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Tips To Paint Leather Shoes


Tips To Paint Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are always the most durable, classy and essential footwear in your wardrobe. Although the black, brown and white colors of the leather shoes have their own unique look but if you are excited about trying something unique and love to dance on the floor wearing your leather shoes then you should think creatively and paint your leather shoes. Hurrah, paint a leather shoe! Does it look strange? But at the same time, it is unique and after painting it by following easy and practical tips in this article you will be amazed to see your creativity with pride and satisfaction. This unique idea will attract the viewers and everyone will ask you about the brand of paint leather shoes and you may brand it yourself (not the shoes but creative paint on shoes). Fallow following easy steps of the Freaky Shoes ( to colorfully paint and create a unique design at your home. (Painting leather shoes doesn’t require you to be an artist or master of footwear designs)

Ready the Things Need in the Process

  1. a)      To remove the protective layer/finish on shoes, a solvent will be needed   
  2. b)      Leather Paints (color of your choice but should be flexible)
  3. c)       Pencil
  4. d)      Eraser
  5. e)      Acrylic Finisher
  6. f)       Hard and Soft Brushes ( depending upon need)
  7. g)      Cotton Buds
  8. h)      Sponge
  9. i)        Wooden Spear for fine detail and bordering
  10. j)        Also, keep plenty of newspapers used clothe to clean all the dirt and mess during the process.
  11. k)      Paper and Trace paper ( If you feel necessary)

Start Painting the Leather Shoes

 Follow the bellow mentioned step by step guidelines to properly paint your leather shoes.

  1. First of all, select the white leather shoes on which you want to paint your favorite design. Use your imagination and paint some designs on the simple paper to make an idea that what you want to paint on your shoes. It may be a simple design or a character if you are an expert artist.
  2. Now lace off your shoes and remove a shiny smooth layer off from your shoes. To remove the layer dips the corner of sponge in the deglaze solvent and scrub smoothly on both sides of the shoes. Repeat the process again and again until the entire surface is cleaned off from the protective shiny layer and it gives a rough look. Remember the layer will not allow the paint to apply properly so removing it is essential.
  3. If you are confident that you can paint properly and evenly on both shoes without making any mistake then start applying paint on the shoes directly but to avoid damaging your shoes first apply the design with pencil and erase where you feel the mistake. You may draw different designs on both shoes but a similar design looks more beautiful and attractive. If you can’t draw the shapes or artistic design the patterns of boxes and circles with different colors also look great.
  4. Use one color at a time and after finishing and filling that color is the respective area uses other colors. You may also apply a double color to a single place to create a rocky and chilly look. The leather paint dries quickly so it is easy to apply multiple layers at a time. The shoes will not look great at this stage but it contrasts these will look uglier than before but wait you haven’t given it a final touch. (THE PROCESS IS SAME FOR BOTH SHOES)
  5. To separate colors from each other where they meet use a black or dark border. The thickness of the border depends on the area which you think looks bolder and emphasized than others. Use wooden spear/skewer for thin and fine borders.
  6. Wait to dry the paint completely and apply acrylic finisher with a large paintbrush evenly on the entire surface of both shoes. To avoid sticking finisher with soles cover it with the masking tape otherwise it will glue with every surface it touches). Use at least 5-7 coats for a great shine. The finisher will also protect the paint and will make it more durable


Painting leather shoes will not only gives it a great look but also removes and hides scratches.


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