Is Timberland Owned By Vans?

Is Timberland Owned By Vans?

Vans and Timberlands are two well-recognized but different footwear brands owned by the same parent company. VF Corporation owns Timberland, a global apparel and footwear company with other brands such as Vans, The North Face, and Duckies. Timberland (apparel and accessories including eyewear, watches, and leather goods) and Vans (skateboarding shoes and related apparel) operate independently with their unique product range and identity.

So, none of the companies, neither Timberlands nor Vans, owns each other, but they are owned by a common company that allows them to serve independently and generate revenue. 

You can follow this blog post to develop insight into these two exclusive brands and their common owners - VF Corporation.

Is The Owner Of Timberlands And Vans Literally The Same?

Is Timberland Owned By Vans?

VF Corporation (formerly known as Vanity Fair Mills until 1969) is a global footwear and apparel American company founded by John Barbey in 1899. It's headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company's 13 brands, including Timberlands and Vans, are organized into three categories: Active, Outdoor, and Work.

Timberland LLC is a retailer of outdoor footwear owned by VF Corporation. Van is an American manufacturer of skateboarding shoes and related apparel owned by the clothing giant VF Corporation.

Vans Vs. Timberland: Side-by-Side Comparison

Is Timberland Owned By Vans?

Since it is already discussed that Vans and Timberlands are two famous and winning lines of VF Corporation, both these brands have shown partnership many times and beat their competitors in their quality. However, these brands have some differences and similarities - let's dig into them through this table.



Vans was founded in March 1966 by Paul Van Doren, his brother James, and Gordon C. Lee.

Founded by Nathan Swartz in 1952.

Famous for skateboarding shoes and apparel, it also has a range of BMX, Snowboarding, and Surfing shoes.

Famous for its “The Original Yellow Boots.”

The VF corporation acquired it in 2004.

Acquired by VF corporation in 2011

Does not offer Apple Pay support, discount policies, and teacher discount 

Offers Apple Pay support, discount policies, and teacher discount 

Timberlands, Vans, And VF Corporation

If you are shoe enthusiastic, you must have heard about Timberlands and Vans hundreds of times in your life. Here we are explaining some of the features of these two brands and their owners - VF Corporation. 

Timberland: Versatile And Sophisticated

With hard work, passion, and enthusiasm Timberland became the world's best footwear company making boots using leather and other quality material. Timberland has shoes for everyone, whether for hiking, work, or fashion.  

Its owner Nathan Swartz, in 1952, bought a half-interest in the Abington Shoe company in Massachusetts. Later on, Swartz and his sons acquire the remaining shares. In 1969, the Abington moved to New Hampshire, famous for its dense forests, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, and other natural sites. This place experiences every type of weather, such as rainstorms, heat waves, and chilly winters, making it difficult for people to walk or move around. 

To overcome the resident's worry, the Swartz family introduced injection-molding waterproof technology for footwear and made true waterproof boots. In 1973, this company brought innovative Yellow waterproof boots named "Timberland." Due to the huge success of this product, they renamed the company Timberland in 1978. In June 2011, Timberland signed a takeover agreement with the VF corporation and was known as one of the brands of VF. 

Vans: Great For Surfers And Skaters

Vans stands first in the category of Skateboarding shoes and related apparel. In March 1966, Paul Van Doren, his brother, James, and Gordon C. Lee started the first store, "The Van Doren Rubber Company," in Anaheim, California. The company manufactured shoes and sold them to the public directly. This renowned American business is famous for its top-quality products. 

1991 was the year of real success when the company's shoes were in high demand. After seeing this, the owners decided to expand the business globally; hence they started introducing new models, such as snowboard shoes and renamed the corporation to Vans, Inc. so the customers would remember them as "VANS" for short. In 2004 they merged with VF corporation- a California-based company. On their 50th anniversary (in 2016), Vans released a new logo and launched a new campaign to get a large customer base

Is Timberland Owned By Vans?

VF Corporation: An Owner Of Timberland And Vans

VG corporation was founded in 1989 by John Barbey in Denver, Colorado. It is an American apparel and footwear company formerly known as Vanity Fair Mills until 1969. Vans, Timberland, The North Face, Dickies, Eastpak, Altra, and Supreme are all its brands working day and night to provide people with the best products under the name VF. 

Timberland and Vans are independent brands serving people through their quality footwear, but they are both subsidiaries of VF corporation. VF acquires Timberland in June 2011 and merged with Vans in 2004.  

Vans and Timberland First Ever Collaboration 

Vans and Timberland unveiled the first collaboration on the 30th anniversary of Vans skate shoes named "Vans' iconic Half Cab." They both came into the picture with new hybrid shoes called Vans Skateboarding x Timberland Half Cab Hiker.

This heart-melting shoe is half a hiking boot and half a skate shoe, featuring a unique design in the market. 

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Our Summary

Vans and Timberlands have earned massive names in the footwear industry due to their blend of innovative designs, traditional techniques, and fashion-forward mindset; this is why they have gigantic competitors like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Filas, etc., in the market.

There is a misconception that Vans controls Timberlands; in actuality, Timberlands and Vans independently serve their audience, generate their revenues, and show partnership in a time of need. 

So, if you are a Timbs freak or Vans enthusiast, you can hunt your next shoe as per your choice - however, if you are doubtful about both - worry not - Freaky Shoes is here for you!

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