the solution in the easiest way possible if there’s a problem with the article or you don’t understand something, and you can always reach us by contacting us.


How to solve a problem related to sneakers and shoe care

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