How to Tie Your Running Shoes? – A Complete Guide You Should Follow

How to Tie Your Running Shoes? – A Complete Guide You Should Follow

Getting a new shoe is of no benefit until you don't know the lacing system. Talking about a running shoe's lacing design is quite simple, but most people are still doing it correctly. If you're also one of those looking for ways to tie up laces, you got the right place. We're going to amaze you with some best hacks to do so.

When it comes to lacing a running shoe, there're many ways to do so. But if you're a beginner, you can try out the normal and the easiest method. Please pick up the two ends of the laces and run them back into the laces' holes. Pull them up and run them across the opposing ends of the hole. Tight them to the extreme and go on.

Does Lacing System Increase Your Efficiency?

Just imagine you're running a competition and lost it because of the time you spent tying up your laces. Your competitors will have the chance to chase you in such circumstances. No one can ever imagine that just due to the low lacing style you adopt.

The style of lacing you do with your running shoe has the most significant impact on your efficiency. Most runners lose the games just because of the flawed running system. The traction, the fit, and the grip you get on the floor with your running shoe all depend on the hacks of lacing up a running shoe. So why not adopt the best ways to do so?

Are you a beginner in the field of lacing up a running shoe? Don't get frustrated by the recurring tries. We're here to hold your back.

Proven Hacks to Tie Up Laces of a Running Shoe

An even distribution of pressure around your shoe plays the leading role in keeping you stable during your movements. Many people are still unaware of the ways one should adopt to tie up the laces. But don't worry, we've collected some best hacks.

Let's get deep into the ocean of the list of hacks for tying up your laces.

  • Lacing for heel slipping and heel injuries

  • You won't believe us if we tell you that a low lacing can bring you the worst blisters at your heel. So the first hack we've brought to you is to deal with heel slipping during your run. You can minimize the chances of getting heel blisters by tying up your laces in the manner we're going t tell you.

    After tying up your shoe in the usual manner, unlace the lacing system's two upper eyelets. The next step is to skip the eyelet that is second to the upper eyelet. You should do the next thing to weave the laces in the normal into the upper eyelets by skipping up the dual eyelets. Pull them until you feel the grip on your gait. Once you feel the support of your feet, you're ready to go!

    How to Tie Your Running Shoes? – A Complete Guide You Should

  • Lacing for Wide Feet

  • Having wide feet can be a source of inconvenience if you're a runner. Most runners with wide feet often face problems during their movements as the complete upper portion of the feet can cause issues while tying up the laces. But don't worry, we've come with another hack to deal with this problem. Widening up your shoe according to your feet can also build accommodation for your feet.

    The lacing system for such feet includes unlacing the laces from the first eyelets from below. Leave the last eyelet filled only. This will release the space for the upper part of your feet. Now start to weave the laces to the eyelets just above the bottom one. Keep the trend on both sides of the laces. After doing so, bring the laces on the right side of the eyelet but put it inside.

    Apply the same method on the left side. No, carry on the regular lacing up to the upper eyelet. End up tightening your laces until you feel the grip on your feet.

  • Lacing for Heel Lock

  • Locking up your heel at a single place while putting on your shoe is the most challenging task ever. But don't worry; we've come up with the best solution for you guys. Some runners tie their laces in a way that they suffocate their feet and restrict their mobility. This can bring the worst to your feet. Find the extra eyelets if you've got them on your shoes.

    Turn the laces and pass them through the extra eyelets so that it forms a loop on the outer side of the shoe. Do the same method on the right side of the shoe. Now it's time to cross the two shoelaces opposite in direction. Bring the end of straight lace to the loop of the left side and vice versa. Pull them up enough to locate the exceptional grip on your feet and continue to tie them up in the usual way.

  • Lacing for a High Instep

  • Do you know anything about the high instep? It means setting your feet on the higher position from the upper side compared to the whole foot. You can do so by changing the method of lacing your running shoe. Having a high instep is another name for facing the problems of frustration during your moves.

    For creating a window in your shoe's lacing system, untie your laces from the last three eyelets of the lacing system. Now weave the lace from the upper eyelet by putting it straight into the eyelet. Apply the method on the other side too. This will create some accommodation for your feet to make a high instep—no carry on the traditional lacing style above the straight eyelet.

  • Lacing for Complete Wide Feet

  • Having a wide foot as a whole can bring you many inconveniences. Wide or swollen feet are difficult to fit in the standard size shoes. For such feet, select shoes are designed to keep them assembled in a single place during your runners. But there's no need to bother your mind around fitting your feet in a regular shoe. We've solved this problem too.

    Unlace the laces up to the last eyelet at the bottom. Pull up the laces with full energy and try tying them up in the cross manner by leaving the alternative eyelets. This style will create an efficient room for your wide feet inside the shoe. Continue the lacing by skipping one eyelet, and here you go fitting your wide feet in your favorite shoes in seconds.

  • Lacing for Maintaining the Toenail Pressure

  • You can't move a single step with even a little pressure on your toes. No matter how expensive your shoe is, if its lacing system isn't efficient enough to tackle the problem of toenail pressure, there's no purpose in having it. So for aiding people in such circumstances, we've come up with the best hack you'll find ever.

    Untie your laces entirely and put the lace from one lower side of the pattern. Please bring it to the top corner of the contrasting pattern. Pull them up in a diagonal manner and get the laces inside and outside of the lacing system. This method will enable your feet to set it up according to your feet' shape within the shoe.

  • Diagonal Lacing

  • Losing your temper during your exercise or running competitions just due to the unusual pain in your toes can be the most frustrating feeling ever. But the wait is over now. Our experts have come with another handy method that can lessen the pressure on your feet. Diagonal lacing can do a lot in bringing you the utmost comfort and stability during your moves.

    All you've to do is to unlace your shoe up to the last eyelet. Now pick up the lateral sides and start running your laces through the alternative holes keeping the diagonals on point. Maintain the medial point the same on the right and left sides. Now take both ends of the laces to the bottom eyelet to form a criss-cross pattern. This technique will aid you in lowering the pressure on your toes.

    Advantages of Better Lacing Techniques

    You can't deny that your shoe and feet' efficiency depends on the lacing you do before your run. An efficient grip and traction ability of the shoe is directly correlated to the lacing. So the benefits of a proper lacing style are more than just wao. You can deal with the rocky surfaces, uneven terrain, and trails, and hikes.

    The importance of a right running shoe with proper lacing is as essential as oxygen is for our survival. So there's no need to compromise on the lacing according to your feet. It'll end up in solving up many of your problems.

    Final Words

    Tying up your laces with the thoughts that you'll win the race can boost up your energy by twice. That's why we've tried our utmost efforts to bring the best hacks out of the box. Don't forget to read the techniques mentioned above and enjoy your rides without the fear of hurting your feet.

    How to Tie Your Running Shoes? – A Complete Guide You Should

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