Top 10 Running Shoes That Will Surely Make You Run Faster

Top 10 Running Shoes That Will Surely Make You Run Faster

Imagine living in a world that has shoes that can make you run faster? It sounds unreal, but you are actually living in a part of that world that made it possible. Thanks to the ultra-high and rapidly advancing technology, you will be amazed by some of the fastest running shoes that you can get your hands on. 

Top 10 Running Shoes That Will Surely Make You Run Faster

Selecting the best running shoes calls for more features than just looking for comfort. A great pair of running shoes can have a drastic effect on your overall performance. Whether you have to run a marathon or compete on friendly terms with someone, your running shoes are the most essential aspect of determining your performance. 

Top 10 Running Shoes That Will Surely Make You Run Faster

Essential Features to Look For

People who like to run are deeply concerned about getting the right pair of trainers or running shoes. The most sought-after factors that people usually want in their running shoes are adequate cushioning, lightweight properties, ample support, and a comfortable fit. 

Some shoes are ideal for covering short distances. In contrast, others are built for excessive running, much like running in a marathon. In the modern era, you will come across some high-technology running shoes that will be of your assistance during the worst weather conditions. 

Moreover, a running shoe that provides you with a seamless running experience is another essential factor you must consider. Moving ahead, here are our top 10 picks of shoes that can make you run faster.

  • Nike Free RN Distance Shield

  • Being a die-hard Nike fan, you will most likely be aware of the importance of breathability in running shoes. A shoe that provides excellent durability and breathability will definitely surge your energy and potential for longer runs. The Nike Free RN Distance Shield is an incredible pair of shoes for easy running on all types of surfaces, even uneven and wet grounds. Anyone who runs in these shoes can be assured to get a seamless running experience. 

  • Altra Torin IQ Smart Running Shoe

  • A running shoe that has a built-in free reminder is like an added bonus. The Altra Torin IQ Smart Running Shoe is a high-tech shoe with in-built sensors for tracking the distance you will be covering during your run. 

    It also features a voice controlling coach to assist you during your runs. It can be quite challenging to run with your cellphone in your pocket or having a device attached to your neck, wrists, and arms. 

    With the Altra Torin Smart running shoe, you no longer need your cellphones or smartwatches to keep track of your distance. You can easily derive the data from these shoes and keep track of your maximum speed. The voice coach is an excellent contributor in making you run faster.  

  • Saucony Type A9

  • The Saucony Type A9 is another classic energy-boosting shoe that will serve to be the perfect choice for most runners. It is one of the best running shoes that will help you to run faster. It is ultra-fast and offers a brilliant running experience during an intense racing competition. 

    These shoes fit all kinds of situations, be it attending your daily training classes or covering long marathon distances. Available in exciting neon colors, these shoes will make your stand out spectacularly even during night runs. 

  • Asics MetaRun

  • The Asics MetaRun is one of the most fantastic limited-edition shoes, suited explicitly for long-range runners. This shoe entails everything that a runner could want. With its superior carbon-reinforced firmness, lightweight properties, and outstanding durability, the Asics MetaRun leaves no opportunity to look for a better running shoe. 

    It is a highly distinctive shoe for veteran runners. It comes at a high price, but the price is totally worth it. With its impressive Flytefoam technology, it is incredibly lighter than other shoes. This shoe will easily adjust on your feet and give you the comfort you need during and after an intense, long run. 

  • Brooks Ghost 13

  • The Ghost series has achieved 8 Editors’ Choice awards due to its ability to do practically everything. These incredible shoes are perfect for long runs, tempo runs, and speed work. It is one of the best-recommended running shoes for all types and levels, be it newbies or skilled marathoners. 

    The Brooks Ghost 13 incorporates mixed foams for utmost comfort and delivers a smooth and cushioned ride. The 13th version comprises a more breathable air mesh. Its padded tongue, smooth ankle collar, and soft cushioning will give you a hard time to point out anything wrong. 

  • New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v10

  • 1080 has been one of New Balance’s perennial favorites. The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v10 is the latest edition that is incredibly lightweight, springy, and receptive. The Fresh foam X midsole is soft and light, giving your more energy return. This shoe has a unique curved design under the forefoot area, which does not feel very stiff. 

    The upper has undergone drastic changes. These shoes do not have an excessively posh tongue and collar lining. Instead, it has an engineered upper with a one-piece knit material that stretches on your toes and provides a tight fit. 

  • Nike ZoomX Vaporfly

  • The Nike ZoomX Vaporfly is indeed a game-changer running shoe that is perfect for damp weather conditions. The new and innovative Vaporwave technology makes it water-resistant and incredibly light in weight. These shoes are perfect for unanticipated weather situations. 

    Even if you feel like going out for a run on a rainy day, there is no chance that your shoes will be ruined. It has a Pebax based foam midsole that is adequately cushioned, soft, and lightweight. It has the highest energy return, making it possible to engage in longer and faster running sessions. 

  • Adidas Supernova

  • Adidas’ most hyped Boost Foam has given its users an unmatched bounciness and comfort. Still, the Ultraboost 20 has been highly criticized for being too pricey and bulky. The Adidas Supernova contains a similar Boost foam but is a tad less expensive. 

    Moreover, it has also shed some weight and crafted a less complex and highly secured upper. The Boost heel cushion can absorb the brake force and offer a smooth shift to a comfortable EVA foam forefoot. This makes the Supernova one of the slickest running shoes you will find. 

  •  Adidas Springblade

  • The Adidas Springblade is a revolutionary and flawless-looking running shoe that can break every limit. Its incredible specifications include 16 blades that will respond to any type of environmental condition. 

    These shoes will trap and release the energy, letting users generate an efficient push-off that will make them feel like they have springs underneath their feet, hence the name. The Adidas Springblades is ideal for casual and veteran runners and offers an appealing design that will make you stand out in your running group. 

  • Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2

  • Hardcore runners are quite familiar with the name “Pegasus,” which is now on its 36th recurrence. For several years, the Peg is known for handling everything from speed to high mileage. Still, this daily use shoe has proven to be quite heavy for regular speedwork. 

    The new and improved Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 is spectacularly designed to give runners an iconic shoe fit and feel while maintaining the lightweight feeling of racing flats. Nike has given the Pegasus Turbo 2 an upper coat of the hyped Zoom X foam. 

    This Pebax material has been used by Nike in its Vaporfly models since it returns the highest amount of energy compared to other materials. Moreover, Nike included an extra coat of a thicker React foam on the midsole’s bottom to stabilize the ZoomX and increases durability. 


    In conclusion, there are endless varieties and models of running shoes you will find in the stores and online sites. Each running shoe comes with its own set of features, advantages, designs, and unique innovations. Hence, there is no one-fit-for-all running shoe that can accommodate your needs. These shoes comprise some of the most high-tech and innovative technologies that make them perfect for casual or professional running. 

    Top 10 Running Shoes That Will Surely Make You Run Faster
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