Things To Know Before Getting Custom Boots From A Brand

Things To Know Before Getting Custom Boots From A Brand

The fashion of long and cowboy boots is revived once again in 2020 and 2021, and the boot fever is not gonna go away anytime soon. The market is literally packed with so many options of boots but, if you are a particularly picky person, custom boots are the right choice for you. 

Some people just do not get satisfied with any design of the boots, and they are so picky that they end up not buying anything. But, custom boots can solve this problem because you will get the pair of boots just as you want. 

So, if the idea of custom boots appealed to you, keep reading because your cheat sheet to order custom boots is just on the way. 

Things To Know Before Getting Custom Boots From A Brand

What Are Custom Boots?

Custom boots are the heart and soul of creativity because of how aesthetically pleasing they look. These days, they are all the hype on Instagram, and influencers are designing their own boots and flaunting them on their feed. 

So, in the case of custom boots, you have to think about a design that you want, then you have to use your creativity in that design and draw the image of the boot that you want. You can show that image to any of the brands, and you will get your custom boots. 

Also, if you want things to be a little easier than this, freaky shoes are just the right choice for you. It is a brand that deals with customized boots, and you can get whatever you want at a pretty pocket-friendly rate. 

Things To Know Before Getting Custom Boots From A Brand

Another type of custom boots is when a brand gives you different options of design and color in a boot, and you just have to keep selecting them, and you will get the pair of your dreams at the end of it. This method is easier because you don't have to think a lot about it, and we all know that Gen-Z gets pretty tired even by thinking. 

You can get your boots painted or even get different prints and ornaments on the boots if you want. Many people use this custom option to support different causes, and you can do the same because when it comes to custom boots, you are the in-charge of all of them.  

Why You Should Get Custom-Made Boots


Custom-made boots are the best thing that happened in the past two years, and we are all up for it but, are they really worth it? Well, let's find out. 

  • They Look Cool, Of Course

  • Custom prints, designs, and ornaments are just there to elevate the overall look of your boots, and at the end of the day, they are worth it. Your custom boots look really cool when you have put your heart into finding the right design for them. 

    Also, a lot of thought and creativity goes into finding the suitable custom print or design for yourself, and the results are always going to make you overwhelmed because of how the boots turned out to be. At freaky shoes, your custom design and their high-quality materials are going to nail every party for sure. 

  • They Are Unique

  • If you are a person who does not want to wear designs that are out there and every other person has them, then custom boots can be a pretty good option for you. The good thing about custom boots is that they are all about you. 

    You can add your unique touch to them and get some design ideas from Pinterest as well and give them your own touch. Custom boots are the only reasonable option to get boots that leave people in awe. 

    Things To Know Before Getting Custom Boots From A Brand

  • Their Quality Is Better

  • The quality of custom-made boots is better than mass-produced ones because they are made individually with different detailing, which automatically elevates the level of quality. If you are not into mass-produced options, custom boots are just the right choice for you. 

    You can even do some modifications in the quality if you don't want the brand to use a specific material to make boots. Freaky shoes take pride in producing some of the most high-quality boots with top-notch material and advanced sewing techniques so, you can never go wrong with their shoes. 

    Things To Know Before Getting Custom Boots From A Brand

  • They Are Comfortable 

  • Millennials are not going to compromise on comfort, and when it comes to boots with high heels and cowboy designs, you have to make comfort your priority. When you are getting custom shoes, they are made specifically for you, so why would they not be comfortable? 

    Also, they are not mass-produced, so their quality is better, making them comfortable to wear. You can also make some changes in the shoes if you want and get some of the most comfortable shoes ever with a few tweaks. 

  • Pocket-Friendly In The Long Run

  • The buy cheap buy twice phrase is pretty accurate here because if you are not getting custom boots just because they are slightly expensive, then you are making a mistake. The custom boots have better quality; hence they are going to be beneficial for you in the long run. 

    On the other hand, regular boots are not usually comfortable, and you cannot even find your right size at times, so you have to settle for a smaller or larger pair of boots, and they also wear out quickly.

    So, you have to buy a new one, and who wants to go through this hassle all over again? Not us at least, and that is why Freaky Shoes are the foremost option if you are looking for custom boots that go a long way. 

    Things To Know Before Getting Custom Boots From A Brand

  • Modification Options 

  • There are instances when you just love a shoe, but the color just does not appeal to you. You often leave those shoes, but when you are shopping on a website that offers custom options, you have all the modification options that you can think of. 

    If you don’t like a color of a particular pair of boots, you can just go to the custom options and change the color or even the print and design. With the amazing shoe brand; freaky shoes, boot shopping is just easier and much more fun. 

    How To Buy Custom Boots? 

    If you have finally decided to give custom boots a go but are unsure how to order them, don't worry, and just keep reading because we have got you covered. 

  • Select A Brand

  • When going for custom boots, brands really matter because you cannot wholly rely on a brand that does not care about your choice at all. It is also crucial that you do a little bit of research and sees whether the brand offers customization options in their boots; if not, they are a no-go area. 

    Choose the brands that are professional in the custom-made business and know what they are doing and how they will get the most out of their boots. Also, when talking about a brand, you can consider freaky shoes because they are the best in the custom boots business, and all their boots are made of high-quality materials. 

  • Collect Ideas

  • Collecting ideas is a significant part of selecting your brand. You can visit the brand's website that you have chosen, and if you like the options available there, you are good to go but, if you want to make a few tweaks and alter a few things, then you need ideas. 

    Suppose that you don't like the print or ornaments in a particular boot but love the design. Now, you just have to look for the ideas of prints or ornaments that you like and get them on your favorite design of boots; yes, it is that easy. For ideas, you can go for Pinterest or even Instagram because of influencers, you know? 

  • Finalize The Ideas

  • It is time to short-list the ideas you have gathered and finalize one or two designs for your custom boots. You can even give a touch of individuality to your ideas at this point and change the prints or design even further. 

    If you only decided to change the color of the boots, then it is also valent good, and you can give it a go right away. The finalizing process of custom boot ideas is important because it shows your uniqueness and individuality, which is exactly what custom boots are all about. 

    You can select the prints or colors to support different causes or movements, it is all about you and your individual self, and that is pretty much it. 

  • Choose The Boots 

  • Choose the boots that you want to customize, and you must consider whether the color, design, print, or ornament you have chosen would look good on the boots or not because otherwise, there is no good in spending so much time and energy on gathering ideas and making designs. 

    On the website of freaky shoes, you get a lot of options for different designs of boots, and you can choose the one you like the most. You can get any type of boots in any color or print you want so, don't hesitate to give it a go because it is worth it.

  • Place The Order

  • Now, it is the most critical part of the whole process because if anything goes wrong with the order-placing, you might not get what you want in your boots. You need to be really clear with what you need and take time to write special instructions so that the brand understands your idea, and then it will be easier to find you the perfect boot.

    You can even attach the pictures if you have an idea of what you want, as it makes the designing process really easy. You just need to buckle up for placing the order, and the rest will automatically become easier for you. Some websites even have specialized options and features for custom boots, just like

    Trending Custom Boot Ideas

    If you are going for custom boots, you must know everything about the latest trends and things that are "in" these days; otherwise, you will just end up getting an outdated piece which you cannot even wear anymore. Let us give you some ideas for custom boots according to the 2021-22 fashion trends. 

  • Minimalist Boots: 

  • These boots are all the hype these days because they are super comfy and go with every single outfit. Minimalist boots usually come in just one color, either black, white, brown, or mustard. These boots do not have much going, but you can always customize them with your favorite color. They usually are free from all the prints and ornaments. 

    Things To Know Before Getting Custom Boots From A Brand

  • Cultural Boots: 

  • People are also representing cultures through fashion now, so a cultural embroidery on your favorite type of boot would be to die for. You can choose any embroidery appropriate to your culture and get it done on your boots, and they look really good. 

  • Boots With Prints: 

  • People love some cute prints on their boots with a monochromatic outfit, and we are all up for this look. You can also get a boot with bright prints on it, or you can always customize the prints of your choice. 

  • Knee-length Boots With Ornaments:

  • Wearing a mini skirt with a knee-length boot has to be the style statement of this decade because it not only is comfy but looks super-dope. You can add some ornaments as well in your boot through customization, and the boot will go with all your outfits without any hassle. 

    Things To Know Before Getting Custom Boots From A Brand


    Finding the right custom boots for yourself is harder than you imagined, right? But, you will get there, and it really is worth it. If you want to make the process easier and need a better choice for custom boots, then is going to be your holy grail. 

    Also, if you are going for the customization option, make sure that you communicate your idea or design properly in the instructions; otherwise, you will not get the boots you wanted. 

    Things To Know Before Getting Custom Boots From A Brand

    Wishing you the coolest of cowboy boots! 



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