The History Behind the Invention of Bowling

The History Behind the Invention of Bowling

The History Behind the Invention of Bowling:

Bowling is a game, yes, but many people, if not all, still fail to understand how it got its way to the limelight just like any other game. There is a lot of assertion to where bowling was first invented. Some say that it first began in Egypt, which might be true since some of the primitive bowling pins and balls were found. However, the whole thing was represented with the historical trace that dwelt with the discovery of bowling. All these materials were found in 3200 before Christ. 


Moreover, some believe that bowling was first invented in German, and the historian behind this assertion was William Pehle. As seen in Germany, you can believe that this was where bowling came from. Monks in Germany had pins, which they tend to use to represent the sins and temptation committed by humans. However, this was experienced around 300 AD.


They would later hit the pins with stones and then claim that they had conquered human sins. Besides, the term they used to relate to their pins (Kegels) is the other name that is used to refer to bowling. With this assertion, you will believe that the first bowling was undoubtedly in German.


Researchers say that King Harry VIII used to bowl; however, he used cannonballs, but he came to ban it years later. He did this because a lot of people concentrated much on bowling than performing their daily duties. Moreover, in the 17th-century, bowling came to light again after it was brought to America by Dutch colonists, and he settled in New York City. That is why this city was referred to as 'Bowling Green' which meant a city of bowling. 


During this time, the bowlers only used nine pins to play, unlike today's formation of ten-pins. Unfortunately, the lawmakers banned it because there was a lot of gambling in the game, and they could not allow it to continue. However, the law was circumvented when the bowlers association decided to add an additional pin, which brought it to ten-pin, which is the formation that is commonly played today. This was an indication that it was a game that was loved by many, if not all, and that is why they fought to bring it back. 


However, this game was mostly played by men, and women were nowhere to be seen in those days, but it came to change with time as both genders play it due to its popularity across the world. The National Bowling Association (NBA) was formed in 1875, and this was when some of the roles were introduced to the game that guided it all through the seasons. There are a lot of things that were agreed upon during this time, including the size of the bowling ball, 60 feet as the distance from the bowler to the pins. 


Twenty years later, the American Bowling Congress (ABC) was formed, and it was behind the formation of the women’s organization that was referred to as Women's International Bowling Congress (WIBC). That would deal with matters pertaining to women.


Moreover, after the agreement of all the responsible parties, bowling became popular, and many people even joined the game. However, some were after pleasure and not competition. Lastly, in 2005, the Women' International Bowling congress merged with the American Bowling Congress and came up with one organization that was referred to as the United States Bowling Congress (USBC). 


A Brief History of Bowling Shoes

Unlike other types of footwear, it is yet to be put clear when this type of shoe was first created and used. The is little that circulates the existence of bowling sneakers. It might have existed long ago but not individually as bowling footwear, and this is why most researchers find it challenging to trace its origin. Some cultures are believed to have worn this type of shoes, but to them, bowling was never a compulsory game. 


However, according to the researchers, most of the historical records that they have gone through indicate that bowling shoes were first introduced in 1888, which was in the United States of America. Most of them were made from leather and were waterproof due to their property in water resistance. However, it was strange because the type of shoes serves in various fields such as tennis, cricket, boating, and bowling itself. This means that it was not yet specified, and that is why people were never sure of what they would use it specifically for.  


Moreover, with time things started changing since there was a need for creating specific shoes for the bowlers due to the popularity of the game across the world. This way, the shoemakers saw the need to make a better shoe for bowling, which had all the properties of a quality bowling shoes. Like insoles work boots, they had a comfortable inner sole that gave the bowlers the comfort and support they needed.


The History Behind the Invention of Bowling

Know More About Bowling Balls

They have undergone a significant change since they were bowling was first invented, and this is because of the multiple types of bowling balls that have been used across the years. It is so different from other types of balls that are used for other kinds of sports. This indicates that that footwear is not the only thing that differentiates these sports. They are mostly made from hardwood; however, it never took long before the wooden ball was replaced with a rubber ball in 1905. 


Bowling ball kept on changing from one state to another, and the bowlers never even knew what could be introduced to them. However, the producers began to make bowling shoes out of plastic, but it was later changed in the 1980s. This was when the idea of making a bowling ball from polyurethane came, and that was precisely what was made. They became so popular globally. 


The bowling shoes needed to have a lot of friction due to the oil that existed in the lanes. More friction on the bowling ball would allow it to move smoothly without any challenge.  The hole made all round the ball were to absorb the oil that was on the lane that blocked it from moving faster across the lane. This was made possible with the manufacturers who kept advancing as the time went by, and they managed to create bowling shoes with more friction on it. 


Facts You Did Not Know About Bowling Pins

In bowling establishments, the only thing that men and women do not share is the bowling shoes, but other things, including b bowling pins, are used in general. They are one of the instruments in the bowling establishment that has had a frequent change since the bowling was invented. However, their change is commonly done on their design, and like a bowling ball, they were first made from wood, and others were created from actual stones. 


Most wooden pins were covered with plastic; however, of late, the regulation of the required size, shape, and weight is done by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC). The pin's height must not exceed fifteen inches and a width of three quarters to four inches. Most bowling pins are designed to weigh exactly four pounds and not more. Therefore, for you to get the right bowling pin, visit Shoesr, and get the best quality pin for your bowling game. 


The Difference Between Regular Sneakers and Bowling Shoes.

Regular shoes are much different from bowling shoes in various ways apart from the fact the regular shoes are made to serve several purposes. They are different from how the soles are made (slippery), design, no heels, smoothness of the uppers, all these are features of bowling shoes that are the direct opposite of what normal boots are made of. Most sneakers are made with a lot of traction on both soles of the shoes, but that is quite different when it comes to bowling shoes.  


In bowling footwear, the soles are made; differently, one with the traction, and the other one is made slippery to boost you when you are throwing the ball along the lane. This is to means that the left and the right shoes in bowling are not the same, from their color to their purpose. Unlike sneakers that have rubber soles, bowing shoe soles are made from leather, which is slippery that enhances smooth movement on the oily lanes. This is why you can never use a sneaker for bowling despite the fact that they initially looked the same. 


The right shoe in bowling is made for braking, and the left foot is made for sliding, which is why they will never be used to serve the same purpose. However, this may sound odd to those who have never been to a bowling establishment, but this is something that happens, and well, if you are a bowler, you will have to come across them more often. Furthermore, to release the ball efficiently down the lane, you have to make sure that you can slide smoothly to release it or injure your feet. 


However, your shoes will depend on your feet; if you are left-footed, then the sliding shoes will be on your right side. You should ensure that your sliding shoes are made from leather and, it is slippery to smoothly move along the lane when you are releasing the bowling ball. On the other hand, your left shoes should have the best traction made from rubber, but it should be a little bit smooth that will always hold you back when you are releasing the bowling ball. It will also prevent you from passing the foul line before you make a release.


Moreover, you are likely to find smooth bowling shoes on both sides, especially when you are used to hiring in the alley. However, this is because there are many people who put them on for bowling, but the attendants fail to replace them when the need arises.

Once you realize that both of your bowling shoes are smooth, consider having another pair because these can easily cause accidents. But if you are hiring from the alley, make sure that you remind the attendant that the shoes are supposed to be replaced. This way, you will play in perfect and comfortable bowling shoes. 


Another thing that makes the bowling shoes smooth on both sides is that some are right-footed and some left-footed, and this where the attendant might confuse and mix them up. This will surely bring confusion since your feet are different from the other bowler. However, you can solve this by buying your own pair to make sure that you do not hire a bowling shoe from the alley next time. When you have you, you will know how you are supposed to take care of them that they can stay for a long time. 


When you are a bowler, you should know that the only place you can put on bowling shoes is in the alley. Immediately you are through with bowling, take them off and wear another type of footwear. This is because they are specifically made to be worn within the bowling premises. Also, for your bowling shoes to last for a long time, you need to make sure that the bowling area is sparkling clean. This will also improve your gaming any time you get in a bowling establishment. By now, you have to know that sneakers are never meant to be used for bowling. 


Why it is Essential for You to Have a Special Bowling Shoes

It is never all about just having a pair of bowling shoes. Therefore, you must have a special bowling shoe anytime you think of bowling. Most people believe that having proper footwear is only for attraction, but they fail to understand that without having a special bowling shoe can result in unplanned accidents and poor game. There is no way you will have the wrong bowling shoes and expect to perform marvelously. Most special shoes are great at keeping you safe from coming across to the area that is found before the lanes. 


When you use regular shoes (sneakers) in bowling, you will be risking to damage the lanes since they are made from smooth materials, and any rough substance can destroy them within no time. This is why you need to make sure that you have special shoes that are made specifically for bowling. Several shoemaking companies are involved in the production of bowling shoes. They are their ways of creating them, and this why you need to make sure that the company you are dealing with produces the best shoes, especially when it comes to bowling shoes. 


Without a point of contradiction, the best company that makes quality footwear is Shoesr, and anyone who has ever tried their shoe can attest to the fact that they produce the best. This is why you do not need to think twice when you want to purchase a pair of bowling shoes.


The common rule in bowling is having a pair of bowling shoes whenever you enter the establishment. However, the alley insists that the bowlers need to have special bowling shoes, to be specific. Bowling shoes are smooth and flat at the bottom, and this is what you need to consider anytime you visit a shoe store. They are unique, and therefore, you can never mistake them with the other types of footwear.


However, when you do not have bowling shoes recommended by the alleys, there is no way you will make a complete release leave alone sliding. Having a special shoe meant for bowling is the vital element in this game; therefore, if you want to have an improvement in your game, ensure that you have the right bowling shoes. Just like there are shoes for kitchen workers, the same way you need to have shoes for bowling. Think about having a special shoe if you are a bowler. 


Are they True to Size

Like any other type of footwear, the size of bowling shoes varies depending on the size of your feet. Also, the sizing of different countries is never the same. When you visit a shoe store, your aim is always to have a great sneaker with you, and the best one of course. However, whenever you are looking for the right shoes, you will want to have those that fit you well (not so tight or loose). This is because you do not wish to injure your toes or feet at large, especially when you have ever gone through that pain of having tighter footwear. 


Most plantar fasciitis shoes dress in any shoe store, differ in size; that is why you need to make sure that you try them out first before you pay for them. Once you have paid for the shoes, some companies can never accept it back even if you claim that they do not fit you well. There is always a difference in men's and women's shoe sizes. This is why you need to be careful when choosing the best bowling shoes. Besides having the right sized shoes, it is essential that you be careful whenever you are playing to avoid injuries on your leg and feet. 


Some people are bowling as a leisure activity, but some take it as a sport, and this is why you will find out that there are many companies involved in its production. Therefore, you need to be careful whenever you want to buy your pair of bowling shoes online because this is the place where you can get a wrong bowling shoe without having any idea. You should also know that a size six in the USA will never be the same with size six in the UK. You should also check on the traction of the shoes before you take them with you. Correct fitting shoes will always make you improve in your game, something you can never do with a wrong fit. 


Therefore, when you are going to shop online, make sure that you are aware of the sizing in different countries. This will help you when choosing the right bowling shoes that fit you well. You can only play comfortably when your boots are neither tight nor loose. Otherwise, you will feel like you being forced to play in them when you not. Also, you should know that your feet' size is measured from the heel to the toe; therefore, when measuring the size of your feet, make sure you do it from your heels to the toes to come with the real size. You can also consider using old footwear to measure the size of your feet before you purchase a new pair. 


How to Take Care of Bowling Shoes


It does not matter if it is the first time you are wearing bowling shoes or not, and the fact remains that you need to make sure that you take good care of them using any means. Below are some of the things you need to do to clean your pair of bowling shoes; 



Just like ant another type of footwear, bowling shoes also need to be kept clean by washing them after you have had your game. You can use a wire brush to wash them, especially on the soles, to get rid of the gunk that might have accumulated theirs with time. However, you will need to do it gently to prevent you from damaging them. Lastly, make sure that you dry your bowling shoes first before storing them. 



You must store your bowling shoes properly in a safe, clean area where they cannot be damaged. You should consider hanging them on shoe racks or placing them on the shelf away from dust. This way, you will use them for a long time rather than keeping them carelessly where they can easily reduce their lifespan due to the presence of dusty stuff around them. Also, make sure that you clean them properly, and in case they are smelling, use baking soda to get rid of the odor smell. 


Keeping wet shoes can lead to rotting, which will force you to buy another bowling shoes when you did not even plan for it. Moreover, you should make sure that you store your shoes in a dry place and away from heat. 


The History Behind the Invention of Bowling


many accessories are found at Shoesr stores that, when used they will ensure that your shoes stay in good condition. Rather than using a wire brush to clean your bowling shoes, you can consider using protective covers that are meant for protecting your shoes and making sure that they are not exposed to dangers.  


Bottom Line

You having the right shoes may not gar5antee your win, but you will always have an improvement in your game. This is an assurance that the chances of bowling 300 scores are high, and for this reason, never give up on looking for the right shoes.


The popularity of bowling in the world has made the shoemakers work extra hard to make sure that they produce many shoes due too the high demand. However, some take advantage of this by producing shoes with low-quality, and this is why you need to make sure that you consider the reputation of the company first before you give out your money. 


You need to consider so many elements when you want to buy a bowling shoe from size, design, sole, type of material, insole, comfort to the traction. All this is to ensure that you do not up purchase the wrong bowling shoes. Moreover, having the right bowling is not all about your performance, but ensuring that your legs and feet are protected from unnecessary injuries. You should never expect to have a successful play when you have the wrong shoes, especially in games like bowling.

The History Behind the Invention of Bowling

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