Concrete floors are common in almost all the environments associated with daily human activities; may it be industrial buildings, the offices they work from, classrooms they study in, hotels, shopping malls, residential apartments, and homes, to name a few. Looking at this, you will notice that human life is inseparable from concrete surfaces since they take it as a crucial aspect, which should make part of wherever they spend most of their time.


No one will imagine residing in apartments that have got no concrete floors or, for that case, an office without one. While concrete floors are good and make the human environment cozy, they can cause health problems that emanate from exposure to concrete floors with no shock absorbency. Some health complications associated with concrete floors include; 

Foot discomfort. Walking on floors that do not have shock absorbency may have effects such as painful soles and heels on one's feet. This effect results from the feet muscles, gripping the impact to safeguard the legs, back, and other body parts. This condition can lead to sores' development in the muscles with time, hence weakening bones hence making them vulnerable to fracture.

The other impact is lower-leg pain. This may be experienced by people who live in concrete floors for a lengthy time; this is because their feet will not absorb the complete shock impacted by the concrete to the joints. This effect contributes to the development of sores to the calves’ muscles due to bearing more impact than expected from the concrete. A situation that can be realized when one develops painful knees. When left unchecked, one's joints can be permanently damaged, and it may lead to arthritis. 

Hip degeneration is another effect that can result from a long walk over concrete floors. This results from the hip sockets' impact, which can be attributed to a hard landing on the hip joints' concrete jolting. This can cause ailments, such as arthritis or hip bone degeneration. The situation can be corrected through surgery to replace one's hip.

Low-back pain is another resultant effect of walking over concrete floors for an extended period. The victim to this develops painful back from the lower side. A condition that can be attributed to the hard impact experienced from one’s steps as they walk over the concrete floors, the effect is emitted up the calves via the thighs to the lower part of the back. The back is impacted last long after feet, calves, and hips have unstiffened the concrete floors' effect. In most instances, severe cases do not happen, and many people will only experience lower back pain, which appears and disappears over time.

Walking over concrete floors for a long time may also result in skin irritation. The effect on this goes to the soles of feet, which happens when concrete floors are left uncarpeted or a situation where spots are left exposed after a carpet wears out. This happens to be a health issue when one’s feet regularly contact the cement residue. This mainly affects people who walk on uncovered concrete floors barefooted. The signs of this effect are; skin irritation, rashes, or itching of feet soles.

The effects of walking on concrete to joints

The effect of traversing on concrete is experienced by almost all parts of the human body. Although one's ankles and knees mostly feel this effect, the joints are not exceptional. For a fact, people who work in an environment where they are required to stand for an extended period or walk on concrete floors are likely to suffer from knee problems. The resultant effects of walking on these surfaces can result in one hurting or stressing their knees.

Standing or walking on hard surfaces for long hours day in, day out can expose one to health-related complications. Such complications include a type of arthritis called osteoarthritis (a type of wear and tear arthritis). Joints, knees as well as ankles can be severely affected by traversing on hard surfaces; hence one should take necessary measures to protect themselves from developing a long term injury, pain, or fatigue.

The best measure that one should take to ensure that they are always safe while on concrete floors is wearing the right footwear suited for such places. Suitable footwear for such areas should have a high absorbency to guard the wearer properly from the impacts generated by concrete terrain. The shoes should also be adequately cushioned and spread across its soles to give it the desired quality needed in such a landscape. The shoe should support the wearer's ankles and feet, enhance breathability, and remain cool and dry all through. The shoe should also be well padded and cushioned to aid in distributing shock evenly throughout the wearer's feet.

Several professions will require one to remain standing or walking for long hours. Those who fall in such occupations have no choice but to choose the right footwear, which will protect them from the adverse effects experienced from hard surfaces, as discussed above. Teachers who spend much of their time standing or walking from one classroom to another or from one corner of the school compound to another attending to learners should have the best shoes for standing all day on concrete surfaces. Nurses who are required to move from one ward to another or from one bed to another attending to the sick should have good working shoes


There are several unjustified myths concerning standing and walking on concrete floors; for instance, some people will argue that standing or walking on such floors for an extended period barefooted may lose calcium from the body. Though this argument is untrue, it can as well subject one to conditions that will force them to increase calcium intake to correct or aid in coping with such situations. Some people, especially females, may develop stress fractures when they walk on concrete floors for long periods. This condition is brought about by the walking impact shock building on bones instead of the muscles. This condition is believed to be common among women because their bone density and muscles cannot withstand the shock they are subjected to when one walks on concrete floors for many days. This condition is corrected by taking foods rich in calcium.

Shin splints are another health issue that emerges from walking on hard surfaces for a prolonged period. This ailment is characterized by muscle inflammation, which leads to stiffness in one's feet. High levels of calcium intake aid in easing this condition since calcium helps in bone healing.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure; one is advised to acquire the right footwear if they spend most of their time on hard surfaces. The right shoes will help them avoid developing complications associated with walking or standing on these surfaces, prolonged time. One should acquire a shoe that will help the body absorb the walking impact to protect their bones, joints, and muscles. A person working in a hard-surfaced environment performing tasks that require them to stand or walk for long hours should acquire shoes that are well- padded, comfy, and stable. For instance, chefs will conduct most of their business while standing on hard surfaces for an extended period; hence they need the best shoes for a chef to help them work effectively and aid them against developing some of the related health complications, as mentioned above.

Walking on concrete floors worsens the state of arthritis, so the victims are advised to seek the best footwear, which will help them overcome this situation. Arthritis is a condition that affects one's joints or the muscles; its signs are evident when one experiences pain when walking. The case is even worse when one is walking over concrete floors where their muscles are jarred in each stride they take, and the main may even be more. Osteoarthritis is a common form of arthritis related to prolonged walking or standing on hard surfaces without wearing the correct type of footwear to help you experience the impacts of these surfaces.

The right footwear, which should be worn by people living with arthritis while on hard surfaces, should possess a shock-absorbing mechanism evenly distributed all through the shoe and not concerted at a particular part such as the toes or the heels. It should also be well-cushioned and padded to give it the ability to alleviate the jarring of walking on concrete floors. It should be designed to form non-slip outsoles which are highly supportive. The soles are thick and pliable to produce a feeling of walking on a cushioned surface. The uppers should be modified to be breathable, durable as well as offer support to the ankles. Footwear with all these features will protect the wearer from developing diseases associated with hard-surfaced environments or prevent the situation from worsening if one has already developed it. 

Having seen the impacts of concrete floors on different parts of the body ranging from feet, calves to the back whereby such effects could only be avoided through wearing suitable footwear. One should have adequate knowledge of the exact footwear they should go not to find themselves in the said complications. Here are the best types of footwear designed to have the required qualities to alleviate the impacts of hard surfaces on various body parts and ones designed to help those who have already developed these conditions cope with them or prevent the complications from worsening. 

The best footwear to walk on concrete floors.

Owning the best shoes for walking on hard surfaces is a vital consideration to people who spend long periods walking, running, or standing on concreted surfaces. This is because such footwear will offer them support, comfort, stability, and style, which will help them against developing complications associated with such surfaces. Here are some of the best pairs in the market which one can go for they possess the qualities needed in footwear which should be used on hard surfaces. 

Asics Gel-Contend 5 Walker.     

It is one of the current footwear in the market, which will ensure that its wearer is well protected from the impacts of hard surfaces on their body as they stand or walk for long hours. This pair is made from a synthetic overlay incorporated with a breathable mesh; these features ensure that one is cozy as it allows fresh airflow giving one a great feeling. They are designed to have a lace-up system, amplifoam midsole as well as a rearfoot gel stifling system that conforms to one's feet. On top of this, they offer the best heel support, which ensures the safety of the wearer's foot for long hours. They have removable innersoles enabling the wearer to implant a custom orthopedic insole if they have foot issues.  Their comfort is amplified by having a rubber inner material as well as an ortholite sock liner.  

Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On. 

The uppers of these pairs are made of full-grain leather, making it durable. The leather forming the upper part is designed in a unique way to give the shoe some classy touch. It is also incorporated with a breathable mesh lining to ensure that one's feet remain cool and dry, providing the wearer with the comfort one may wish to acquire from footwear. It has a changeable EVA footbed, making it easy for one to swap it with an orthopedic one whenever they need their feet to cope with some specific issues.

They are well padded and air-cushioned at the right places enabling the wearer to walk, stand, or even run comfortably on hard surfaces. Their outer soles are modified to produce M Select grip, which is highly durable and offers excellent traction in whichever surface one traverses. On top of this, the soles make them slip-resistant; this makes the wearer stable all through, making it a great shoe to own. These shoes are flexible, enhancing their ability to absorb shock impact associated with hard surfaces hence a suitable shoe for people operating on such environments for a prolonged period.

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional

Clogs are known to be the best shoes suitable while one is conducting their daily undertakings within hard-surfaced environments. Keli professional is a clog type that has ascertained this to be accurate; they are classy modified with elegant colors. Their uppers are made of leather hence durable. They have heels that are limited to resist straining effect as well as slip-resistant soles; thus, in case of slippery floors, one will still be able to walk free comfortably.

Their uppers are made of leather, which is highly breathable, ensuring that their feet remain cool and dry all through. They have a polyurethane sole, modified to limit the pressure experienced while walking on hard surfaces. It has a well-padded collar making it cozier as well as offering extra support to its wearer. These qualities make this pair one of the fantastic shoes for people operating in concrete surfaces for long hours.

Dunham Men’s Bryce Oxford.

These are men’s shoes designed to suit those operating on hard surfaces for long hours. They are modified to give them a classy look; this is enabled by their classic lace-up style complemented by full-grain leather uppers. They are highly breathable; hence, one's feet will remain cool and dry while making it a more comfortable pair. They have a removable footbed; thus, the wearer can substitute it with their favorite to suit the comfort of their feet. 

They have an EVA foam heel cap, which gives the shoe an additional paddling on the part of the heel producing better shock-absorbing ability. They have a textile lining that wicks away any moisture, ensuring that dump conditions on one's feet are kept at bay. They have stable nylon shank supports that ensure that the shoe keeps superb traction in whichever surface one traverses on assuring one of stability. Its features make it suitable to be worn casually or formally as it will keep one's feet comfy, cool, and dry on concrete floors where they have to stand all through.

Sketchers USA men’s Slip-On Loafer.

Sketchers have served men on several instances ranging from; serving as shoes to wear on work, being worn for casual purposes to being worn for light walks, to name a few. They also meet the qualities desired from a shoe to use on hard surfaces. They are designed to take the form of slip-on loafers, making them easy to put on and off; hence we can describe them as an efficient type of footwear as they save the wearer time while dressing on them. They are highly cushioned as their insoles are infused with gel memory foam making one experience the desired comfort while on concrete surfaces. They come with an elastic goring that enables them to remain fit on the wearer’s feet, helping them walk comfortably on them. They are flexible and spacious, a feature that makes them fit people of different feet sizes. They are lightweight. Thus, one can traverse for a long distance on them without developing fatigue or straining their feet; they are also durable and offer breathability; therefore, one's feet will remain cool and dry on them for many hours a condition which makes them even cozier. 

Clerks Women’s Everlay Elma Oxford.  

This footwear will not only secure their wearer from harmful effects prevailing on hard surfaces, but it will also give them a touch of style to their outfit. This combination of quality makes Everlay Elma one of the best footwear which no lady would wish to miss in their shoe cabinet. They can be used on official functions as well as for casual occasions where one may encounter concrete floors, making them stand out as multi-purpose footwear.

They are designed to accommodate a fabric lining which wicks away any wetness coming into conduct with the shoe; hence the wearer will remain free from any dump conditions around their feet, a factor which makes them even cozier. They are also modified to have a low wedge make, a situation which makes them highly comfortable while one is traversing over hard and concrete floors. They are well cushioned to ensure that the wearer's weight is evenly distributed along the foot; this reduces any instances of fatigue or strains developing on one's feet, making them well adaptable to walk on hard concrete floors. Their outer soles are made of rubber, which is well lugged to provide superb traction with whichever surface one traverses on; thus, the wearer is assured of stability irrespective of the terrain. The sole is also slip-resistant; therefore, one does not have to worry about slippery floors while on this fantastic footwear. 

Clarks Women’s Wave Go.

This is designed for women who spend most of their time on hard concrete floors. They have an athletic lace-up system that ensures that the wearer's feet remain well fitted in the shoe, thus assuring them of their safety. They have modified to have a technology innovated curved rocker sole, which gives the wearer's feet the comfort they deserve and helps them in conserving the energy needed on walking. They have shock- absorbing inner soles that protect the wearer from the impacts of hard concrete surfaces.  They have outer rubber soles which are highly lugged to provide superb traction with whichever kind of surface one traverses on. This ensures that one is safe in whichever terrain they walk on; on top of this, they are again slip-resistant; thus, one will not have to worry about slippery floors while on these shoes. 

Best Shoes to Run on for Shin Splints Victims

As discussed in this article, shin splints are common injuries resulting from the effects of walking on hard concrete floors. A victim of this condition may not find it easy to run due to the pain experienced at particular points of one’s legs. A failure to do some running while suffering from this condition might make it worse; hence people with this condition are advised to practice running. To run comfortably being a victim of shin splints, they need to acquire the right footwear, which will enable them to run normally just like any other person who is not suffering from this complication. Here are several suitable shoes which can make running easy for shin splints victims. 

Brooks Women’s Ghost 11.

These pair is designed to accommodate removable insoles making it possible for the wearer to replace them with their own. This will ensure that one able to makes themselves as comfy as they wish. On top of this, one can adjust the shoe to cope with the feet which have issues by substituting the original insoles with those of their choice. It is shock absorbent, making it fantastic footwear to use hard concrete surfaces as it will help resist the impacts created on the wearer’s legs if they come across such surfaces. The shoe is highly cushioned in such a way that it will enable it to facilitate even distribution of weight on all the parts of the shoe, a factor which makes it more comfortable to run on. It is modified to make it extra flexible; this makes it stretch accordingly, enabling it to fit in feet of different sizes. The materials used in making Ghost 11 are highly breathable; thus, it provides adequate ventilation on the wearer’s feet, making it remain cool and dry all through hence a very comfortable pair for one to run on.

Asics Men’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes.

It has a firm gum rubber outer sole, which is highly lugged, making it useful in different terrains; thus, the wearer of this shoe is assured of stability in whichever landscape they traverse on. Both inner and outer soles are strong, a factor that increases the shoe's durability as well as makes them extra comfortable. Their stability is also enhanced by having a flat heel, making them safer for the victims of shin splints to run on them comfortably. Their lace-up system is simply making them fit nicely in one's feet, thus securing it appropriately. They are also well cushioned to ensure that the feet' weight is evenly distributed on all the corners of the shoe, which makes them more comfortable. 

New Balance Men’s 990V4.

This pair is designed to accommodate a great combination of breathable mesh and leather supportive overlays. This factor offers them an even amount of configuration as well as aeration without necessarily leaning too far in whichever side. They have an outer sole made from gum rubber, which gives the feet maximum protection. The sole is also highly lugged to enable it to cope with whichever kind of landscape one might traverse on; thus, the wearer is assured of adequate stability while on these shoes. Its stability is summed up by the shoe having flat heels making it a pair that one may opt to use on training.

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vomero 13 Running Shoe.

This pair combines several methods to give it the much-needed comfort for the victim of shin splints condition. For instance, they are given extra padding and being well-cushioned such that they will provide a feeling of one stepping on cushioned surfaces while they are on rough surfaces. They are also made of highly breathable materials, which makes them well aerated; thus, the wearer's feet remain cool and dry while on them. This will ensure that one will not experience sweating on their feet while running, making the whole activity exciting. The shoe is also lightweight making it comfortable to run on since it will not add unnecessary weight on the runner's feet, which helps in doing away with any possible instances of fatigue. Their outer sole is well molded to give it extra stability making it able to cope well with several kinds of terrain; thus, one can comfortably run on these shoes through different landscapes. 

Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe.

These women's shoes are designed to bring out features concerned with the wearer's feet' comfort and security, making it one of the best available pairs in the market for the people living with shin splints. To begin with, they have a well-molded EVA midsole, which makes them extra comfortable. Their outer sole is made of firm rubber, which is well lugged to make it cope with any terrain one may traverse so the wearer is assured of stability as they run in whichever kind of surface. They are also well-cushioned and flexible, making them comfortable; thus, the wearer will get enough satisfaction of any footstep they take as they run. They are designed to have a simple lace-up system, which ensures that one's feet are well fitted on them; thus, one does not have to worry about the shoe slipping out as they run. Saucony doubles up as a perfect exercising shoe and casual footwear; therefore, it can be purchased to serve both tasks. 


This article has made you realize that the concrete floors people associate with class and comfort has many impacts on their bodies. It is very evident that the hard concrete floors cannot be avoided, as I once said, “HUMAN LIFE IS INSEPARABLE FROM HARD CONCRETE FLOORS." To enable one to cope with the effects associated with these surfaces, the only option will be purchasing the right footwear; for instance, people who have occupations rotating along with environments with hard concrete surfaces will require to buy the right work shoe. For a fact, teachers will need the right working shoes, nurses too, a chef should acquire the best shoes for a chef as well as any other person affected by the same.

All the types of shoes discussed above and any other kind footwear that one may wish to have to aid them on walking or standing on concrete floors for long hours. As observed, one may need them to aid cope with the conditions emerging from the impacts of hard concrete surfaces on their feet. If you lack the best place to source such from then, worry no more since freaky shoe company got you covered. Freaky Shoe Company is an online platform that deals with designing all kinds of footwear according to the way the customer wishes them to be. For excellent footwear or any other information you may want to have from them, then get to them through their website: freakyshoes.com


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