Shoe Mistakes You’re Making That Hurt Your Feet

Shoe Mistakes You’re Making That Hurt Your Feet

Today, we’ll share the opinions and ideas discussed with different podiatrists to list down and avoid a common mistake that we made leading to foot pain and related issues.

Shoe mistakes that cause foot pain

Shoes are probably the most important wear gear that can affect our lives if not chosen correctly. Keeping in mind the beauty and elegance of footwear, we should also keep the comfort and feet health into consideration.

The majority of the feet pain arises due to incorrect shoe choices and our habits. So let’s discuss all the points to eradicate the issue from roots. 

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Shoe Mistakes You’re Making That Hurt Your Feet

You don’t replace shoes that have worn-down heels

You might not have noticed, but if you pay little attention to your shoe heels, you will observe that one side of your shoes is more worn down than the second one. We all have different walk gestures and standing postures, which in return cause imbalanced body weight distribution on your feet. However, if continued for a long duration, such a habit may cause permanent pain in your feet. To avoid this, you need to replace the worn-down shoes immediately to reinstate the foot balance as much as possible.

You’re not replacing your running shoes enough

It is recommended to replace your running shoes after every 100 miles of steps. However, using this suggestion, we might be replacing shoes almost every month that for an average strength of people would not be suitable financially. So, as per the expert’s realistic opinions, you should consider replacing your running shoes if you feel any kind of discomfort or pain in your feet, ankle, or hip joints.

You crush your toes in pointy-toed shoes

Too narrowed toe shoes fashion has also become a common trend among girls. This constant pressure on toes due to such narrow space cause severe effects like hammertoes, pulled muscles, and damaged nerves. So we should keep fashion and care in parallel while buying a new shoe pair.

You buy shoes online

Online shopping trend has now tremendously increased nowadays. People feel at ease buying stuff online. But we should keep in mind that we haven’t tried the shoes that we are purchasing online instead of manually visiting the store where we can have the real picture regarding size, comfort, and looks. We can have a feel of comfort and can make a comparison in real before buying shoes. So it is highly recommended by podiatrists to shop manually to avoid any trouble of replacement due to any reason.

Shoe Mistakes You’re Making That Hurt Your Feet

You try on shoes in the morning instead of later in the day

According to researchers, our body goes through different phases throughout the day. Blood circulation pattern is also part of it. When we are awake and standing for a longer period, our blood circulation is more towards the lower body, particularly towards the feet. So, it is recommended to try new shoes in the middle of the day to have the actual size and comfort when blood circulation in our feet increases, causing them to swell a bit. 

You try shoes on too quickly

As discussed previously regarding proper daytime, it is also good to take ample time to try on by standing on your feet for quite a while to feel comfort level. Walking a few steps will slip forward and adjust your feet and toes in shoes, and this will let you know regarding any discomfort in your toes and ankle before buying new shoes. 

You don’t wear shoes with arch support

Arch support is a debatable topic as some podiatrists consider it as basics for feet alignment while others consider this as extra comfort. Arch support comes in handy for people with flat feet. Custom insoles, as per the doctor's guidance, should be used for such issues as well.

Shoe Mistakes You’re Making That Hurt Your Feet

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