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Quick Hacks To Stop Shoes From Hurting The Back Of Your Ankle

Quick Hacks To Stop Shoes From Hurting The Back Of Your Ankle

Are you scared of wearing your new pair of shoes because they might hurt your heels and give you blisters? Well with this post now you can say bye to such little issues. The quick hacks can help you prevent these cases and can make you feel more comfortable when you put on those new shoes. 

What can happen when shoes rub your ankles?

Few medical issues can be caused when wrongly any shoe gets rubbed to the wearer’s ankle. This includes,

  • Friction blisters
  • Achilles Tendonosis 
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • And, Bursitis

How to stop shoes from hurting the back of your ankle? 


 It is a strong thick cotton fabric that comes with a plush shaved surface of a pile on its one side and has gum on the other part. One can stick it inside the heel of their shoes for stopping the rubbing. 

While sticking this moleskin, make sure your heel is dry and clean. It works like a Band-Aid. 

Anti-friction sticks

They are available online. They consist of a balm that gets applied to the skin directly for creating an invisible barrier. It protects against friction which is the main cause of blisters when the shoes rub

These Anti-friction sticks are hypoallergenic, unscented and even gentle on the skin. 

Cover your existing blisters

 If you are already having ankle blisters on the back of your ankle, then make sure you cover them well before wearing new shoes. This helps in cushioning them and prevents infection from further damage. 

You can cover them with heel bandages that are available in the form of Band-Aid. They are waterproof and cushioned for shielding the blisters from getting worse and also helps in aiding the process of healing. 

Make use of an antiperspirant

Keep your feet dry as it helps in preventing blisters. You can make use of an antiperspirant on heels for preventing the sweat and moisture that creates chaffing from the shoes when they get a rub.


Lower down your foot movement 

When the shoes don’t fit you well, it causes your feet for moving inside and around them, which causes friction and leads to blisters. Use insole inside the shoes or use a heel grip for holding the foot in place. 

How to soften the heels of shoes?

Softening the back of your new shoes also helps in preventing them from getting rub with the ankles. The suede and leather can be softened easily with things like plastic, rubber, and fabric.  

You can also soften your heels with beeswax, mink oil. You can apply them and can leave it for one night for conditioning the leather. 

 Tips for good foot care

Wash & dry your feet regularly for keeping the bacteria at bay

Soak your feet in the hot water and make use of pumice stone for removing dead skin. 

Moisturize your ankles and feet for preventing the skin from turning cracked or dry foot

For more professional tips on shoe care and foot care, visit online.  

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