What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot?

What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot?

What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot:


What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot?


Many people suffer from various diseases that affect different parts of their bodies. The foot is no exception. People who run and play football may be the most affected. However, factors like age and pre-existing conditions play a significant role in determining whether one will suffer from Metatarsalgia.


It is a pain that affects the ball in the foot. Mostly, women who rock on high heels get involved and are most vulnerable to the condition. When feet get used to getting a high posture while walking, chances are to develop conditions that will affect its daily operation.


Let us look into the details of the disease. There is a broad field about feet. If you have the type that is resistant to a lot of force, chances are you will suffer less in times of metatarsalgia attacks. The most common symptoms include; having a sharp pain behind your soles. It is where the ball of the foot is located.


It is a sensitive part that requires care when wearing shoes and choosing the type of footwear to rock on. Rest, and the use of ice can come in handy as a solution to the problem. Women are advised to wear shoes which have well cushioned insoles to prevent further destruction of the organ. 


Sometimes pain becomes more while walking, standing or flexing. When you walk barefoot on a rough surface, you increase the chances of courting the infection. Women who like clubbing can be most affected due to the nature of lifestyle they choose. The condition could be exaggerated if one is suffering from diabetes.


Once a doctor has diagnosed the condition, it is advisable to wear flat heeled shoes so that the feet will have a stable position to execute its function. However, the condition has a more medical inclination on how it manifests to how it is treated. Different medical experts have various opinions on how to deal with the situation. A patient’s medical history may be required to determine the type of medication to administer. 


Sometimes, trauma causes numbness of the feet. The extent of the trauma determines the amount of pain you will experience. If someone suffers from pre-existing mental diseases, the manifestation process may cause pain in the feet as a side effect. Before concluding that someone is going through athlete problems, you should consider the history of the patient. 


A healthcare provider will state that inspection and diagnosis is key. Assessment of gait that includes; analyzing base support, cadence and stride length is necessary to rule out the specific parts which are affected by metatarsalgia. Since heels are the most causing factors to the condition, let us dig deep into the history of heels.


Exclusively, heels were initially meant for men. Soldiers would go to battle rocking on heels. The high altitude that involved the shoe, would give them a good base for fighting to their best. Royals wore the shoes as a sign of prestige and class. 


The tag statement behind the heels is pleasure and pain. Pleasure is the positive aspect. It involves the magnitude of dignity experienced. Pain is the backside aspect that includes foot troubles that come with it. Back in the 15th century, Persia hosted the great revolution of the footwear industry. People liked the trend since the boots made them appear taller and stronger.


It was also a sense of style. During the 15th through to the 17th century, women became popular with the culture and added it to their aesthetic collection. Europe became the hub of beauty and maids were used as clutches. However, it brought about the aspect of choosing dresses. The higher the shoes, the longer the dress choice to wear, since you cannot wear a short clothing against long boots. In the year 1673, King Louis XIV introduced the color red to the collection.


The color represented his kingly appeal. He restricted the members of staff from wearing red since it could reduce his honor. Chinese also adopted the footwear trend and caused deformities to the foot. However, the people got used to it and it became popular. The type of feet determined the height of heels to wear. You may have heard about the Cinderella story. One outstanding fact about her is that a high shoe elevated her social status. It is the same case for the present age. 


Back to the 1500s, horse riders donned the footwear a lot. Soldiers would stand while doing stirrups and get a perfect shot at the target. The drift in wearing the heels, became a matter of masculinity and being socially important. It became an essential trait to wear heels if you were a socially identified person.


In the 1600s the emperor of France Louis XIV he rocked on the shoes to appear more domineering and powerful. It was not the best trait but at least it portrayed power. The early and mid 1800’s, people had the taken on the trait of wearing high heels. The people were influenced by the loyalty.


In the age, the heel tradition got swapped and men stopped wearing the shoes. The change happened because the people loosened their dedication to the loyalty and began having their choices about life and fashion. The people felt that it is okay to have the trend stopped and take on something that can be wore. 


However, every huge revolution cannot dim out. It comes back even after it fades out. The heels made a comeback in the period of the 1800-1900. However, heels cannot be good for zumba. You cannot dance to the zumba moves without the perfect shoes for the activity.


If you don’t know what zumba entails, you have the perfect chance to learn. It is a dance that involves aerobics, which involves  latin based moves. In 1998, a 28 year old aerobics teacher made the moves as he was teaching a group of clients.


Alberto Perez, made the signature trend after he forgot his aerobics books at home, and he had to improvise by creating new moves to fit the session. He made use of some salsa tapes he had carried by him. However, after making the moves for some time, the name Zumba developed. 


The American dream is everybody’s vision and anyone can do everything in their strength to reach it. Perez had no counter dreams. In 1999, he began teaching Zumba in Miami. The trend progressed to the level of having an official zumba fitness LLC. It is the establishment that made zumba a worldwide phenomenal. 


What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot?


Each great person who invented something that is globally established began from the rags to riches story. Perez began from a low point of working three jobs to feed his mother and pay a few bills. His crave for the dancing world pushed him to work the dream out to the great level it is.

Lack of money left him to live his dream as an aerobics instructor. Money to join dancing classes became a dream that Perez could only hear about. The dancing dream was a big one. Dancers would have the opportunity for fame and money making chances. 


Perez never gave up. He joined a dancing competition in Colombia and won. After the feat he joined the finest dancing schools in the city and furnished skills which made him become the best dancer in the time. He categorized zumba into various categories.


As a high level dancing skill that enables people to shed extra weight and keep fit, it has to be in categories to achieve its goal. The break dances involved need flexibility to be effective. Every body of any age, size or shape can do the sport and become good at it. Let us look at some of the styles of doing zumba.


What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot?


Zumba classic 

It is a method styled to Latin music. It is set to alternate in high and low intensity levels. It is set to make you feel challenged continuously. The high body activity sheds a lot of weight. It stretches muscles and body parts that require exercise. However, you need professional guidance to involve in the challenge. People who do it wrong make their feet develop metatarsalgia. Professional guidance will help you deal with the effects of feet related diseases. The dance will help you in core strengthening. 


Zumba step 

Zumba step seeks to achieve strength in the legs. Once you continue practicing, it will improve your walking capacity and reduce leg diseases. It entails classic zumba experience and unique dance elements that brings out the favorite dance structure that makes you happy.


However you need shoes best for zumba. A great feature of the footwear is it should have the perfect cushioning, which will protect the ankle from breaking. The sole has to be soft and reliable. It has to be fashioned in the best way to protect the balls of the feet. 


Zumba toning 

Zumba toning involves lightweights. It helps tone the muscles and relax any bit that can bring out a negative effect.  It provides resistance which helps align bones and muscles. 

Aqua zumba 

As the name suggests, it is a practice that involves water. The activity is most effective moist places. Swimming is one of the practices of the Aqua Zumba. Professional swimmers are the best implementers of the activity. The muscles stretch out every time one swims. It is an activity that has helped many individuals. 

Zumba Sentao 

The name sentao suggests “when seated”. It helps the back to be stretched and be straight. A lot of moves are done while seated. When you are seated, concentration becomes core and effectiveness is enhanced. It is the best beginning point for beginners. People who feel intimidated by the high intensity exercises may begin their perfection journey through this first step.



Professionals will advise that an activity done seated is better than while done in another position. It will help reduce the risk of getting foot infections which will turn you into a regular clinic visitor. An example is doing sit ups. It is a form zumba sentao that stretches the stomach muscles. 


Zumba Gold 

Zumba gold is about the fun aspect of the zumba classic and other types. It involves a more enjoyment based disposition. You will want to last forever in a zumba gold class practice. For those looking for an equal based practice, this is your game. It will help you feel both sides of the coin. The work out is easier to follow. It is a simple routine which involves a great deal of energy. 

Zumba kids 

Zumba kids involves children. Kids tend to have soft tissue which even if it gets affected by the game, it will develop a second time in a stronger way. Kids need to have a simple routine that should not be aggressive to make them sick.

Children can begin with zumba sentao. It will help them develop a good structure to graduate to the next levels. Children who are 7-11 years are the best for the practice. Dancers who are 4 years and younger may need better people to guide them through.


Zumbini is classified for parents and care givers who have no time to socialize because of the responsibility of taking care of children. It is simple and defined. Every parent of any age may do it in the method they know best. You can go to the gym with your kid and still practice in the best way possible. 


What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot?


Zumba circuit 

Zumba circuit involves aggressive moves which strengthen muscles and improve the speed and functioning of the body. You may dance in between the practice. The term circuit means aggressiveness. Electricity is the major aspect of the word. 

Before hitting the gym you should have a good diet by your side. Proteins and carbohydrates are the best food for such aggressive moves. You also need to hydrate your body well before hitting the gym. Fruits and fibre foods are a good choice for the exercise. 


Shoes are the drivers of the field. It is not just about doing the jumps but also protecting the feet. Shoes is the custodian of the feet in such intensive body exercises. Color can be a determinant when buying the footwear for zumba. Fitness people will tell you that you should get high class shoes. Cost should not prevent you from getting the best boots for zumba. 


Zumba shoes are different from other footwear since the extra padding and support is just superb. The soles of shoes for zumba are not sticky. It enables sliding to be easier while dancing. The shoes have the best pivot points which reduce chances of injury.

The soles are fashioned to withstand high jumps and stepping capacity. Zumba shoes have more ankle support compared to regular shoes. you may also use the boots for casual wear. The shoes fit in pretty well. As long as you have sourced for the best brand, which fits in with the type of foot that you have, you have the best go ahead. 


You don’t want to wear too loose shoes while dancing. You may find yourself in a situation that is not best for your zumba career. However if other sports shoes fits in well, you can use them for zumba. You can also do zumba barefooted. It depends with the type of feet you have and the surface of working out.


Let us look at the types of shoes to consider. You may use running shoes for zumba since it has the forward movement make which may work perfectly in zumba. 

Factors like your weight, height and feet type should be the first things to consider while getting shoes. The footwear has to be concrete all day for quality exercise. Perfect techniques for training should also be considered.


If a practice is more intensive, you may need an equal match for the exercise. The surface of practicing has to be in your radar. If it is soft, you may want shoes with good treads.  If a surface is rough, softer soled shoes are the best quality to consider. 


Lightweight shoes 

If your speed is high, you may need lightweight shoes. If your weight is huge, the shoes are perfect for your use. People with excessive weight are considered to stand a high chance of risking their legs. If such a person uses heavy shoes, it becomes so hard for them to do zumba.


Medical experts will advise on perfect weight distribution. Lightweight shoes have the build of less foam and cushioning. It enhances perfect practice. Comfort is key in every game. If you can’t achieve perfection, then do not engage yourself in the game. You will only achieve embarrassment and short lived achievements.


However, the downside of lightweight shoes is that it cannot achieve the same type of cushioning that can be achieved by other types of shoes. The amount of shock absorption achieved cannot match better shoes. therefore, choose shoes according to your fit. 


What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot?


Trail shoes 

If you are practicing on a rough surface, you need good trailed shoes. The shoes are designed to be effective on a poor terrain. Surfaces that are good for the shoes include rough places filled with mud and grass.


Zumba can be done anywhere. Do not let lack of a position for practice make you give up on your dream. The great support on the ankle provide a qualified environment for zumba outside. The grip put in place is best for the poor situation.


Stability shoes  

As the name suggests, the shoes bring forth stability where there is none. Normal arch and neutral feet people require shoes with a good blend of midsole cushioning and support. One may fall while doing zumba since the feet structure is not perfect for the exercise. 

Motion control shoes 

Zumba artists with low and middle arch feet need motion controlling shoes. Control is best since one may go out of control and break part of their body which is not the best thing. Motion control shoes are more rigid and help make the experience a better hub. 

Cushioned shoes

It is common that cushioning has to be on point if you need to have a good experience with zumba.  It is the only way to beat metatarsalgia. Shock absorption material is the great characteristic of cushioned shoes. You will feel like walking on clouds.

It provides a haven of comfort while doing your zumba dances. The shoes are also known as neutral padded shoes since it is fashioned to meet your perfect idea of zumba experience shoes.

Apart from metatarsalgia, there are a number of foot diseases which affect our daily lives. Let us look at some of them.

Common feet problems


Athlete’s foot

The most common symptoms of athletes foot is; itchy, stinging and burning feet. You may have experienced the problem especially if you get involved in many sporty activities. If you do zumba on wet surfaces, you have a high risk of contracting the infection. The condition appears after you make contact with fungus, which is the major cause of the infection.


However, the disease can be difficult to treat. The major thing to consider is a safe way of protecting the feet from getting infected. However, you may require a doctor’s diagnosis to get rid with the condition. 

Other signs include; blisters, crumby toenails and dry skin on the feet. 


Blisters appear mostly when you exercise on wet surfaces. If you exercise for long periods of time, without taking rest, you may develop blisters. Failure to use the best shoes for exercise will lead you to blisters. It is a painful condition for the feet. Once you get it, you may need to apply medicine to heal it. Sometimes, having sweaty feet causes the situation.


You ,may need shoes with the best aeration to overcome sweat. It will help reduce your chances of getting infected with blisters. Blisters are not a very serious condition that needs emphasized medical attention, since they can heal at home by themselves.


You may need to ease the situation by wearing a bandage and using hot water to heal the wound. However, there are conditions of persistent blisters which may require specialized attention.


What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot?



A bunion is a situation on the side of your big toe that may bend over to affect the other toes, therefore making it hard to walk. You may not progress with your activities because of the illness. One way to prevent it is by wearing shoes that are best to protect the toes from getting harmed. In your daily activity, seek to protect the health of your feet, since your feet are your driver.


Bunions can also be an inherited condition. If your family line suffers from inflamed toes, you may consider looking for another solution that is family based. Standing for long periods is a causative factor. Nurses and surgeons who do long rounds of check-ups in patients wards, are prone to the situation.


If you are used to wearing tight ill -fitting shoes, it can be a reason why you complain too much about burns on your feet. Wear proper fitting shoes that are dry and in a good condition to be wore.  


Corns are a preventive condition that a vital sign for blisters. It is a white formation on the sole of the feet. However, corns are not painful in any way. Poor fitting shoes are a major factor in causing the condition. In most cases, the condition heals itself. However, it is not as serious as it may sound. 

Plantar fasciitis 

The main symptom for plantar fasciitis is pain below your heel. It happens when the plantar fascia gets strained. It is due to wearing ill-fitting shoes. If you practice for long turns without taking a break, you will fall victim of the situation. If the condition prolongs without medical attention, one may die.


As long as you feel the symptoms, seek medical attention. Never under estimate the power of a doctor. They will guide you through how to answer to the call of plantar fasciitis. You may apply ice once you feel the pressure. It eases the pain and causes relief to the feet. 

Heel spur  

The main symptoms of the disease are pain, inflammation and excessive pain in the bone structure. If you have excessive calcium between your arch and heel, you will have the pain in your feet. It is inevitable. How to calm the condition is by using ice. If the disease persists, you should seek medical attention. Physical therapy is key to overcome the condition. You need to rest your feet to be good. Wearing the perfect footwear for your daily activities is a great thing to prevent the condition.

Claw toe

Claw toe is a condition where toes face different sides of the feet. It is a condition that occurs right after birth or at birth. The condition may cause pain and in other situations it may be silent. However, it is essential for the doctor to examine the condition. It may be a treatable one if things go right. The main thing that destroys people is the poor mindset that situations are so bad.

Mallet or hammer toe

Mallet is a condition that makes the toe point down rather than sideways. It may be caused by bunions, corns and any other pre-existing conditions. It may be painful especially if you use a poor walking style or wear a bad shoe. You may not be able to stretch your foot if you have the condition.

A lot of people have undergone restorative processes that have become beneficial to their situation. Wearing the correct shoes, will help you to maintain the condition since you may have heard of people who underwent serious trouble coping with Mallet. 


If you have too much uric acid in your foot, then you have a chance of suffering from the condition that affects your big toe. Pain is inevitable. Once you find yourself in the illness, consider seeking medical attention. Some say that the pain is firely. It burns inside and can be uncomfortable.

Experts will prescribe well cushioned foot wear to help. It has to be the best shoe for standing on. If you are a regular zumba dancer, then you may consider the best shoe for zumba. 

Gout can prolong due to various reasons. The diet that you entertain can be a main reason why the disease may take long to heal. Age is also a determining factor. People who are between the age of 40-50 years are most exposed to the risk. Their diet should have foods that promote good health to them. 

A healthy lifestyle is advised to maintain health. You should take care of your feet daily. 


What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot?


Ingrown toenail

You may have seen people with toenails that grow within the skin of the leg. You probably think that it is a bewitched condition, but it is medical. A big percentage of people with the illness credit to genetics, rather than a naturally developed suffering. The main effect of the disease is discomfort.

The skin gets pricked by the ingrown toenail. A doctor may recommend surgery if regular medicine doesn’t help. You can treat the disease by soaking your feet in warm salty water. Bleeding is inevitable. It happens when you try to remove the nail without guidance. You should not try any medical procedure by yourself. Sometimes, the toenail may remove itself. 


Fungal nail infection 

If you have yellow spots on the toenails, it could be a sign that you are infected by a fungus. The signs develop slowly. It may omit pus. People also experience pain. Existing conditions like diabetes may cause the disease to prolong. The only way to overcome fungal nail infections is by using an anti-fungal medicine.


What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot?


Final thoughts 

Metatarsalgia is a condition that can be defeated. You only need to follow the guidelines of protecting your feet. For basketball players, the best outdoor shoes for basketball are the solution to everything. You can learn about the qualities of shoes to choose from your best dealer online.

What Is Metatarsalgia In The Foot?

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