What Is Pronation?

What Is Pronation?

The market is full of different shoe options. You could also find shoes for overpronation, supination, underpronation, normal pronation, and much more. It could be a lot challenging to figure out about them with solid knowledge in foot care. Which shoe type is best for which condition requires knowledge or background understanding, but worry no more! We’re here to make it easy for you. If you want to know about the types of shoes and the unique mysteries of pronation, continue reading this article. 

What Is Pronation?

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What is Pronation?

This term has come up when we talk about running shoes. It’s a medical condition in which ones’ foot rolls inward and affect it badly. It makes the condition very tough for the sufferer whenever his foot strikes the ground. 

It’s a typical term that is mostly used for how our foot strikes the ground. However, if you or anyone of your close overpronate, then it’s mean the foot rolls inward too far when you run, puts literally more pressure on the foot’s ball. While on the other hand, if you underpronate, then obviously, your foot rolls inwards ad pronate for normal gait. 

How to Know About My Pronation

Well, the best way to figure out about pronation is to consult with a trained and qualified podiatrist. But there’re many clues to sense whether you’re actually suffering from overpronation; these are as follow;

Take your current running shoes pair, and just turn them upside down. Now inspect the shoes sole for wear to find out which area of foot strikes the ground most hard. 

Normal pronation means the most wear should be even running from your heel to the foot’s ball from one side to the other. However, if you find much wear on shoes along the inside, from big toe down to inside the heel, this means foot gets in contact the ground more. This is called overpronation. 

Moreover, if there’s less wear on the foot’s side by your big toe, and all wear gathers on the outside of foot, then the foot will surely roll outward when you run, and this is called underpronation.

Meaning of Pronate and Supinate

If you’re suffering from pronate, then this means is your feet roll inward when you run, or you face twisted ankle. But supinate is fully opposite to this. If you’re suffering from supinating, then your feet roll outward when you run, and it causes damage to the lower legs and joints.


A lot of people suffer from this severe condition, which means the aids for this problem is common and super easy to find. By wearing the right pair of shoes, you can eliminate this condition. 

What Is Pronation?
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