Nursing, just like teaching and catering, is one of the professions which requires those in it to remain on their feet for long hours in a day. Being on your feet for a whole day comes with several issues, for instance, those who spent much time on their feet are likely to suffer from problems such as leg and knee pain, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis among other problems.

The demanding duties for nurses such as walking from one bed to another or even from one ward to another attending to the sick require them to be on a unique kind of footwear to protect them from foot issues. The kind of job done by nurses is characterized by discomfort which is attributable to factors such as The long hours spend while one is standing, lack of time for one to break to relax as well as physical exertion. All kinds of stress associated with the job done by the nurses can be reduced by one finding a shoe with the features that will make them comfortable all through. Hard and impractical shoes indeed stand to be the nurse's worst foe. Imagine if a nurse standing all day long on high heels, this must be a hell on earth. 

Key Features of Nurses’ Shoes 

Shoes for a nurse should be designed to produce sufficient arch support; this will ensure that the arch of the wearer's foot will have a place to rest cosily as one walks from one point to another.  

The footwear made to be used by nurses should also be lightweight, this is so because light shoes are comfortable to walk on for long hours they also contribute in increasing the speed as well as the flexibility of the wearer. They also minimize exertion; therefore, a nurse would need such kind of footwear to help them carry out their long shifts comfortably. This feature has made it necessary for the shoe manufacturers to device three types of shoes for use by the nurses. These pairs include: 

Slip-on Shoes. These type of shoes are mainly used in operation theatres as nurses are required to maintain sterility in these areas. As a requirement across the world that no external shoes are allowed in theatre rooms, nurses are required to change their footwear anytime they enter or leave an operation theatre thus the slip-on shoes will make this practice achievable. 

The other type of footwear which has been developed for nurses are Sneakers or simply Tennis Shoes. These shoes are most suitable for use in intensive care units as well as emergency rooms where the nurses should remain on moving always. Just like the coolest baseball cleats, the tennis shoes are suitable to cope with the fast-paced environment making them the best choice for nurses operating in such areas. Tennis shoes are made for running equipped with the best insoles for runners as well as being very stable pair that is non-slip, making them more comfortable for use here. Sneakers and tennis shoes will protect their wearers from spilling fluids which are common in emergency rooms and intensive care units.

The third pair which has been recommended for use by medics are the Clogs. This is because clogs are made for comfort; the front part of clogs is also enclosed and thus will protect their users from spilling fluids which are common in hospital wards. Clogs are also slip-on shoes as their backside is usually opened. The piece of the strap at the back of clogs makes them secure the feet of their wearer, thus increasing the stability of one operating on this kind of footwear. Clogs are designed to be roomy as well as being made in a way that makes them accommodate the pressure of the pressure points in the wearer's feet; this factor will protect the nurse from suffering aching feet. 

Advantages of comfortable footwear to a nurse.

A good and comfortable shoe will help a nurse to keep a correct posture. A nurse will spend most of the day standing as well as lifting patients; such activities are likely to cause stress on their back; therefore, any measure aimed at alleviating such pressure is considered a relief.

A comfortable shoe to a nurse will provide sufficient arch support; this will ensure that a nurse will not experience painful feet at the end of a working day. 

Comfortable shoes for nurses should be slip-resistant, meaning that they will protect them from accidents such as slipping on slippery floors. 

Comfortable and stable shoes will improve the level of comfort as well as the speed at which the nurses operate hence making the work of a nurse efficient and practical at the same time.

When a nurse is purchasing a pair of shoes to be used while at their job, they are required to make the following observations: 

  • Shoes which support their back since they will reduce any chances of one developing backache.
  • They should avoid footwear made from synthetic products since such shoes get hot quickly, thus turning out to be uncomfortable.
  • A nurse should always maintain high standards of hygiene, and thus they are required to go for a type of footwear which is easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Nurses are involved in kind of tasks which are likely to subject their footwear to high chances of wear and tear; therefore, they should go for a shoe which is highly durable to cope with this easily. 
  • Nurses have a duty of ensuring that they choose a kind of shoes which provides adequate arch support, as they check on the arch support they should also put in consideration the size of the shoe to give them the right fitting. 
  • The shoes for nurses should be able to protect them from spilling fluids which are common in hospital wards, to achieve this, the shoe uppers should be covered appropriately. 
  • Finally, the shoes made for nurses should have a covered back to secure the wearer’s feet comfortably, as this increases one’s stability.

Nurses Shoes for Low Back Pain. 

The nature of work done by nurses exposes them to back pain from time to time. There are several measures which nurses can put in place to help them overcome these effects. These measures include:

  • Choosing footwear that will support you as well as give you the required level of comfort while one is on their feet during the long shifts.
  • One is required to keep the right posture to minimize the chances of developing back pain. This is attained by one, ensuring that their hips and spine are aligned when walking or standing, you should also ensure that your stomach is tucked in.
  • One should ensure that their back always kept straight and their weight spread evenly between their feet. Nurses are also advised to ensure that they keep on stretching to loosen their muscles to get their blood circulation going. 
  • There are special shoes designed for nurses; such shoes are made to ensure that they aid their wearer's in maintaining the right body posture; therefore helping nurses ease low back pain. One should have it right that, although the right footwear made for nurses might be expensive the cost is worth as such shoes will prevent one from visiting a chiropractor from time to time as a result of ceaseless back pains.   
  • The shoes designed for nurses should be protective as well as supportive to the feet and back. They should also be of the right quality, be of the right size and offer the right arch support. 

Nurses Shoes Suitable for Plantar Fasciitis Condition.

The condition of nurse’s job which requires them to spend much of their time on their feet is likely to contribute a lot of feet issues to them, one of these issues include; plantar fasciitis, this condition involves an inflammation of the tissue that joins the heel to the toes. This condition causes severe pain as well as discomfort as the inflamed tissue runs the length of the foot. 

The shoes made for nurses are commonly designed to be flat, a situation which rises the chances of the wearer developing plantar fasciitis condition. However, choosing the right footwear can play an essential role in doing away with the plantar fasciitis condition. The right shoes to wear when you suffer from this condition are the ones who can minimize the level of stress on the plantar fascia by holding up the arch of the foot using the shoe’s external support.

One is advised to choose the type of the shoe to wear being guided by the type of arch they have. For instance, people with high arches should go for a softer kind of footwear. People who suffer from plantar fasciitis should also go for shoes with supportive insoles. For instance, the most suitable footwear for these people is the one which comes with a removable inner sole to replace them with the insoles of their choice. 

There is no brand made to solve the foot issues associated with nurses; therefore, one needs to try a variety of brands such as the crocs, sketchers and Dansko. This should be done for some time until one finds the shoe that works best for them in terms of right arch support, proper cushioning, and slip resistance, among other vital qualities.

Socks forms an integral part of the nurses' uniform as their demanding job will require them to stay on their feet for long hours, thus making it necessary for them to dress their shoes together with socks. Compression socks which have been designed to ease pain from the feet, increase the level of comfort, as well as increase the level of blood flow thus influencing oxygen flow within the feet, are recommended for the nurses. Being on these socks will prevent lactic acid from building up in the muscles, which reduces the level of swelling as well. Here is a list of the best compression socks which nurses can go for.

Physix Gear Compression Socks.

These are high-quality socks which are highly durable, making them suitable to be used by nurses as they can be used repeatedly. They are made of double stretched fabric material, making them cosy for the nurse's legs. They improve blood circulation, therefore help relieve a range of leg swelling issues. Their pressure sustenance is positioned at arch, calf, and heel as well as toes to ensure that they provide total protection to their users. They are designed to be extended to guard the lower legs. These kind of socks are effective for they are made from high-quality fabrics as well as stitching. They are made being versatile; thus they can be used by people with different kinds of feet issues. 

Laite Hebe Compression Socks.

These type of socks are ideal to be used by nurses who spend much of their time on their feet for they have been scientifically proven to be able to alleviate the pain experienced by people who spend much time on their feet. They are modified to make them facilitate blood circulation, a factor which enhances proper oxygen flow in the legs to reduce swelling and pain. These socks have been made to give their wearers high-level comfort, therefore making them extra useful. They are suitable for use by nurses as they provide both relief and comfort. 

FuelMeFoot Copper Compression Socks.

These type of socks are made from copper fabrics, making them highly effective as they work towards improving the level of blood circulation a factor which facilitates oxygen circulation. They are known to minimize chances of developing injuries since they provide a slight squeezing warming feeling in the wearer’s feet. This enables this pair of socks to reduce the level of stress which one could have experience from their shoes as they help stimulate all the cells in the feet. This will help in fighting chances of foot issues such as varicose veins among other foot swelling issues. These pair of socks also improve the level of performance of nurses while at work, making them more productive. 

SB SOX Lite Compression Socks.

These pair provides a super compression to the wearer's feet they are known to enhance blood circulation. They have been proved by medics to be some of the best pair for use by nurses for not only being effective but also their high quality. They fit well to the feet, are lightweight, thus minimizing any chances of hindering the wearer's movement hence a suitable pair for nurses who will spend most of their time moving from one point to another. They are made of highly breathable materials; thus, they will help keep one's feet cool and dry all through a factor which increases the level of comfort. The materials making this type is odour resistance as well as being anti-static, making them ideal to be worn for an extended period. These pair provide an accurate fit; on top of this, they are designed to be moisture-wicking; therefore, they will not give room for sweat to accumulate at the wearer's feet. 

Sockwell Moderate Graduated Compression Socks.  

These pair of socks is designed to have four layers of graduated compression, therefore, producing a very effective product. Their manufacturers made them intending to produce a product which will energize the wearer's feet and reduce the chances of swelling feet. They are made of high-quality fabric, making them worth to be worn by medics at all levels. They are made to be lightweight as well as being able to offer support all around the wearer's feet. They enhance the rate of blood circulation, ensuring that blood does not pool at one point, thus minimizing any chances of swelling legs. They are considered to be a unique pair as they incorporate the features of being comfortable, supportive as well as offering one's feet relieve. On top of this, they are made of environmentally friendly materials thus a unique pair of socks for nurses. 

BIQU Compression Socks for Nursing. 

They are sold in pairs of seven pieces thus an excellent pair as one is assured of having a pair for every day in a seven day week. They also come in a range of colours as well as patterns thus giving some fun in the wearer's uniform. These pair has also been medically proven to be suitable for use by nurses. They are made from high-quality fabrics that preserves its softness while ensuring a high level of comfort to the wearer, making them attain the kind of features which nurses wish to have. They are designed to provide a tight fit while at the same time ensuring that they do not interfere with the movement of their wearer's a factor which makes them even more ideal for use by nurses. They are unique as they also aid in easing pain in one's feet since they boost the rate of blood circulation, thus reducing any chances of blood pooling at one point, thus minimizing feet swelling.

BLITZU Nursing Compression Socks.  

These compression pair of socks is effective since it offers a graduated compression which encourages blood circulation. Irrespective of this pair being versatile it is suitable for nurses who spent most of their time on their feet. These pair is highly durable; therefore, upon purchasing it, one will be assured of taking some time without going back to the market to make another purchase, thus being an economical pair. They offer just the right fit a factor which facilitates blood circulation so they will prevent pooling of blood at one point, thus minimizing chances of feet swelling, varicose veins and any other leg issues. These type of socks are designed to produce a high-quality product, which is flexible as well as being durable, making them ideal for repeated use. They produce a soothing effect on the wearer's feet, thus improving the level of comfort to their wearers. 

ACTINPUT Nursing Compression Socks.

This is a unique pair as it comes in eight pairs ensuring that one will have enough pairs to remain protected all through the week without repeating any of the pair. The eight pairs come in different colours providing the wearer with a variety to match with various types of shoes in their shoe cabinet. They are designed to offer maximum effect on reducing pain on one's foot as they facilitate blood circulation in the foot, reducing chances of blood pooling at a particular point. The manufacturers of this pair focused on providing the wearers with a product which will offer them maximum grip and comfort, therefore for those looking for such features this type is made for them. It is the type of socks which has been recommended for use by trainers during workout sessions. ACTINPUT works perfectly in minimizing the level of pain, feet swelling as well as discomfort experienced while one is working.

A-Swift Nurses Compression Socks.

This pair is made from moisture-wicking fabrics of high quality, ensuring that the wearer will not have to worry of sweating feet as this is well catered for. They are designed to enhance quick muscle repair and improve blood circulation at the same time a factor which will help which ensures that the instances of feet swelling or painful legs are put at bay. The material making this pair is perfect in regulating temperature, therefore producing a friendly environment at the wearer's feet. A-Swift pair is designed to be moisture-wicking to ensure that they do not become dump or smelly from the sweet accumulating from the feet. They are also made to be breathable, ensuring that the wearer's feet remain cool and dry all through a factor which increases the level of cosiness in wearer's feet.

Vitalsox Graduated Compression Circulation Socks. 

This pair is made of a high-quality material which has been infused with polypropylene and silver fabrics to make them useful. The fabrics making this pair are anti-fungi as well as moisture-wicking a factor which makes them maintain their quality for an extended period. Vitalsox nurses socks have graduated compression that is effective in minimizing pain on the legs and prevent one from developing feet swelling when they spend much time on their feet. On top of this, they can reduce the chances of one developing injuries and improve recovery in case one develops feet injury. The compression effect of this pair is set to begin at midfoot providing a very soothing as well as comforting effect, making them an excellent pair for nurses. 

Socks form an essential part of footwear as they go hand in hand with shoes. They do not only make one’s feet comfortable and protect them from developing certain feet issues but also they serve as shoe protector as they reduce the level of friction between the feet and inner part of the shoes. 

Best Shoes in the Market for Nurses.

As it has been discussed there before nurses require a special kind of footwear to remain stable and comfortable all through. Here are some of the best shoes in the market recommended for nurses.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog.   

This shoe is designed in a way that it will offer one a great look while at the same time serving their primary purpose (protecting the wearer’s footwear). They are durable, practical and comfortable pair, making it ideal footwear for those in the nursing profession. They are constructed from leather material, making them more durable and stylish. Their soles are made of synthetic materials, a factor which does not only improve their level of cosiness but also makes them slip resistance. 

The heels of the Dansko is about two inches, and their platform is around 0.5 inches. This pair is extremely comfortable as it is incorporated with a padded instep collar, polyurethane outsole with rocker bottom which gives one the level of shock- absorption needed as one stands, walks or runs around the wards day in day out. This pair comes with a wide heel a factor which ensures that their wearers remain stable all through.

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove.   

These shoes are designed purposely to be used by ladies. They are modelled to have features that one needs to get them going throughout the day. Their tumbled floater made uppers are strain- resistant, ultra-light as well as durable. They are also made to have an admirable look, thus offering their wearer's a touch of style. The outsoles of these pair are durable and offer an EVA unit bottom incorporated with rubber inserts, a factor which makes the soles slip-resistant therefore making one more stable. Dove comes with removable footbed making it possible for one to replace them with orthopaedic insoles of their choice, thus an ideal shoe for those who could be having foot issues. This shoes also come with a lightweight steel shank which gives the wearer excellent stability as they walk from one point to another. They have been cushioned at all necessary points a factor which increases their level of comfort. 

Sketchers Sport Women’s Sneaker.

This type of shoes has a bungee lace system that keeps the wearer's feet snugly secure without necessarily having to keep your laces tied. They are made with rubber outsoles which are well rugged to provide excellent traction with different surfaces. On top of this, they are non- slip a factor which makes them ideal for use in hospitals whereby you are likely to come along slippery floors. This pair has flex groove outsole which moves with the wearer’s foot giving one extra comfort as well as support. The level of comfort in these shoes is further enhanced by the pair having the memory foam insoles as well as breathable mesh uppers which molds the wearer’s feet.

Skechers Sport Slip-On Sneaker. 

These shoes are designed to suit nurses who operate in theatres for they are safe, supportive and comfortable, besides, they are slip-on type; therefore, one can put them off and on when entering theatre wards. They are designed to have polished hardware as well as perforated panels for aeration a factor which makes them cosy while giving them a touch of style at the same time. The level of comfort in these shoes is further facilitated by them having padded collar and tongue. Their uppers are made of leather material, making them durable and easy to clean, thus ideal for nurses as they require clean shoes all through. The uppers of these shoes are modified by having a stretch front panel, stitching and logo details giving them good look thus a suitable pair for those who need a stylish kind of footwear. The unique part of these shoes is that they are lightweight, making them even more conducive for nurses as they do not require a lot of weight on their feet.

Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat.

These excellent looking shoes are made of rubber insoles and leather uppers, making them durable and comfortable therefore a conducive pair for nurses. Their outer soles are also made of rubber which is well rugged to give them excellent traction thus able to traverse in different kinds of surfaces. Both the insoles and outsoles of these shoes are slip-resistant, making them capable of operating in hospital floors which are likely to be slippery. Their insoles are removable, making it possible for one to replace them with orthopaedic insoles of their choice thus suitable for the people who have foot issues. They are designed to have built-in arch support, which aids in preventing their wearer from experiencing plantar fasciitis and heel pain. They are designed to have a footbed which is anatomically right able to mold and adapt the form of one's feet, making them offer high-quality comfort. On top of this Paloma, the flat is lightweight thus their wearers will not have to worry of excess weight on their feet making them ideal for use by nurses as they will require the type of shoes which they can stay on them comfortably for the longest time possible.

Apart from the pairs discussed above, there are many more types of shoes which are suitable for use by nurses. The worth noting thing about the footwear, whether for nurses, chefs, teachers or any other person is that shoes require special care and maintenance so that they can serve their wearers better. One should ensure that their shoes remain clean all through. For instance, a nurse should ensure that they have a shoe shining kit, which will provide them with all the necessary tools for keeping their shoes clean. A good shoe shine kit should contain all that is required in attending to different kinds of shoes; the tools in the kit should also remain in good condition for them to be useful whenever required.



 Nurses should ensure that whenever they go for footwear, they do not get influenced by the look of the shoes but the features. The features which will make a shoe ideal for a nurse while conducting their duties should be all that they need to be in their mind before they get to purchase any form of footwear. Purchasing footwear has never been an easy thing to do; one has to identify the market from where to get the quality type of shoes wisely as not all the footwear suppliers will provide quality. Freaky Shoes Company which is an online shoe company is one of the well-known company which suppliers quality footwear worldwide. For more details about this company, visit their website:  


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