The Go-To Guide for Sneaker Heads on Getting a Sneaker Bot

The Go-To Guide for Sneaker Heads on Getting a Sneaker Bot

"Launch day" has to be one of the biggest days of the lives of die-hard supporters, veteran sneaker collectors, trendsetters, and people who are obsessed about collecting shoes. The day on which the most awaited pair of sneakers is about to launch is no less than an arena, which requires an incredible amount of patience, precision, and thoughtful planning. 

The Go-To Guide for Sneaker Heads on Getting a Sneaker Bot

This cut-throat competition might only last for a few seconds, but for some sneaker enthusiasts, getting that one pair of sneakers might seem like the end of the world. The only way to avoid the mere disappointment of receiving a flashing "Sold Out" message upon check-out is to get a sneaker bot and be a part of the competition. 

These bots will help you get that pair of killer sneakers you have been eyeing since it was first advertised. This guide sheds light on how to get a sneaker bot for yourself and the importance of getting proxies. 

Introducing Sneaker Bots

Simply put, sneaker bots are computerized software tools built to autofill your product selections, purchases, and the check-out process when you shop from an online website. These sneaker bots are mainly used for buying, or "copping" (a popular term used in sneaker culture) time-limited and special edition shoes and sneakers. 

If you can "cop" a limited-edition pair of sneakers successfully by using sneaker bots, it means you are "cooking" in the market. The primary reason why people use a sneaker bot is because of speed. 

Online shopping can be an incredibly time-consuming experience. Everything starting from 1) skimming through products to 2) adding stuff to the cart to 3) entering your personal and shipping information to 4) choosing the payment method to 5) eventually confirming your order is arduous. 

All of this can be exhausting on a typical shopping day, but this is not the case with time-limited products. Shopping for limited-edition items is not only laborious, but chances are that by the time you check out, the products have already been sold out. 

You must be aware that when limited-edition sneakers are about to be released, they are already available in minimal quantities. A few seconds of delay can raise 2 situations. You either end up as a winner and score that pair of killer kicks or lose and endure your old-school sneakers until next time. 

What does it do?

A sneaker bot's work is to save all your shoe details such as your size, preferences, contact information, personal information, and instantly appear where required. In short, when the sneaker release is underway, these bots take the purchase process into hyperdrive and finish it in a matter of milliseconds. 

Hence, shopping at a brick-and-mortar store or entering your details into the relevant forms has no comparison with a sneaker bot. So, when it comes to prompt purchasing, many collectors and sneaker enthusiasts trust sneaker bots to do the job on the day of sneaker unveiling. 

The Go-To Guide for Sneaker Heads on Getting a Sneaker Bot

How a Sneaker Bot Works

The magic of sneaker bots starts as soon a shoe seller creates a website. Retail companies must provide their customers with an impeccable and seamless shopping experience so that they keep coming back and shop from them next time too. These websites mainly use bots, also, whose job is to whizz through the entire process. 

Like sneaker bots, these website bots can spontaneously place your items in the cart, complete your relevant details, and confirm and check out your order. The experience is much like shopping in real-time. As helpful as this is for retail companies, it is no less than a blessing for sneaker bot creators. 

While releasing the bot, retail companies involuntarily open a backdoor for other bots to penetrate into their website and shop without being noticed. When the launch is in motion, a sneaker bot works at the back end to explore, find, and purchase the sneaker for you in a quarter of the time it takes to log into a website. 

When a sneaker bot pairs up with a proxy, these bots can make several procurements at the same place. The bot proxy also prevents customers from being blocked by a particular website. 

Are they illegal?

Even though this seems objectionable, it is actually an excellent way for shoe collectors to get an advantage, without the need to do something illegal. You are not trading on the black market or the dark web. As long as your transactions are fairly conducted, there is nothing illegal about it. 

This kind of buying is close to like purchasing shoes off the rack or a truck full of shoes at the dock before it makes its way to the warehouse. For devoted sneaker-heads, this is probably the only option to get their hands on the uber-chic and stylish, limited-edition pieces that are worth a fortune.   

Cost of a Sneaker Bot

The zeal and fervor for such time-bound sneakers have created immense, cut-throat competition amongst sneaker bots too. You can find sneaker bots between the ranges of $10-500. It is unwise to select the cheapest sneaker bot because you might just receive what you paid for. 

Cheap sneaker bots are typically just an extension of your internet browser. It obviously does not possess a wide range of programming skills to cop sneakers compared to the exclusive software programs. The cost entirely depends on the kind of your sneaker copping you want.

Qualities to Consider while Choosing a Genuine Sneaker Bot

So, when deciding which sneaker bot to choose, there are certain qualities you must look for. 

  • Lifetime updates

  • Some bots provide free updates, whereas others charge some money. Whichever it is, it is better to avoid bots that do not provide software updates. A regularly updated bot creates fewer chances for you to be blocked from the website on the launch day.

  • Compatibility with multiple sites

  • Some sneaker bots usually aim for only big brands such as Adidas or Nike. Still, a superior bot will cater to a vast assortment of sites and brands to up the chances of acquiring the most sought-after kicks. 

    Some sneakers bots such as 1) Better Nike Bot – All in One or 2) EasyCop Ultimate let users cop sneakers from brands like: Foot Locker, Nike, Champ Sports, Adidas, etc. This gives customers superior advantages come launch day, regardless of where it is taking place. 

  • Dedicated support

  • While copping sneakers, you must realize that every second is precious. A second wasted is a sneaker going down the drain. Hence, rapid customer support is integral to scoring your favorite sneakers. Look for a sneaker bot that can offer excellent customer support. When things go haywire, there should be a support staff that can promptly cater to your queries or problems.

  • Multi-thread technology

  • Regardless of how swiftly these sneaker bots work, there is only so much they can do within the first few seconds of shopping. Bots equipped with multi-thread technology make steering a site more accessible, complete the work faster, and do multi-tasking. A fast-working bot can access the website and complete the check-out process in milliseconds. This ultimately boosts the success of copping sneakers.

  • Multiple account support

  • If you wish to cop a handful of shoes successfully, you need more than just one account. Setting up multiple accounts means that the sneaker bots can shop from various different sites concurrently. This evidently ups your success scores. You can even buy several pairs from the same website without any barriers to purchase and bot blockers' restrictions.

    Here are some of the 2020's best sneaker bots.

    Using a Proxy for Sneaker Bots

    Getting an excellent quality sneaker bot is only one way to cop sneakers. The second part comprises securing it with a superb bot proxy(s). A bot proxy is a "doorway" via which your home PC can surf and explore the internet, incognito. A proxy will disguise your home's IP address and will not reveal it on websites while browsing.  

    This is one way by which retail company websites guard against users using bots on the main day. They simply restrict the count of purchase order requests received from one IP address. Without using proxies, a home IP address is likely to be blocked, and the chances of copping ample sneakers are next to zero. 

    A sneaker bot proxy can resolve this problem by using different IP addresses. It will seem like several other people are purchasing the sneakers when, in reality, it will be you. This way, you can shop several sneakers from various sites without being identified. 

    Choosing the Right Proxy for your Sneaker Bot

    You do not stand a chance of copping sneakers without using a proxy. Here is a list of some of the factors you should consider while buying a proxy for your sneaker bot. 

  • Proxy count
  • Latency
  • Location
  • Proxy type
  • The latency and location of your proxy work simultaneously. Some firms sell proxies that are situated in the other part of the world. While getting a proxy located at the opposite end of where you are located, there will be two outcomes. The proxy will be extremely slow, which automatically reduces the chances of copping sneakers. Secondly, you will probably be welcomed with a red flag, which means the sites will most likely be blocked. 

    So, select a proxy within your own locality. USA proxies are quite infamous for being fast, low-risk, and reputable. In short, the work of sneaker servers is to provide the lightning-fast speed that can accommodate your proxies and bots. 

    An even better idea is to purchase more than one proxy for your sneaker bot. You can also buy proxies in bundles. A minimum of 25 proxies will enable your sneaker bot to move through various proxies while maintaining anonymity. Learn more about the importance of using proxies with your sneaker bot.


    In a Summary

    Regardless of being a veteran sneaker collector or a newbie who wants to create a name, there are incredible benefits of using sneaker bots for scoring your favorite sneakers. The chances of copping a horde of the most desirable sneakers cannot be guaranteed with a sneaker bot, but it can certainly be increased. 

    Selecting the right sneaker bot can be troublesome. Still, it can make a drastic difference between getting nothing and copping some impressive, limited-edition, killer sneakers. Moreover, with the help of proxies and the mentioned tips, you are bound to be "cooking" in the market long before you know it. 

    The Go-To Guide for Sneaker Heads on Getting a Sneaker Bot


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