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Underground Sneaker Brands You Need To Know!

Underground Sneaker Brands You Need To Know!

There are many sneaker brands other than Adidas and Nike that are rocking the sneaker market. You need to look beyond your shelves and can go for quality footwear. Here is the list of best underground kicks. These sneakers might not have stripes and swooshes, but outstanding in its way. 

The best underground sneaker brands

Ace Originals

This was started in the year 2016 by a young Scotsman Austin Yule. This brand launched its first-ever sneaker in the 2017 “The outset” which debuted in green and grey in Volume 1 and this paid sneaker paid the tribute to the Highland roots brand in an impeccable form. 


Have you ever wanted to customize your shoes and founded it much difficult with big brands like miadidas and NikeiD, then you must check out the best services offered by the popular brand “Swear”. It is known for its designing and craftsmanship and this brand is also known for being the luxury and customizable sneaker company. 

When they say customizable, they mean it. 


The idea by a skateboarder for a sneaker board was a new concept, however, Rone had something unique stored for all. The professional skater Tony Ferguson, the original member team skateboard girl, came up with the best sneaker collection. 

He wanted to make shoes for meeting well the performance needs of every wearer and even turned up successful in meeting the needs and tastes of the aging skaters that dedicated their lives to this regular grind. 


Nowadays, customers are very much conscious about wearing eco-friendly and vegan footwear. To fulfill this demand, a well-known European label who is engaged in shoemaking, Rombaut came ahead in the growing market. 

Mats Rombaut came up with a natural footwear brand that creates avant-garde and outlandish sneakers from the materials which are plant-based and aims at protecting the environment and bio-diversity. 


Manuele Bianchi developed this brand Casbia only after keeping the nonconformism in the mind. After having a closer look at the sneaker collection and its industry where they felt that companies make the same designs every year, Bianchi decided for coming up with his own idea for spinning classics and fusing the old tradition with some modern technology footwear. 


This sneaker brand recently made its debut. It is started by Alife founder, Dave Cory and Arnaud Delecolle. They believe in ethical manufacturing and its silhouettes are fashionable and alluring. Along with its creative look, they are functional too.

This shoe company has also pledged for sharing their profits with non-profit organizations for every pair they sell. These organizations cover civil liberties, education and arts only. 

Six hundred four

When compared to most of the brands, the team behind this company “six hundred four” is a bit different. They consider the shoes as a piece of art that can tell stories. For embracing this concept, this company started releasing its sneakers with creative original artworks that were then printed digitally on the sneakers. 

 Get your hands on these sneakers from these top underground sneaker brands and follow freaky shoes for more updates. 

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