What is a Penny Shoe? Everything You Should Know

What is a Penny Shoe? Everything You Should Know

Those who hear about penny shoes for the first time or look to buy one often search for this shoe to know more. Since most of the online world lacks complete information about these shoes, I have made a comprehensive guide for you.

Penny shoe is a slip-on shoe with no laces. It is manufactured with leather material and has "pockets" where you can easily slip in cents or pennies- hence the name Penny shoe. These shoes got popular in the 1950s, and even today, people put them on and look stunning. 

In this guide, I am explaining what a penny shoe is, its interesting history, and why a lot of people prefer to have them. So, stick to the end. 

Penny Shoe- An Overview

What is a Penny Shoe?

Penny shoes, also known as Penny loafers, are one of the oldest shoes we have today. It is reported that they were first commercially made in the 1930s and got famous among people in the 1950s. However, their roots are traced in Europe even before this time. 

Today, Penny shoes are extremely popular among shoe lovers, and the reasons are justified. These shoes have a moccasin style, which gives them a unique look to other shoes. Also, there is a strap attached to them, which is known as Saddle. In it, you can put coins and even cards.

A good thing is that Penny's shoe style has changed with time. Still, you can feel all the time passed when you put your feet in them. Furthermore, these shoes have always been laceless, and this hasn't changed even today. The history of this shoe is worth noting.

History of Penny Shoes

What is a Penny Shoe?

Penny shoes have been worn by people for a very long time. They were first made in Europe centuries ago. However, the proper name and looks were given to them by the Americans. 

Up to 1960s

Native Americans liked these shoes, and the trend of wearing them started growing. In the 1930s, factories started making them on a large scale as the demand got high. These American manufacturers also changed the design and created a "Pocket" space for people to put pennies. This gave them the name Penny shoe.

Back in those days, cents used to mean a lot. It is because there were no mobile phones, and people used to use phone booths to contact others during an emergency. 

To make a call with a phone booth, people will have to insert two coins and then dial the number. Since it was hard for them to always carry two cents in their pockets, they used to put the coins in their Penny shoes.

Putting two cents (one in each shoe) gave people relief that they could call anyone any time using a phone booth in an emergency. Due to this reason, their sales went way up in the 1950s and 60s (Phone booth era). 

1960s Till Now

With time, the concept of phone booths then got obsolete, but the demand for penny shoes stayed strong. 

Their designs got upgraded, and now you can get them in lots of colors, shapes, and styles. 

But there's much more to it.

There are lots of other factors now involved that have made Penny shoes worth buying. 

Why Do People Prefer to Wear Penny Shoes?

What is a Penny Shoe?

Penny Shoes are now one of the most in-demand shoes to wear, no matter what the event is. There are many reasons behind their popularity, and it's time to know what they are. 

It's a Classic

Penny shoes are Classic. They are made by following the moccasin style that looks elegant and captivating. Plus, there are also hints of Europiness. These shoes were predicted to first be made in Norway and UK regions before America gave them a new lifeline. 

Now, Americans have added their own sense of style in manufacturing this shoe. They have a penny-shaped slot, which still offers traditional looks. 

Furthermore, they are now made with leather (just like other classic shoes), which means they are durable too. 

Leather does not get damaged that easily, and even the coloring on it does not fade with time. So, the classic penny shoes will be with you for a very long time. 

Super Versatile

Penny shoes offer great versatility. Now, you can get them in lots of colors and different designs according to your liking. The black and brown ones are the most famous, but people also prefer to buy other colored shoes too. 

Furthermore, when it comes to craftsmanship, penny shoes are definitely superior. You can clearly see the stitches on the outer surface, which is a reflection of traditional designs. 

But the difference between older Penny shoes and present Penny shoes is that the in-step and sole are designed with much more care now. Plus, the companies also spend a great sum of money on trying new versatile designs as well.

Perfect For Those Who Don't Like Laces

Penny is a laceless shoe. So, it is an ideal choice for those who don't like to tie laces or just hate them altogether. 

Being laceless has always been the main point of penny shoes. They have always been without any kind of strings right from the beginning of their history. 

Note that even without being laceless, penny shoes still fit properly. You will just have to make sure to buy shoes in your size, or else you will face problems of shoes slipping out. 

Easy To Wear

Another reason people like Penny shoes is that they are really easy and comfortable to wear.

Some have doubts that since they are laceless, they must be hard to put on. The truth is they are the simplest when it comes to wearing. Just put your foot in and then use your index finger to adjust the bottom side.  

However, make sure to buy a top-quality one from a reputable company. It is because only such shoes are easy to wear and provide comfort to the fullest. 

Works With Both "Sock" and "No Sock" Looks

There are some shoes, like high-cut sneakers, that require people to put on socks whenever they wear them. Similarly, low-cut sneakers look best when you go sockless. But Penny shoes are one of the few wearables that do not make it necessary to have socks on or off. 

The reason is that these shoes look stunning even if you wear socks or not.  

If you decide to put on socks, then the good news is that you can wear Penny shoes with any sock color you want. However, it is recommended to wear such socks that match the color of the shoe. 

If you don't have such colored socks, then go for contrast. It means if your shoes have a dark color, then put on light shade wearable or sock. 

Similarly, every type of sock length goes well with Penny Shoe. Whether you like to wear Ankle socks or mid-calf, they will look the best with these shoes.

Suits Almost Every Occasion

One more reason that makes Penny shoes worth buying is that these shoes suit every type of occasion and event. You can wear them and go to any casual or formal event, and look staggering. 

However, the time that is perfect for penny shoes is a casual occasion. It is because these shoes pair really well with trousers, shorts, jeans, and beige chinos. Since these outfits are clearly informal, the best time to put on these shoes is when you are going to a casual gathering.

In addition, grooms can also wear these shoes during their weddings too. It is because this shoe can also look stunning with a wedding suit as well.

Moreover, you can also have these shoes on for a formal occasion too. You can put them on with an office suit and look professional. 

However, it is better not to wear them in an office as you might look weird. People don't normally wear such shoes in the office, so you may end up attracting lots of attention from your colleagues and possibly from your boss too. 

Suits Almost Every Hobby

A unique thing about Penny shoes is that they also suit almost every type of hobby you have. Some people love to go hunting. They can do this while wearing this shoe. Similarly, a lot of people like photography. These people can put on Penny shoes and go to any site to click some great pictures. 

In addition, penny shoes are also a good option for playing indoor games. Moreover, if you love to collect coins, you can always put one coin in each shoe (inside the penny slot) and have fun.

Good Luck For the Europeans

There are many European communities that think of pennies as good luck. Especially in Poland, people shower pennies whenever there is an important event like a wedding. They think doing this will bring prosperity. Similarly, some Spanish and Latin American communities also consider coins as lucky charms.

For these people, a penny shoe is an automatic choice. People wear these shoes and put on a coin for good luck in their life. 

Historical Figures Have Worn Them

A lot of people look to buy Penny shoes as they were worn by lots of popular politicians and celebrities in the past. They were in trend during those times, so they used to wear them wherever they went. 

Some of the popular personalities that put on Penny shoes regularly are: 

  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Paul Newman
  • J.F. Kennedy
  • Steve McQueen
  • Michael Jackson 

Today, those who love these popular people try to imitate their looks and buy penny shoes for this.

Easy To Purchase

Penny Shoes are not hard to find and purchase. You can easily buy them online and get your hands on them within a few business days only. 

However, it is crucial you make a purchase on a credible platform. It is because buying from un-reputable sources can lead to all money being wasted. They might send you low-quality shoes, which will go bad in a few weeks. 

So, place an order on a well-established platform to get the best quality Penny Shoes. 

Worth The Price

The last main reason why people are now preferring to buy Penny shoes is that they are worth the price. Their prices generally seem a little higher than some shoes. But the truth is that Penny shoes are durable, comfortable, and long-lasting. 

They are made with leather, so there is no chance of them going bad in a few months. If you properly take care of them, Penny shoes can stay in shape for at least eight years. 

But if you keep them moist and do not clean them regularly, then the leather will start to get damaged. When this starts to happen, expect that shoes will go bad soon. 

Therefore, maintain their appearance, and you will make every penny spent on them worth it. 

That's all about all the reasons that make Penny shoes the best. 

Problem With Penny Shoe

Despite offering lots of advantages, there is a problem with Penny shoes. This shoe is not unisex and is suitable for men only. It is because their design and style do not support a feminine approach or lifestyle. So, women should not wear Penny shoes. But if you love them, I say go for it! 

Final Thoughts

All in all, Penny shoes are laceless shoes with a slip-on design. They have a slot on them where people used to put coins. 

These shoes have been manufactured for decades. They got their early fame in the 1950s when people used phone booths to get in touch with others. Since two coins or pennies were required to make a call, they used to keep the coins in the shoes- hence the name Penny shoes.

Today, they are in demand, and lots of people buy them every year as their design has improved and versatility has increased. 

So, buy Penny shoes and pull off a remarkable look.

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