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Ways To Customize Your Shoes Like A Shoe Designer

Ways To Customize Your Shoes Like A Shoe Designer

Wearing a fresh pair of shoes gives one an amazing feeling of getting noticed and stepping out in style, customizes your shoes can even make you look more interesting and playful. 

There are many people that buy the same product, for example recently Alexander John, a well-known designer asked what if around 1000 people wear the same pair of shoes, what will you do with your laces to make them different from others?

He even answered, switching laces can be an easy introduction to make your shoes a bit modified but there are few other methods that you can try on. This expert shoe customizer has shared some inspiring tricks and trips to deck out the sneakers for a unique and differentiated look that captures one's individuality. 

Check them out below

Customize your shoes with Illustrations is a well-known site that can help you best in customizing your shoes. You can check out their collection which includes illustrations filled kicks. 

How to do it?

Making changes with lacing will not make your shoes much interesting, draw something on your shoes with tools like pens, paint markers or sharpies. You can go to the scribble art which doesn’t ask you to be perfect. 

Customize your shoes by painting, dyeing or spray painting

The other customization method which one can take is, painting their shoes. Keep in mind that this needs a lot of research for gauging the best supplies that can be used on some materials. This can help you get a professional and clean result. 

Make sure you don’t crack the color while painting, use a special paint which is made for adhering well to leather. Make use of an airbrush machine, if you want a spray paint look or use a matte finish for customizing a sole. 

When you are deciding over-dyeing to customize your shoes, make sure you do it differently and carefully.

Customizing shoes with logos 

Freaky shoes have come up with this feature where one can get a customized logo on their choice of shoes. Engraving personal trademark on your shoe is a stylish and nifty way for showing off the professionalism features. 

Many companies love making their employees wear shoes that have their logos on. What they do is, they take and cut the same in vinyl and then impose these logos on the shoes. It looks like a real collaboration. 

Customizing shoes by deconstruction

The reconstruction and deconstruction is the growing movement in the world of personalized kicks. This is one technique that is taking the shoes apart and then putting all of them together with various materials that need extra learning. 

One can also take up the course where the experts’ makes an amateur learn about the whole process and many of them end up making coolest shoes. 

Many of the finishing coats are also available in the market that can be used for giving it a patent leather and varnishes feel. Everyone loves having a matte finish with a gloss that depends on the type of work. 

On the pliable sole, one can use something which offers additional flex in its finishing. 

Follow these above-methods to customize your favorite shoes today. In case, you are doubtful over your talent, check the best-customized shoes on  

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