You want to lace up your basketball shoes in a way that you enjoy your workouts? Well, not all shoes are laced up in the same way, as different conditions require certain and distinct support levels. However, all this is also dependent on your feet. If you have no problems with lacing up various shoes, it would be easier to do it with basketball shoes. In this article, we feature on lacing up basketball shoes for people whose shoes have high arches.

Suppose you intend to use your basketball shoes for professional sporting or workout purposes. In that case, you need to ensure that they are properly worn, which means proper lacing up. Good basketball shoes should be laced fully to minimize the chances of incurring injuries during workouts. In this regard, how do you lace up your basketball shoes? The following steps may prove worthwhile:

  • Use a crisscross pattern for lacing up the shoe right to the bottom holes.
  • For higher aches, as well as ensuring stability, lace the left and right shoes directly and on both sides. 
  • When you the last sets of holes on your shoes, lace up with a crisscross pattern once more before tying up your shoes as you would do with any other shoes.

The steps above are suitable for people with normal feet. However, if you have wider feet, then the following steps will be more appropriate to lace up your basketball shoes:

  • Have the laces go through the first set of holes at the bottom of your shoes.
  • Without using the crisscrossing pattern, lace up your shoes right up the last set of holes. As a result, your shoe becomes tightened without a squeezing effect upon your foot.
  • At the top of the shoes, use a crisscrossing pattern, and tie the shoes as you would do with other shoes. 

Lacing Up Your Basketball Shoes Casually

Most people prefer canvas Chucks as streetwear. These working out shoes have rubber soles and come in different colors. They are good basketball shoes made of canvas on their upper parts and loved by musicians and artists because they are generally lightweight. However, they are suitable for anyone who wants to go out for workouts, requiring that you lace them up properly. In this case, you ay want to use a horizontal lacing pattern, which is the pattern used by most people. Achieving this pattern involves two methods, and the following steps are meant to take you through the first method:

  • Make a small knot at one end of the shoelace. 
  • Feed this end through one of the holes at the bottom of your shoe in a manner that the tied knot faces the shoe tongue.
  • Pass the long lace horizontally through all the holes of your shoe right to the top. This leaves you with a horizontal lace and one single lace on one of your shoe sides. Tuck this single lace inside your shoe. 

For the second method, use the following steps for lacing up your basketball Chucks:

  • Feed and pass the lace through the holes at the bottom of your shoes. The laces should face inward toward the shoe tongue. 
  • Pull the laces to make one of the sides longer than the other. Next, feed the shorter side of the laces through the opposite hole at the top of the shoe in a way that it faces away from the shoe tongue.
  • Feed the remaining longer side of the lace through the shoe holes running from one side to the other. Do this till you reach the top of the shoe. This will leave you with horizontal laces, whose two pieces you can then tie at the shoe top. 

The two methods described above will enable you to make your basketball shoes with soles not to appear sneaky, especially if you intend to have workouts outdoors. 


Tightening Your Basketball Shoes

Loosely laced basketball shoes pose a risk of injury to you and other players on the court. The risk of incurring such injuries is very high as the game involves players jumping, running, and changing movement directions swiftly. Therefore, the basketball shoes need to be properly laced up to reduce or eliminate the risks of twisting or spraining your ankle during these fast movements. For many professional basketball players that depend on this game for income, any injury to their knee or ankle could mean an untimely end to their career.

Any sporting equipment, including the shoes, need to be used in their proper way while outdoors in sports or workouts. In line with this, your basketball shoes need to be worn and laced up properly before participating in the game. A tighter fit of the basketball shoes on your feet is necessary for comfort during the game. It ensures that your ankles and aches have the maximum support as you go about running and jumping in the fast-paced basketball game. However, though they need to snuggly fit on your feet, the shoes should not be too tight, as this may result in constrained blood circulation in the feet during the game.

Breaking in Your New Basketball Shoes

Everyone is usually excited about the feel of new pairs of shoes. The smell of the new leather, as well as the puffy shoelaces freshly laced up, is something you want to feel each time you get yourself that new pair. However, this feeling may be short-lived because of failing to break in your newly acquired shoes. This results in the sense of pain in the toes and heels when they are rubbed raw as you walk around in the shoes. As a result, you end up tending to the blisters on your feet rather than enjoying the feel of your new purchase, and you may decide never to put the on again.

To save yourself from such ordeals, ensure you buy the right size shoes, depending on your feet. Too small shoes will only squeeze your toes and compress them as you go about your daily activities. Also, when you buy extra-large shoes, they have plenty of room inside for chaffing as you walk or run. In consequence, you end up missing the comfort of a new pair of shoes. In addition to purchasing the right size of basketball shoes, take the tie to select the right pair of socks, which, in many cases, should be thick enough. Taste the comfortability of these socks by wearing them with your shoes around your home or indoors before wearing them outdoors for workouts, practice, or games. With repeated practice, the shoes and socks become more comfortable for wearing during the running and jumping of the basketball games. 

In the next section, we want to look at the best ways of taking care of your basketball shoes for them to last longer and relieve you of the constant need to buy new ones. Maintenance measures involve cleaning and storing.

Cleaning Your Basketball Shoes

The shoes worn for the basketball game are designed for strength and durability because the game involves running, jumping, and swift changing of directions. Therefore, they require good maintenance for them to last longer in good condition. You need to clean them regularly to keep them stylish and presentable at each gaming event. 

The basketball shoes should be cleaned after each game or practice. Regular cleaning is meant to get rid of stains and pungent odors that may settle in the shoes. It is also advised to always wear thick and comfortable socks with your shoes to minimize the development of foul odors. The crevices inside the shoes are to be cleaned using a soft-bristled toothbrush. The soles should also be cleaned by gently rubbing away any dirt or debris that might have been picked up during the games.  

Another area to be cleaned is the surfaces of your basketball shoes. Using warm water mixed with a detergent, wipe the surface of the shoes to remove any stains and dirt using a soft sponge. For the shoes made of leather, then you should use a leather cleaner and not a detergent. Th soles can be pulled out of the shoes in case they are removable and cleaned separately as per the instructions provided.

After cleaning the basketball shoes, you need to give them time to dry. Since they need not be exposed to direct heat, consider tumbling them in your dryer where there is a low heat effect or using a hairdryer. You can also allow your basketball shoes to simply dry in the open air after cleaning.

Shoe Cleaner Kits

Since we have the importance of regularly cleaning your shoes, especially after each game, it is also good to know the best shoe cleaning kit to use for your basketball shoes. To ensure that your shoes last longer, it is good to have the best shoe cleaner kit, which also maintains the shape of your shoes. In this line, this article has helped you by identifying the best shoe cleaner kits on the market today. Keep your shoes shiny, waterproof, and shiny all the time using any of the following shoe cleaning kits and save yourself the costs of buying new shoes regularly.

  1. Shoeanew Shoe Cleaner Kit

This is a biodegradable shoe cleaner designed to quickly turn your shoes spotless. You only use a small amount of this cleaner to make your shoes shiny and stylish as though you just bought them. On purchasing this shoe cleaner kit, you are given an 8-ounce bottle that can clean 60 pairs. The kit comes with a microfiber piece of cloth and a nylon brush to help you treat your basketball shoes to perfection. You can clean your shoes' harder surfaces, such as the soles, using the nylon brush, while the soft parts can be gently rubbed using the microfiber cloth. The ShoeAnew Shoe Cleaner Kit is environmentally friendly and one of the best shoe cleaning kits for use on any material, including leather shoes.

  1. Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner

If you want to quickly get rid of those stubborn stains from your favorite basketball shoes, then consider acquiring the Jason Markk cleaner kit today. The kit is assembled to include a cleaning brush and a 4-ounce cleaner, all packaged in a pouch that is readily releasable. This shoe cleaner kit is friendly to your environment and contains no harmful chemicals. Moreover, the 4-ounce cleaner can clean a total of 100 pairs of shoes and can be used in any shoe material, including leather and suede. In effect, the cleaner will leave your basketball shoes clean and white, as well as preventing them from yellowing. Your shoes' delicate parts can be gently cleaned using the bristle brush that has a soft hog. Grab yourself the Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner today to maintain the stylish look of your basketball shoes, especially after each game. You can clean all the pairs of shoes you have to reduce the costs of buying new ones.

  1. Kiwi Saddle Soap

The Kiwi Saddle Soap is designed to make your leather basketball shoes clean and shiny always. This kit a traditional blend to clean your shoes to sparkling shiny, and it is one of the best leather cleaning brands on the market today. The soap is a blend of high-quality wax to enhance your basketball leather shoes' protection, making them last longer in good shape. With this cleaning kit, you can effectively eliminate all the dirt salt stains, as well as the dirt grime from the surface of your shoes, leaving them clean, soft, and in a preserved state. After cleaning your basketball shoes in warm water and letting them to sufficiently dry, apply this wax cleaner as a means of shining them and keeping them sparkling and in good shape. Kiwi is known the world over as the solution to clean shoes that gives them the smoothness they deserve. Therefore, grab your share today and give your basketball leather shoes the maintenance they need.

  1. Shacke Leather Brush Cleaner

The Shacke suede brush cleaner is perfect for your leather basketball shoes. It is an excellent complement to various cleaning kits, and it can be used alongside the sprays and foams meant for shoe cleaning. The Shacke cleaner is ideal for eliminating all the stubborn stains on your shoes, as well as removing all the scurf marks in one wash. The kit is assembled with a nylon brush that has soft bristles to gently work on the suede and leather material of your basketball shoes. You can achieve the cleanest state of your shoes using this cleaner without any damage to your pair of shoes. The kit is designed with a half-circle-arch that enables you to clean all your shoes' round surfaces. With any shoe cleaning material, you can use the brush provided with this kit designed to see you give your leather basketball shoes a four-way cleaning effect. It is one of the best shoe cleaners you can lay your hands on today for clean and long-lasting basketball shoes.

  1. Leather Honey Cleaner

The concentrated formula of this shoe cleaner is one of the most effective for cleaning your leather basketball shoes. The shoe cleaner kit comes with a 4oz bottle that can be diluted to produce 32 ounces to enable you to get rid of all the stubborn stains and dirt from all the surfaces of your shoes. Moreover, this cleaner is designed to nourish and protect your shoes, making them last longer in perfect condition. This cleaner is ideal for use only on your leather shoes and not suitable for suede shoes. Today, the Leather Honey Cleaner is one of the best cleaners preferred by a large number of people, especially professional basketball players, as the solution to removing the stain, dirt, or oil from their shoes, as well as keeping them nourished and protected for a long-lasting, sparkling effect.

  1. Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit

If you want your basketball shoes to stay in a perfectly clean state, you would want to try out this cleaner kit, which is suitable for any type of shoe material. You can use this cleaner kit on your suede, leather, and nubuck four-way leather shoes. With only a little amount of this cleaning kit, you can clean a wide range of professional basketball shoes to eliminate all the stains, grime, and dirt. Moreover, you can nourish and protect your shoes using the Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit, which is also non-toxic by design. This powerful shoe cleaner's formula is blended with saddle soaps, oils, and the most effective conditioners to clean and protect your shoes from any possible grit. On buying this cleaner kit, you are provided with a free brush that helps you give your shoes the best cleaning effect and keep them in perfect shape. Furthermore, you work on any shoe material using this cleaner kit, including leather, canvas, plastic, and vinyl. It is among the best cleaning solution for basketball shoes on the market today, which is sold at competitive prices for you to get the best experience.

  1. Reshoevn8r Shoe Kit

This cleaning kit is safe for use on any kind of shoe material, including mesh and leather, giving them the best cleaning results. It is purely natural that serves both as a conditioner and a cleaner for your basketball shoes. Since it has no dye in its composition, you can clean your shoes without any worries of staining them, and its formula is so powerful that only a small amount can enable you to work on 50 pairs of shoes. The interesting fact about this kit is that it comes with three different brushes to allow you to work on the different types of your shoes. First, you can use the soft-bristled brush to clean the delicate parts or shoe materials, including the nubuck, mesh, and premium leather. Second, you get the medium-bristled brush for more hardy surfaces or materials. The last type of brush is ideal for the shoe soles. Acquire the Reshoevn8r Shoe Kit and get a 4oz bottle that can effectively clean 50 pairs of your basketball shoes to give satisfying results.

  1. TriNova Shoe Cleaning Kit 

The TriNova cleaning kit is designed to make your basketball shoes appear stylish at all times. It is meant for cleaning most of the shoe materials such as vinyl and leather. The cleaner has a strong formula that will enable you to get rid of all the stubborn stains and dirt from your shoes in one treatment. Furthermore, you can work on a total of 100 pairs of your basketball shoes with only one 8oz bottle that is sufficiently concentrated. Containing one free brush, the TriNova cleaning kit is among the best on the market for professional basketball players to effectively eliminate all the stubborn stains, grime, and dirt. Moreover, your shoes are guaranteed to stay protected and in good shape for a long time, saving you the expenses of buying new pairs for each game or workout. 

  1. Angelus Easy Cleaner

The Angelus easy cleaner is the right cleaning solution for any shoe material, including leather and nubuck shoes. Moreover, the kit is ideal for treating your basketball shoes made of canvas and even plastic. It is packed with a concentrated formula in an 8oz bottle for pleasing results after each shoe cleaning session. You can treat your shoes with a perfect cleaning formula using this powerful kit, working on the soles and sidewalls of your basketball shoes, eliminating all the grime and dirt quite quickly with no damage to your shoes, getting rid of the stubborn stains. In the end, your basketball shoes are left with a long-lasting sparkle and protection. The Angelus easy cleaner is a perfect multi-purpose suede cleaner for all the needs of your basketball shoes today. 

  1. Sof Sole Instant Cleaner

Treat your basketball shoes with this powerful cleaner blended with aliphatic hydrocarbons and sodium benzoate to leave with a smile. The cleaning effect of this cleaner makes it one of the best choices for professional basketball players today. The Sof Sole Instant Cleaner is a foaming stain remover designed to eliminate all the dirt and tough stains from the surfaces of your shoes. You can work on the soles and the nylon mesh of your shoes using the brush provided with this kit, giving your favorited prized basketball shoes the best cleaning effect and protection they deserve. Purchase this powerful shoe cleaner kit today and treat your shoes to provide them with the protection they need, as well as keep them clean and good-looking every time you are outdoors. 


Buying Guide for Basketball Shoe Cleaner Kit

Different basketball shoe materials require different cleaners that give your shoes the most pleasant smell and protection. Also, the best shoe cleaner kit should ensure your basketball shoes' durability to save you the need to constantly buy new pairs, especially due to the nature of the game. Therefore, it is essential that you acquire the best shoe cleaner kit depending on your shoes' material. From all the shoe cleaner kits discussed above, select the one that will produce the best results the first time you use it on your shoes. This means that the cleaner kit should work amazingly on your shoes if you apply even one bottle, leaving no damage. In particular, basketball shoes are generally made of leather, knit, or mesh material. To extend the life of your favorite shoe, regularly air them to reduce the chances of repulsive odors. Furthermore, wear and remove them carefully to avoid straining them and regularly clean them with the best shoe cleaner kit of your choice. For maximum protection of your shoes, consider using protector or waterproof sprays, which are readily available on the market.  

The basketball shoes made of leather material have a high capability of withstanding strenuous, fast-speed movements common with this game. Therefore, they require that you treat them with the best shoe cleaner kit to last longer. This means you have to regularly remove any dirt or grim from the shoe surface using the brush that comes with your chosen kit. Also, using the cleaner solution, clean the surface after using the brush, then air them after the cleaning process. While the patent leather basketball shoes will require a light brush, together with a protective spray, the suede shoes will be cleaned more carefully to enhance their extended stay. For better results, brush your suede shoes more softly in the suede's direction.

Using A Shoe Cleaner

Using a shoe cleaner depends on which type of shoe needs cleaning and the shoe material. Shoes with delicate materials will require a more careful approach during cleaning to avoid forceful scrubbing. In this case, a soft-bristled brush will ideal in eliminating the stains and dirt from the shoes with delicate materials. Many shoe cleaner kits come with their brushes designed for different shoe materials. 

During the cleaning process, consider using warm water for the effective removal of deep stains or any oils from the shoe surfaces. Ensure to always dilute the cleaner solution during the cleaning process to minimize the risk of damaging your shoes. It is also essential to ensure that the cleaner kit you are using is suitable for the shoe material you want to clean. To simplify the process, it is worth going through the instructions provided by each shoe cleaner kit before embarking on the cleaning process for better results and to avoid confusion. After the cleaning, remember to dry your shoes, particularly in places with no direct heating effect. In this case, it is good to air-dry your cleaned shoes. You can still put your shoes in a tumbler for drying with minimum heating to prevent your leather shoes from being ruined. Lastly, avoid wearing them while still wet, which makes them stretch. 

The Best Shoe Cleaner Kit

Depending on the type of your basketball shoe material, the best cleaner kit should work to eliminate the deep stains, grime, and dirt to leave your shoes sparkling clean. Furthermore, a good cleaning kit is the one that comes with one or more brushes, with specifications of how to use each one of them for better results. Suppose you have more than one pair of basketball shoes, all with different materials. In that case, you can purchase a cleaning kit that works on more than materials to reduce the expenses of buying several kits. Also, consider purchasing a shoe cleaner kit that guarantees your basketball shoes the maximum protection they deserve, durability, and minimum damage during the cleaning process.

Based on these considerations and the shoe cleaner kits discussed in this article, most basketballers prefer the Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner because it can be used on more than one shoe materials. Also, it is assembled to include a cleaning brush and a 4-ounce cleaner. It is friendly to your environment and contains no harmful chemicals. In effect, the cleaner will leave your basketball shoes clean and white, as well as preventing them from yellowing. Your shoes' delicate parts can be gently cleaned using the bristle brush that has a soft hog. You can have any other shoe cleaner kit that meets your needs and comes at prices friendly to your pocket while ensuring maximum protection of your basketball shoes.

Final Remarks

Your basketball shoes need maximum care and maintenance for them to last longer in good shape. This care starts from how you lace up your shoes when indoors or out on the basketball court. Moreover, how you clean and store your shoes also matters. The best shoe cleaner kit should guarantee your basketball shoes maximum protection while still making them appear presentable and durable. In this article, I have discussed the top shoe cleaner kits you can use for basketball shoes. Choose one or two that best meets your shoes' needs and clean them regularly to enhance their extended stay. Do not forget to lace up your shoes using the guide in this article, as this will also add their durability as they offer the comfort you need while out on the basketball court.


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