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SpongeBob SquarePants x Nike Kyrie Collection

SpongeBob SquarePants x Nike Kyrie Collection

The fictional characters are not only loved by the kids but the youth also feel nostalgic about these fictional heroes and cartoon characters.  The cartoon themed outfits are getting popularity among the youth and kids and these are trendy nowadays. Fallowing the trend and likeness of youth the Nike has shaken hand with the most famous cartoon series known SpongeBob Square Pants. The ultimate result of this collaboration leads to an amazing collection of colorful sneakers. This colorful energetic and electrified collection will make you smile as you lace them up. The five most famous characters of the series had been depicted on the shoes in amazing designs with best possible way that each part of the sneakers seems to performing the actions of characters in motion. 

In the both Nike Kyrie 5 and Nike Kyrie Low 2 designs each character has been represented in its own unique way. Three of the five characters have been represented on the Nike Kyrie 5 while remaining two is represented on the Nike Kyrie 2. Each of the character has been illustrated on the separate on its own pair of the shoes. The selection of the shoes for the portrayal of the specific character has been chosen so wisely that no other option come in the mind and every pair of shoes with its illustrated character is creative work of fantastic art. The colorful, energetic and powerful art on the shoes with cartoon themed designs are to be released soon on 10th of August. The collective efforts of the Nike and Kyrie Irving are predicted to be the blast of this summer, so don’t forget the dates and set your reminders as not to miss your favorite shoes with your favorite cartoon character.

The SpongeBob, Patrick Star, and SquidWward are all illustrated on the Nike Kyrie 5, while remaining two famous characters Mr. Krabs and Sandy Cheeks get their attention to be loved by Kyrie Low 2. The spongy Sponge Bob is themed on the front and back of the Nike shoes and Nike logo is depicted on inner canvas of the Nike shoes with spongy yellowish leaking theme design. The pinkish Patrick has been painted on the upper of the Kyrie 5 while its famous green shorts are depicted on the midsole and outsole in stylish flowing lines. The simple but elegant and beautiful Squidward’s Kyrie 5 having crusty combination of bright green and light blue making it unique of all with beautifully designed layering heel. The Mr. Krab is getting attention of Kyrie Low 2 with bright red hit combined with blue, green, and gold money print. The last of this Nike and Kyrie Irving collection is marvelous Texan squirrel Sandy Cheek’s Kyrie Low 2 is well attributed by details of her famous astronaut suit. 

These all five famous SpongeBob SquarePants will also be accompanied by their relative themed attire for complete collection. Keep your reminder up to date for 10th of August as a release date of Nike SNKRS.    

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