What is The Holy Grail of Shoes?

What is The Holy Grail of Shoes?

If you love to own sneakers or shoes, then you must have heard about Holy Grail. It usually means a hidden or one-of-a-kind treasure, but it has a significant meaning when it comes to the world of shoes. So, what is the Holy Grail of Shoes or sneakers?

A Holy Grail of shoes is a pair that is extremely rare to find. These are limited editions, and only a handful of people own them. Furthermore, they are very hard to find too. These are also ridiculously high in price, so most sneaker lovers might not even be able to afford them.

Want to know more? Here, I am explaining the details of Holy Grail Shoes and which editions are called such. So, stick to the end.

Holy Grail of Shoes- Top Characteristics

What is The Holy Grail of Shoes?

Some people think that high-cost shoes are Holy Grails. That’s not true. Being expensive is just one part of it. There are some more factors that are crucial to call shoes “Holy Grails.”

The main features that make a sneaker Holy Grail are:

  • Almost Impossible to Get 

  • Holy Grails are not up for sale in any store you see. They are very limited and are usually sold in a bidding war, where people offer thousands of dollars to the sellers. It is because companies manufacture them on a very small scale so that their value stays high.

    Similarly, they don’t have many resellers either. The reason is that the sneaker lovers who buy them are unlikely to sell them to others. So, almost impossible to get is one of the main things about the Holy Grail sneakers. 

  • Extremely Rare to See

  • You won’t see every other person wearing a Holy Grail sneaker. You will see them worn by people who are really rich and can afford to spend thousands of dollars on the sneakers alone. Furthermore, those who own them don’t put them on when there is no big occasion. 

    So, it is a rare thing to see in real life. You can always follow celebrities on social media who love to show off with Holy Grail sneakers. Since it is a unique thing to own, they are most definitely going to flaunt these shoes if they own a pair.

    What is The Holy Grail of Shoes?

  • High Price

  • You now have an idea about how expensive these Holy Grails are. When you look at their prices, the estimated average of a Holy Grail pair of shoes is around 20,000$. Some might cost less than this average, while others can have even higher price tags.

    The reason that makes Holy Grail shoes this much more expensive is Economics. If a company manufactures them in very few numbers, the cost will automatically rise up. Plus, big celebrities and athletes endorse these shoes.

    Kobe, Jordan, Kanye, and others have launched their own in the past by collaborating with shoe-manufacturing companies. So, it is understandable why they cost more.

  • People are Always Searching For It

  • Another thing that distinguishes Holy Grail sneakers from others is people are always looking for them. They either want to buy them or are just curious about how they look. 

    Those who have the money to buy them and get the opportunity to get their hands on them don’t take a second to think. It is because Holy Grail shoes are like a collection of valued items that many don’t have. So, it provides a sense of uniqueness when you own these shoes.

    Now, let me tell you which shoes are specifically called Holy Grails.

    Which Shoes Are Considered Holy Grail?

    What is The Holy Grail of Shoes?

    Here are the shoes that are called Holy Grail by the manufacturers and the people:

  • Buscemi 100MM Diamond

  • These shoes are designed by an Italian company, and each unit was sold at 132,000$. Only a few units were manufactured by the seller, so it is unlikely you will ever see a person wearing them in real life. These shoes have 11.5-carat diamonds and 18-karat gold engraved and are white in color.

  • Nike Air Yeezy 1

  • These shoes were released in collaboration with Kanye West in 2008. He wore them during the Grammys, which hyped people to get their hands on them. The ones he wore were sold at 10,000$.

  • Air Jordan 4 Retro

  • Nike only manufactured 50 units of the Air Jordan 4 Retro. The reason this sneaker got hype is when Eminem wore them in a music video. It is reported that the price at which the last Air Jordan 4 Retro was sold was 37,500$.

  • Air Jordan 11 Concord

  • A lot of people have also called Air Jordan 4 Retro Holy Grail (but some disagree). These are also limited editions and have a very captivating appearance. They are multi-colored and give a very sporty look. So, most athletes prefer to have them.

  • Air Jordan 12 OVO

  • Who doesn’t know Drake? Nike manufactured Air Jordan 12 OVO just for him and his escorts a few years back. Only these people wore them, and no one else. 

    These shoes went up for sale on eBay in 2015 and were sold at a whopping price of 100,000$. 

  • Air Jordan Kobe Pack PE

  • Air Jordan Kobe Pack PE was released around 2003, which shook the sneaker market. Since the popularity of Kobe was at its peak during this time, everyone wanted to buy these sneakers, but most of them couldn’t afford them. Each unit was sold for 20,000$. Even today, if a reseller puts them on sale, the bidding is expected to go above 20 grand.

    Final Thoughts

    All in all, such shoes are called Holy Grail, which is extremely rare and super expensive. Only a very few people own this kind of shoes, which is what makes them special. 

    Most people won’t even see them worn by people in their life. Plus, they cost thousands of dollars, which is why those who own them don’t wear them frequently. These things make Holy Grail shoes exceptional and unusual.

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