It is not always necessary for one to stick on the non-slip footwear all through. For instance, a nurse who has been on duty for several days on the footwear designed to make them comfortable and secure at job might require a different kind of shoe on other occasions. Let's say that the kind of footwear a nurse requires to match their particular dress while going for an evening walk or dinner is not slip-resistant. It will not mean that they risk being on that shoe while at the same time, it does not mean that they don't wear that particular footwear. This raises the question of what should one do to shoes that are made not being non-slip to attain non-slip quality.   

Let's also talk about your sports shoes, which you had purchased sometimes back while being non-slip, but upon them being used for some time, wear and tear have reduced their level of being non-slip. When faced by these instances, and for that case, you do not want to lose your focus while at work, walking, running, or even sporting on surfaces where you are likely to lose balance due to the condition of your shoes, an amicable solution should be sought. This problem can be solved using the right traction sprays for their shoes to give them the level of stability they ought to have.

It is advisable that one should treat all their shoes with traction sprays irrespective of whether they are non-slip or not, as this will ensure that you are secure in almost all the surfaces in whichever kind of footwear you put on.  The anti-slip spray provides one's footwear with extra grip, making it easy to safely walk on slippery grounds such as smooth polished wooden floors and icy surfaces. The anti-slip spray products are long-lasting and are made in a way that makes them suitable to use on different kinds of footwear. The products are also easy to use as one is only required to spray and leave the shoes on their own. The period in which the shoe should be left upon spraying will be determined by the level of traction the wearer is looking for. Each manufacture states the period on which their shoes should be left upon spraying, and this should be observed strictly since leaving the shoe for a long or even short period will not produce the required effect. Apart from ensuring that one’s shoes in their shoe cabinet are treated with anti-slip sprays, one should also acquire shoe protector spray to keep their shoes in good condition to increase their lifespan. 


Anti-Slip Shoe Soles.

Giving your footwear this type of soles reduces the shoe wearer's chances of falling and maybe,  suffer injuries. One is advised to take care of their shoes' soles, especially when they are involved in long-distance walks. For instance, several types of beautiful shoes, more so those associated with style, are usually not made to be non-slip, making them unsafe to use on the slippery surface. This raises a need to apply an anti-slip spray on them or give them a touch of anti-slip shoe soles. 

One is subjected to high chances of slipping and falling if they walk on flat and high heeled shoes, which have not been constructed to have non- slip soles. This makes it necessary for one to apply the non-slip soles, which are easy to apply. If your worry is the figure of your shoes on applying these kinds of soles, you need not worry anymore as they will not interfere with your shoes' looks. These anti-slip soles can also be used on old boots and sneakers, which have been used to the level of traction wearing down as they will give them the original grip. Excellent traction on shoes is essential as it will not only prevent the wearer from slipping, but it will also give their footwear the much-needed care, thus improving the shoe’s lifespan.

The anti-slip soles come in different sizes and colors, making it possible to get the perfect piece for their shoes. The procedure of applying the soles onto one's shoes is simple. It will only involve one peeling away the backing, then place the anti-slip sole in its position and press it carefully against the soles of your shoes according to the recommendations given by the manufacturer. The key part of this exercise and which one should have it right is positioning the grips. When high heels are involved, one is required to place the pads on the ball as well as the heel of the footwear as these are the positions that require traction. 

Non-Slip Shoe Pads.

Non- slip shoe pads are essential items in shoes; these pads are made from rubber materials which are well textured to ensure that one gets the best possible grip. These pads are useful in giving various types of shoe comfort; for instance, most comfortable nursing shoes are equipped with these pads to provide them with the kind of quality nurses crave. Basketball shoes are fitted with these pads to offer them the much-needed comfort level and provide them with the level of necessary traction by players at different courts, thus increasing their level of performance. 

Ladies who are lovers of high heeled shoes, which may lack the kind of grip needed, are advised to acquire an excellent quality non-slip shoe pad. These will add a strong layer of rubber to the heel as well as the foot of the shoe, thus producing excellent traction. These pads are easy to use, for they are designed to be adhesive, and they can comfortably be used with different types of shoes. Applying them is simple as it only requires peeling the back away then applying your sole. While applying your non-slip shoe pads, ensure that you read the instructions given by the manufactures properly as each manufacturer will give different lead time to dry and affix the sole pads. These pads will not only give your shoes excellent traction; they also offer protection to the soles of your shoes, therefore giving them a longer lifespan. 

Non-slip shoe pads, anti-slip shoe soles, and traction sprays are all made to serve the same purpose: to ensure that one is always stable in whichever kind of footwear they dress on to avoid accidental slipping and falling on slippery surfaces. The three products give almost similar results, although one is advised to go for the one they believe will offer them the best results. The shortcoming for going for anti-slip shoe soles is that you should be accurate with the soles' positioning, while the non-slip shoe pads will need additional pieces if one needs to build more traction. The shortcomings associated with both the non-slip shoe pads and anti-slip shoe soles make the traction sprays the best option as it will only need proper spraying on the entire sole, then you are about to go. 

Alternative Methods to Give your Shoe Traction.

Though there are several homemade methods which one can use to give their shoes extra traction, they have temporary measures which will not give your shoes a long-life solution. These do it yourself methods are also likely to ruin one's footwear appearance, thus making it a complicated approach to choose for shoes made for special occasions. These methods require a lot of effort for them to work effectively on one's footwear. Here are some of do yourself methods which can be used to improve the level of traction on shoes:

Scuffing the Soles.

This method will work well in giving your shoes the required level of grip though it is likely to degrade their physical appearance. Several kinds of materials such as gravel and concrete can be used to scrape the bottom part of your footwear to make the soles rough, thus improving their traction level with different surfaces. Apart from interfering with the physical appearance of your shoes' outer soles, this method will also require time to time scraping off the underside of your shoes, making it a tiresome process. 

Use of two adhesive bandages.

One can use two adhesive bandages, which can be placed at the anterior part of their footwear to give them extra traction. The problem with these adhesives is that they will not serve you well when you have to walk on water infested surfaces or wet areas. Again, these bandages may not come out right with your shoes, and you may not want people to discover that you have such materials under your shoes.

Nail file. 

This one is applied through scuffing the smooth parts of the outsoles to ensure that they produce extra grip with different surfaces. The shortcoming of using this method is that you are likely to ruin the bottom of your footwear or leaving it with an unattractive look.

Puff paint.

This involves applying puff paint on the bottom part of the shoes, allowing it some good time to dry to form a rough-textured surface. This method's bad side is that one will have to reapply it to their footwear to make it effective, thus a time-consuming process.

Natural traction.

This method involves one allowing their shoes to go through wear on their own. The procedure involved in this process takes time before it bears results, making it a bit complicated method to use.  

Rubber Glue and Salt.

A solution of salt and a rubber glue produces a grainy texture, thus improving the footwear traction. The shortcoming of this method is that one must make this solution from time to time to reapply it at the bottom of your shoes, thus a tiresome method to apply.

Ankle Strap

This one does not impact the bottom of the shoes; therefore, it will not reduce the chances of one slipping and falling, so it exposes one to developing injuries. This method is also likely to ruin your shoes' physical appearance, thus unsuitable for use on the type of which are made for special occasions.

Masking tape. 

This involves putting an X mark with a masking tape to the bottom part of your shoes to give them increased traction. The masking tape should be applied to the widest as well as the flattest part of the shoes. The X mark will not give your shoes one of the best appearances, and you may not wish people to realize that your shoes have this mark.

Upon looking at different types of homemade traction methods, you will definitely realize that they do not offer a permanent solution to the shoe's ability to grip well with different kinds of surfaces. This makes it necessary for one to purchase the traction spray products to give the shoes the needed level of traction.

The Considerations to Make when Purchasing Traction Spray for your Footwear.

Before you purchase traction spray for your shoes, you are supposed to put the following into consideration.

Long-lasting Grip.

The main aim of applying traction spray to your footwear is to make them serve you for an extended period; for this to happen, you will need to go for a kind of traction spray that will give your footwear a long lasting effect. Buying a spray that won't give your footwear long effect will mean that you may be required to carry your spray from one point to another so as to apply it when necessary, which is a cumbersome undertaking to engage in.



The best spray for your shoes should be non-sticky to ensure that the outsoles do not stick on surfaces as you walk on as this can be embarrassing. The sticky spray will also leave some marks on the surfaces you step on; this may not sound good as you may not want people to know that you have given your shoes a touch of traction spray.


Most traction sprays are made in such a way that when sprayed on the soles of your shoes, they will have to leave some traces of or some residue behind as you walk on. If not environmentally friendly such traces may cause negative impacts on the environment. No one will not feel guilt spraying their shoes with kinds of sprays, which might negatively affect the environment.

Easy to Use

One is advised to purchase a spray with simple instructions to follow as buying a spray with a complicated procedure on how to apply it might make you miss some important steps, thus ending up obtaining different results from what you aimed at. The spray bottle should be made in a way that makes it to use; for instance, the bottle should be designed to have a nozzle that will make it easy for one to apply on the footwear soles.

Dries out quickly. 

The best spray to use should take around three minutes to dry. If it happens to take a long duration before it dries, it will mean that one will have to spray their shoes some hours before they have their shoes on.

Should not Damage the Sole

The traction spray should be safe to use on shoe soles; it should give the soles the best treatment while ensuring that the soles and other parts of the shoe that come into conduct with this traction spray are not negatively affected in any way. 

Best Shoe traction Sprays in the Market Today.

Court Grabbers.

This traction spray is also known as "On court traction system," the product comes to inform of gel. Although it does not take the form of a spray, it is very useful in offering the required level of traction to different types of shoes. The kit of this product contains two base strips, which are clear, two traction pads, and two oz. traction gel bottle. This gel is applied lightly to the traction pads, whereby it cleans the shoes' soles, offering them the much-needed grip with different kinds of surfaces.

This gel is safe to use as it does not have any harmful effects on people, equipment, or clothes. It also comes in different colors, offering one a variety to choose from. The manufacturer of this product made it mainly for use by athletes; however, it can be used by anybody to improve their shoes' traction.

This product has several advantages, which include: reducing the risk of injury, perfect to use in courts, lightweight and durable, reduces exposure to bacteria, and it produces excellent results on badminton, volleyball, and basketball shoes. It has several shortcomings, which include: it does not fit shoes of size six and below, it is not easy to use, and it is made to be primarily used on shoes for athletes.

Performing Grip Volleyball. 

This spray is bio-friendly, non-sticky, non-toxic, and non- corrosive making it one of the quality traction spray to use on your shoes. This product is able to rejuvenate, clean, and increase the traction of different varieties of shoes. It comes with several advantages, which include: increasing the level of traction of your footwear, improving the condition of one's shoes, cleaning the dirt as well as debris in the shoes. On top of this, it is an effective spray as it is made from non-toxic, eco-friendly, non-sticky as well as non- corrosive ingredients. The only shortcoming of this traction spray is that it may facilitate fast wearing out of your shoes, unlike other sprays.

Bare Ground BGSG-1 Spray –on Shoe Grip Adhesive Spray. 

This spray is designed to offer extra traction on the shoes of the people who traverse on high-risk areas such as icy, snowy as well as slippery surfaces. This spray has the following features: it dries fast upon application, gives the outsoles extra traction, it has a unique nozzle which is designed to increase the level of spraying accuracy. The non- slip formula used in this shoe does not put your shoes at risk of damaging the rubber or leather materials. It reduces the chances of slips and falls on the risky surface, thus making it one of the best sprays recommended for those who traverse such areas. The shortcomings of this spray are that it takes too long to dry; therefore, one must apply it some hours before they put on their shoes.

Court Grabbers Traction Gel.

This gel serves the same purpose as the traction spray. It is applied to the soles of your shoes by simply rubbing it on the outsoles. This gel comes with the following advantages: it is easy to use so that anyone can apply it on their shoes. The ingredients making it are safe; therefore, it does not have any harmful effects on the skin, court surfaces, shoes, and equipment. The shortcomings associated with this gel are that it is likely to pick up dust and filth. It needs to be applied from time to time to maintain the required level of traction. It will not give the best results when used alone; therefore, it must be used with other materials. 

Python Racquetball Position Anti-Slip Court Shoe-Spray.    

This is made specifically to give traction to indoor courts' shoes or simply made for performing from indoors. The advantages that come with this kind of spray include an ideal product for use with aging shoes and shoes that operate in dusty areas. It is known to eliminate court slippages. It greatly reduces the chances of one slipping as well as falling thus a secure product to use on your shoes. It dries fast, and it is simple to use. Its main shortcomings include: It can only be used on shoes made to perform from indoor surfaces. Unlike the other sprays, this is packed in small quantities, making it uneconomical to purchase.  

Though we have already seen several measures to improve the level of footwear traction with different surfaces, it will wise for one to go for slip-resistant shoes. This will ensure that you are always stable in which surface you traverse on. Here are some non- slip shoes in the market.

The Best Slip Resistant Shoes in the Market Today.

One of the notable features for non- slip footwear is that they should be shoes with good arch support, which makes them stable.


Skechers Men’s Work Felton.

Skechers form a unique type of slip-resistant shoes, making them the ideal type of footwear for those who operate in areas where one is likely to slip on. For instance, sketchers are the most comfortable shoes for nurses, for they are stable, comfortable, and slip-resistant. 

This pair is designed to meet the mark II standards, an essential requirement for slip-resistant shoes. They are also modified to accommodate the EH standards for safety, making them the ideal pair to traverse various slippery surfaces. These shoes' outsoles are made of rubber material, which is well rugged to provide them with excellent traction. This ensures that these shoes' wearers remain stable and comfortable on slippery surfaces, oily floors, wet and snowy.

AVIA Women’s Avi Union Service.

These non-slip kinds of footwear are affordable, and I can comfortably withstand any form of environment, making it ideal for low-income earners. They are mainly designed to suit a group of people who work in the service industry and are likely to encounter slippery floors, such as chefs. The uppers of AVIA are made of synthetic leather, made to be both stain and water-resistant.

They are designed to have an EVA soft gel heel, which gives them excellent shock absorption, which makes them comfier. They come with a removable sock-liner making it possible to replace it with their ideal orthopedic insoles, thus the best kind of pair for those who have foot issues. They are made to accommodate a collar and tongue, which are well padded and have a mesh lining that provides room for aeration. This ensures that your feet will remain cool and dry all through a factor which makes these pair even more comfortable.

 The materials making these shoes are light, therefore producing lightweight products making it possible for one to spend the most prolonged hours possible on this pair as one will not have to worry about excess weight on their feet. This cancels any chances of one developing feet fatigue making it an ideal pair for those who spend a long duration of time on shoes. Their outsoles are not only slip-resistant but also oil-resistant. On top of this, their soles are made of rubber materials, which are given a touch of excellent tread pattern producing an excellent grip on various types of surfaces. This will ensure that their wearers are always secure, stable, and comfortable all through.  

Skechers Women’s Soft Stride-Softie. 

This pair is designed to suit the ladies who work in the service industry or any other related environment. They are modified to produce a unique tread pattern that provides an excellent grip making the shoe able to operate on slippery surfaces. Their outsoles are made to be removable, making it possible for one to replace them the moment they wear off. This can be achieved by simply removing the worn outsole then sticking the new sole by use of fabric glues to ensure that the pair remains in good condition all through. The inside is made of foot-hugging PU insoles, which can be replaced with one's orthopedic insoles of choice. This provides one with the level of comfort they deserve and makes the pair ideal for those who have foot issues. The comfort level in this pair is further enhanced because the shoes are lightweight and breathable. The uppers of Soft Stride-Softie are made of leather, which is well crafted with detailed stitching as well as having an embroidered logo on their sides. This combines well with their superb slip-resistant soles making them good looking and stylish. 

Dansk men’s Walker.    

These shoes are designed to suit men who work in the service industry and other related environments, especially those who spent a good part of their working hours on their feet. These shoes come in several colors providing one with varieties to choose from. Their outsoles are made of rubber material, which has non-slip features to ensure that it produces a superb grip on slippery surfaces. The uppers of Walker are made of leather, making them durable; the leather materials are also modified to bring out some style, making the pair good looking. 

This pair is lightweight, making it comfortable for one to stay on it for long hours. It is designed to have lace-up closures that ensure that your feet remain well secured all through. They also possess a neoprene collar that makes it easy for one's feet to move cozily with them. Their uppers have reinforced overlays and elastic sock-liner, which increases the level of comfort while one is on this pair. 

Dockers Proposal Moc Toe Loafer. 

This pair offers protection of the same measure as the one offered by heavy-duty work boots making it the ideal pair for those who would wish to have such kind of protection but don't like being on heavy-duty boots. Moc Toe Loafer is characterized by elegance and style, which is combined with rugged dependability as well as sure-footedness in all kinds of surfaces the wearer of these shoes may traverse on. They are designed to have an elastic goring tongue making it slip on with ease and secure the footwell. This pair is made to have a double row-stitching combined with textile lining; on top of this, the pair comes with insoles with a gel heel pad making it a unique kind of footwear for workers who spend long hours on their feet. This pair is still ideal for aged people as it offers them the comfort and support they need with much ease since they do not have to race them up. 


Traction is an important feature in shoes; therefore, one should ensure that their shoes have an excellent ability to provide a superb grip. When your shoes have the required level of traction with the surfaces you traverse on, you will definitely have confidence as you will always be sure-footed. The shoes that have not been made with non-slip soles, such as dress shoes made for men and high heels commonly worn by ladies, should be enhanced to have traction. You do not have to worry about providing your footwear with traction-enhancing mechanisms since when you use the best methods such as sprays, your shoes' look will not change. 

Purchasing footwear can be quite involving, especially if one is not conversant with the stores where they can get the right footwear or, in other words, the quality shoes. In case you fall into this category of people, then I advise that you visit Freaky Shoe Company; this is an online platform that deals with designing as well as manufacturing quality footwear. For more information about freaky shoe company, visit their website:


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