What is AAU Basketball?

What is AAU Basketball?

AAU is a sport that is well known by those who are involved in the basketball games or probably those who are there to cheer the game up. Moreover, you will also know that most of the National Basketball Association and some of the college players once dominated in this game before they found their ways in the National League. It is is something that has dominated ever since it was established even if most people do not know it, especially worldwide.  However, most of the NBA legends were AAU players before they transferred, and they include Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, to mention but a few. 

What is AAU Basketball?

Moreover, you will not believe that most of the NBA players spent quality time playing for the American Athletic Union, which is why it is still known to date. Basketball is one of the most known sports globally, and for decades, it has proved to be one of the favorite games people can get to watch. Its existence has made sure that the talents of young youths do not go astray. However, if you have ever been on the court, you can attest that it is genuinely the most adored game. Additionally, the players do not play for a single team only; there is a time when the NBA news trade decides which player to be traded, which makes them known for their excellent talent. 

However, as many people may want to put it, still, the main purpose of why the American Athletic Union was invented was to act as an exception to those basketball players who never grew in the United States of America. This was a big honor for those who did spend all their life outside America. Basketball is a sport that you would love to play even if you are not that qualified, and for that reason, it was established. Besides, when you are playing for AAU basketball, it will be easy for you to join the National Basketball Association (NBA) without having any challenges. However, you are likely to feel the other way around when you are directly from another country and want to play for the league. 

As it is in may people's minds that most of the basketball players in the NBA have passed through AAU basketball, then this is a clear indication that it is an essential part for all of them, especially in becoming great players. If you have been following up on NBA games, you can attest that players who played AAU basketball have risen to be the most honored off all time. They have also become elites in basketball thanks to AAU basketball. However, many questions will be asked, and if not two, more people would want to know and understand what this sport is and its impact and importance in all upcoming players who found their way in the NBA basketball. 

The History Behind The Existence of The AAU Basketball

James E. Sullivan established this sport with the aim of something common and magnificent standard. He had the ambition of changing the whole view of games by coming with something unique to people's eyes, which is when he decided to come up with the American Athletic Union (AAU). He came with this idea in early 1888, and this was when he chose to make it official that he had something that would change the face of sports in the world, especially basketball. 

However, if you are not a follower of sports, you might not understand or know AAU's achievements. They have been the most successful union in sports after being the United States representative in most international games. They have also contributed to the consistency of the championship in every season. To add on, they have been the leaders of the global sports for a long time. During this time, they ensured that sports are given priority, and anyone was allowed to participate so long as you have the talent and all required by then. 

The existence of the American Athletic Union was all that people were looking for many years, and when it finally invented, no one was in a position to reject it, and this why you still hear of it to date. Because of it, most of the players are recognized for their excellent work, especially basketball players. You will agree that most of the players that perform well in the NBA are products of AAU. This is an indication that its existence can no longer be measure with anything whatsoever. 

Moreover, you will be surprised to realize that it involved itself in basketball and the Olympics. This is why you will never get a reason to say that you are not aware of this union, maybe if you hate both Olympic and basketball, which is not even right for a living being. They have been behind the preparation of athletes for Olympic for the longest time, which made them establish the AAU Junior Olympic. This body dealt with matters concerning the Olympics. It was introduced in 1949, and it was formed to aid athletes who were from the ages of eight to sixteen.  

If you have been following up on sports, you will be able to attest that this union still conducts and organizes athletics to date, and your knowledge is held annually. This is an approval that AAU has made it possible for many legends by giving them their first chance in sports. As a player, you will applause this union of all they have done to ensure that you become one of the world's best players. They have always been behind every player to make sure that they achieve what they wanted in their sports career. 

Additionally, it took over the basketball immediately; it was invented in 1891 by James Naismith. The National Basketball Championship was first held in 1897, which was under the leadership of the AAU. The championship was later won by the YMCA, who came to New York City. However, they received complaints as to why they did not organize a tournament for the women. But it came to light when the first women's championship was held in 1926; however, it began with six teams. The tournament was played in Los Angles at Los Angles Athletic Club, and it was won by the Pasadena Athletic and Country Club. It was a game that many had attended since they never thought that anything like that could happen. 

Surprisingly, the criticism never stopped since most people still; felt that women were not involved in most of the games, and they saw it as an act of underrating women. This was experienced in the early 1970s; however, it was not long when the Olympics began to lose their relationship with the organization and chose to form their independent organization in which they were to work under it. They created the United States Olympic Committee and the national governing organs that were made to stand for each Olympic game all through. 

When the Olympics began to organize their athletic competitions, it was clear that they had lost their trust in the AAU basketball, which made them lose even more influence. However, with all the misunderstanding with its members, they have continued to exist in their way if they received less support from those who first have the influence. Most of the young players were still attracted to the AAU even after losing its popularity. They still thought that it would help them improve on their skills and even made them win the NBA all-star games, which was a dream of any player or team.

The American Athletic Union Basketball

It was an organization where an independent group of young players formed different teams to compete in organized and supervised games by the AAU. Most of the teams formed under this organization had no affiliation with anything concerning school, which was why it was ever different from another league that involved the same. They were made of any player so long as you were interested in joining the organization. 

The league allows the participation of both boys and girls. They also allow them to form different teams that would then be given a chance to compete in tournaments that were also under their guard. Most of the AAU tournaments were organized between February and July when schools were on closure. The good thing with this organization was that they allowed groups to be formed, but according to the age group and each age group was allowed to qualify for the championship, which was conducted nationally. 

What is AAU Basketball?

The Reason Why Most of the Player Participate in the AAU Basketball

this is one of the most respected organizations globally, and it has managed to bring out the most talented and experienced players that a team would desire to have. However, despite the good deeds, it has never been out of scandals ever since it was established. Their involvement with shoemaking companies brought mistrust as most of their leaders were suspected of having illegal deals, which they would later be accused of corruption. However, some of the people felt that most of the AAU players were not participating in what they were required of, hence being a disappointment to those who supported it from the start. 

Additionally, most of the basketball legends who passed through AAU had a different negative word about the organization from the coaches to the players. However, the most appealing criticisms were that they involve themselves in things that do not even concern them like exposing some of the players and coaches instead of concentrating on their players' well-being. Many people thought that they were going outside of what they were expected to be doing as an AAU basketball. Their involvement in non-essential things also made them fail to give the players the training they deserved, and they would wait until the tournament is near that is when they would try to make changes that were not satisfying for the players. 

They also lacked good coaching, which failed them a big-time since they used to defend instead of attacking to win the game, and this was also a setback to them. Most of the people said that it was so dull to watch their games. This was because the players used to run on the court instead of playing. It was purely a lack of proper training. The players lacked fundamental skills in basketball, which was also put on AAU staff. 

The poor coaching in the AAU came from the fact that anyone was allowed to coach the players. It only took them a few hours to select anyone they call coach; they did not even think of having someone who is more experienced holding that position. The approval and certification were the most important thing for an excellent coach to have; however, this was something that they never even considered to check before they would make the appointment.  

Moreover, this made many people who were impressed with them to look down on them because they failed to perform what they were meant to. When you fail to give a young player positive instruction, there is no way you will expect them to be good players in the feature, which is what the AAU failed to provide to the players. It was something that the NBA 2k20 never wanted to be done to the young players.

Bottom Line

As many people would love to put it, the AAU basketball has been of great help to most of the players that you know today. Because of the persistence that these players can showcase their talents, and it goes without notice, the organization has played a good role not only to the young players but also to all those that look up to them. They have been on the front line since its establishment in making sure that young individuals' talents do not go to waste by training them to become independent and skilled players. However, their setbacks and criticism never pulled them back on what they were doing, and this why they will always be in people's minds. Lastly, as our reader, if, in any case, you need more information on this, do not hesitate to visit Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com and have all you want to know. 

What is AAU Basketball?

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