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JR Smith Fumes At NBA For Threatening To Fine Him For A New Tattoo

JR Smith Fumes At NBA For Threatening To Fine Him For A New Tattoo

The Cleveland Cavaliers protects JR Smith fulminated about the threat by NBA for disciplining him if Smith does not cover his tattoo made on his back leg.

A league spokesman Mike Bass said, “As per the rules of NBA, the players are not allowed to display any corporate insignia or commercial logos on any of part of their body and even in hair”.

JR Smith recently got a new tattoo of Supreme’s logo which is a popular street-wear company based in New York. When he was threatened by the NBA, he wrote on Instagram in displeasure about the whole case.

“ I was informed that I will be fine per game if I will not cover up my tattoo of “Supreme” on the back of my legs during games. He punctuated the sentence and made three laughing crying emojis to end the whole statement. 

He finished the post with an emoji showing a middle finger and also added in the beginning, “I swear I’m the only one with whom they behave like this. “So you mean to say I have to cover my tattoo, for which reason? You don’t ask players to cover their NIKE checks, Jordon logos or anything else but it is me, so you have an issue”.

Well, the NBA players are having similar tattoos, but they are not controversial like Smith’s. Marcin Gortat is also having a logo of a Michael Jordon jumped as a tattoo and even though he is not sponsored by the brand Nike. 

Smith was wearing a sleeve of Supreme brand in his last seasons, but he was not suspended. After this event, the NBA was not available for comment. 

Over the past couple of years, National basketball association has turned up a friendlier player for many brands. In the year 2017, it also allowed the teams for putting on the sponsor patches on their jerseys.

This year, the league has even changed the rules about what kind of sneakers will be worn by these NBA players during the game-play, it allows players to wear whatever colors they like and open up the floodgates for the companies of sneakers to go nuts. 

What brands will not be allowed by the NBA is the main thing, as who is paying in the league and the ones who don’t pay for. The Jump-man logo is quite in as its parent company NIKE writes a huge check to NBA every year.

Friends never conflict with potential advertisers or advertisers but a company of street wears like Supreme. There are many competitors in this space from whom league wants to money. It is hard to strike a deal when someone is advertising already for Supreme for free. 

JR Smith also told that he got this tattoo due to his kinship that felt with the clothing company, Supreme. He even added that Supreme has not paid it for the same. 

Check out the for more controversies and details like this. 

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