Top 10 Best Ball Handlers in the NBA

Top 10 Best Ball Handlers in the NBA

When you hear about the NBA, you will probably think of most of the legends that you have ever heard or seen them play. However, unlike other sports, in basketball, most of the records are kept that is why you will be able to know their players even if they played when you were not around. Basketball is one of the most love sports, and you will find people talking about every day just to remind themselves of how great this game is to them. Moreover what they love the best about it much are the NBA champions, they have done the greatest of things to make sure that they continue to market the name of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

It will never go without notice that without these players, there would not be anything to do with basketball, and this is why they will forever be applauded for their excellent work. If you are a follower of basketball games, then you can attest to the fact that it is undoubtedly the best with the greatest player you can ever find on earth. Everyone will always be great on their field, but with these players, you can never measure their ability, not at any cost. Most of the players in the league work hard to make sure that they have a beautiful career and this is what always drives them to perform better whenever they get a chance to do so on the court. 

Most of you probably do not know when the basketball began; however, if you have the slightest idea, you will be able to know that they are indeed the best at their own game.  Since the sport was established decades ago, it has been growing over the years, and this is all about the hard work and persistence they put in their game every time they step on the court. Individually, the players have been making sure that they have the best environment so that they can produce the best results to the team. This means they often do their practices to ensure that they are fit and strong to survive all the seasons without having any injury in the name of being weak or so. 

However, not all the players are good at the same thing. You will find that some are perfect at handling the ball, shooting, dribbling, rebounds, dunks and threes just to mention but a few. Generally, this article is going to talk about the greatest ball handlers you have ever know or even those that you have never heard of and their contribution to the team since they began their career. Since they are a few ball handlers in the basketball team, then this will act as an added advantage to you. It is something that will always separate you from the rest of the players. 

Unlike other essential things in the NBA like height which can never be taught, ball-handling is a skill that can only be improved when you put more practice on it every time you get a chance. Most of the players who are good at it always calculate their move before they play, and this makes it challenging to the opponents because they hardly interpret them. In a team, you will find that there must be a super ball-handler, and this always come out of frequent practice. However, for the other players, you need to be careful when playing with them because they can choose to embarrass you at the time when you do not expect it. This is the power of ball-handling, and no one can ever match it.  

This article is going to take you through some of the best ball-handlers in the NBA and how great they are at making unexpected moves on the court. In most cases, you will be able to see things clearly in the NBA live streams if you are a fan of basketball. It is something that you can never miss to watch at any cost. 

Chris Paul

If you are a follower of basketball, then you can attest to the fact that this man is the best point guard in the NBA. He is known for his hard work and all he gives out to his team. He is also one of the most exceptional ball handlers of all time. He can pass through easily and dribble the ball to the basket, something that most of the players cannot perform. His magical moves have been giving him a soft spot since he joined the NBA because he improves his skills every day.  


Top 10 Best Ball Handlers in the NBA

Most of the passes he makes are always precise, short and accurate, and this is why he is ever appreciated with his fellow players. You can never measure his ability and skills to anyone in the league; that is why he will always be the best in the eyes of many who watch him play. His teammates find it easy to finish the passes that come from his because they are always on point. He has been doing this for some time now, and he has proved to be great at it every time he gets the chance to play. 

Moreover, once he has the ball with him, it will be quite challenging for another player to get it from him. This is because you can never know the move he is going to make the next time you approach him. Dribbling is something that is just but simple to him. Most of the NBA coaches have noticed how he is great at ball-handling, and they are inspired with it and with him around they have chosen to pass his skills to you upcoming players. Who cannot be inspired by the works of this player?

Stephen Curry

Despite having a tough time in his career with frequent injuries, he has proven to be the best player of all time. He is also great at shooting, and this is not the only thing that has made him great. He is categorized under the players who are good at ball-handling; how this comes as a surprise to many as they know that this player has had a rough time in the NBA due to ankle injury. He is one player that creates a good space when he wants to shoot, and as an opponent player, you will find it hard to deal with this kind of a player. 

He is one of the players that you can never interpret their moves because you will hardly know where they are going to shoot the ball. In most of the cases, he tends to use his ankle to create move and dribble to pass the defenders. This way, he can easily make it to the rim without struggling much. However, his low level of maintaining the ball has left people thinking of how he manages to do that. He plays for the Golden State Warriors, and they have been grateful to have him as their player. 

Ricky Rubio

He has been playing for the NBA for nine years now, and he is one of the players who are undoubtedly great at handling the ball when they get that chance. His soft moves make it easy for him to pass the opponent players without any challenge, and this what has always given him a spot in the NBA. His skills can never be measure at any cost. Within the nine years that he has been playing for the NBA, he has proven to be the best at his game, and most of the coaches in the league are impressed with the efforts he puts in the game. 

However, most people compare his skills to the great Pete Maravich, who was so talented and entertaining when playing. His styles and moves impressed many, especially those who had the chance to watch him play. Also, Ricky is one of the players who are patient when it comes to making passes. He never rushes. He always takes time to calculate before making any move.

Pete Maravich

Just like today's Ricky, he was one of the players that were great at handling the ball, and all this came out his stylish moves that were unique in the game. Most of his passes were short and accurate. His skill was at another level, and this was something that always gave him the spotlight in the NBA. He made his move to look more of complex to many people, especially to his opponents. To some point, the referees were forced to stop him because they felt like Pete was going beyond the rules of the NBA. 

Derick Rose

He is one of the players who have found themselves being compared to basketball legends because of how they are great at their game. He was once named as the youngest MVP, and this gave him a spotlight ever since. He was the who contributed to the good records when he played for Chicago Bulls ever since Michael Jordan retired. He is also categorized as one of the best ball-handlers in the NBA. However, most of the skill he uses on the court are too close to the ones Michael Jordan used, and this is why he is ever compared to him. 

Rajon Rondo

He is one among the NBA player who has a good reputation in the basketball career. He has a signature pass that is called 'The Ron-do', and this is what he is known for in his time in the NBA. However, he is also considered to be one of the best ball-handlers who can never be matched at their own game. He often uses his fake backhand flip to easily pass his opponents whenever he wants to get to the rim. 

Dwyane Wade

Wade was once named as the most significant athletic player in the NBA, and from then he has been doing the best to retain his spot. With this spot at hand, he concentrated on making sure that he perfected himself with some skills that would help him have a wonderful play. However, he never came up with his skill but managed to perfect on the ones that already existed. In most cases, he was found more of like Manu Ginobili; however, he chooses to put some improvement on Ginobili's skills and come up with something different. With time he became unstoppable, and this is how he continued to impress many of those who got a chance to watch him play. 

Steve Nash

He plays as a point guard, and he is good at it as per the history of basketball. He also had the same shooting skill Stephen Curry had, and this gave the defenders a difficult time whenever he was in the game. It was challenging for the defenders to prevent him from scoring because of his anonymous skills in both shooting and ball-handling. He was also known for his complete passes that gave a lot of opponents a hard time. 

Jamal Crawford

Jamal is one of the players with the best crossovers in the NBA, and this is what has given him a spotlight ever since he joined the league. He is perfect at both shooting and ball-handling, and he has managed to improve his skill within the years. However, the best part of it all, he has proven to be the greatest player when it comes to crossovers and handling the ball. 

Tony Parker

He has been able to perfect himself in a skilful move that helps him to pass through the opponent easily without having any challenge. He has been using the spin dribble as his skill in most of the games that he got the chance to play. However, the good thing is that he can perform his spin well even if he changes sides on the court. His signature is often called 'Teardrop', and he has been using it for the longest time the NBA mock draft 2020 allowed the player to come up with their skill to perfect their game. It has been the new norm in the league. 

Bottom Line

As a basketball player, you need to know that you must have your skill that will forever give you the signature and probably be named to be the best at it so long as you can make it perfect. When you have your skills, you will always have an advantage over your opponents, and this is what most of the players want. Skills such as ball-handling, shooting, dribbling just to mention but a few are the signature most of the players are looking for in the NBA, and you can only achieve this when you put in more practice. Lastly, if you wish to have more information on the same do not hesitate to visit Freaky shoe to get all you want to know about some of the best players in the NBA. 

Top 10 Best Ball Handlers in the NBA

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