What’s the Biggest Blowout in NBA History?

What’s the Biggest Blowout in NBA History?

What’s the Biggest Blowout in NBA History:

National Basketball Association. (NBA) has staged numerous worth remembering events since its birth. Who can forget: 100 scores by Wilt Chamberlain in 1962 when he featured for Philadelphia Warriors against New York Knicks, the 61 scores by Elgin Baylor (a record in a final) in 1962.The 1963 Bob Cousy dribbles out the clock.

Havlicek Stole the Ball”; the most famous basketball call by Celtics broadcaster in 1965.1969’s Russell 11th title in thirteen years in his retiring game on 1968/69 season.


 Mr. Clutch 60-Footer sink in 1970, Lakers 33 win in a row in 1972, the longest game ever in NBA final between Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns in 1976, “God Disguised as Michael Jordan” as described by Larry Bird on what he saw of Michael Jordan in 1986 in a NBA playoff against Celtics to the recent NBA Kobe Bryant 81 scores when he featured for Toronto Raptors on 22nd January2006 among other memorable events in NBAs rich history.


Today’s NBA league is the most competitive compared to the past decades. The only description which can fit it is “a home of talents” there are so much talents that no single team is guaranteed for a sure win against any side in the league. This means big blowouts in NBA league of current time is a rare thing to happen however NBA has seen some historical blowout in its lifetime. Let us analyze them one by another before we settle on the biggest of all.


What is a blowout?

A blowout is an event which happens when a team or an individual athlete outscores the other by a large margin giving the opponent a little or even no chance of victory, in other words the match is determined long before the final whistle.

Though not common it’s likely for NBA basketball match to end at a point differential of 20, 30 or 40 but a record point difference of over 50 mark occurs in what we can baptize as “a match of its own kind”. Here are some of NBA blowouts which surpassed the 50 mark point difference at the final whistle.


56 points difference margin.

This margin has been attained in 7 matches. It was first recorded in a game between; Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons on 12th December, 1966.In this game the Lakers won 144 scores against 88 of Pistons. In 1976, February 2nd, Portland Trail Blazers went down 74 against 130 scores of Chicago Bulls producing another 56 point margin difference.


At the close of 70s decade another historical blowout was recorded this round by Milwaukee Bucks when they reigned over New Orleans jazz upon beating them 158 to 102 baskets.


On 6th December in 1986 Seattle Supersonics went on records for producing another record 56 point differential margin when they hosted Houston Rockets .In this match they managed to put down 136 scores while the opponents responded with 80. 1963 saw two 56 margin record in the months of February and June.


This was produced in the matches featuring: Sacramento Kings against Philadelphia 76ers and Seattle Supersonics against Philadelphia 76ers.In this matches Philadelphia 76ers lost 98 to 154 and 93 to 148 respectively. The last under the 56-point margin tread came from the great Boston Celtics on 8th December 2018 when they hosted Chicago Bulls.

The bulls managed 77 scores but their opponents were smarter and were able to score 56 more baskets making it 133 scores win.


58 point difference Margin. 

This has been achieved by the sides of Sacramento Kings and Milwaukee Bucks the Kings went to record books on 29th December, 1992 when they triumphed over Dallas Mavericks in a match they won 139 to 81. Before this achievement the Sacramento Kings had been in books for seven years for having been beaten in the same point margin by Milwaukee Bucks on 15th December 1985 in a match which the hosts had scored 140 points against their hard fought 82.


What’s the Biggest Blowout in NBA History?


61 point difference Margin.

This historical  record is credited to Charlotte Hornets .The match was played  0n 22nd March in 2018 ,the horsts (Hornets) carried the day upon raining 140 scores to the visiting side (Memphis Grizzlies) who managed only 79 scores up to the final whistle. During this match the celebrated NBA basketball player and Hornets legend Kimber Walker, scored 46 points and 10- three pointers within 28 minutes.

62 point difference Margin.

This record has been attained two times in NBA history. For the first time it was made on a Christmas day of 1960 when Syracuse Nationals hosted New York Knicks .This match ended in a score line of  162 to 100 scores in favor of the hosts. The margin again re appeared on 2nd November 1991 when Golden State Warriors staged a breath taking match against Sacramento Kings .The final whistle of this match saw the score sheet record 153 points for Warriors against 91 of Kings.

63 point difference Margin.

This was recorded in a match between Los Angeles Lakers playing against Golden State Warriors in 1972.The Wilt Chamberlain inspired Los Angeles won by scoring 162 baskets against 99 of Warriors. This game happened during a season which can be termed as “Golden season” for the Lakers. The season saw them not only record the highest ever point differential in NBA basketball league by then but also doing a clean unbeaten record of 33 sequential games as well as wining 69 matches.


What’s the Biggest Blowout in NBA History?


65 point difference Margin.

This is the second largest blowout in NBA history. The match which was staged in front of 16,560 fans on 2nd Feb,1998 saw the hosts (Indiana Pacers) triumph over the visitors (Portland Trail Blazers by beating them 124 baskets while visitors managing only 59. In this game the Pacers lined some of their great names in history that’s; Chris Mullin, Rich Carlisle, Dale Davis and Derrick McKay.

68 point difference Margin.

The match officiated by Mike Costabile, Ed T. Rush and Ron Garretson and attended by 10,487 basketball fans on 17th December 1991 produced the largest Margin in NBA basketball history. In this match Cleveland Cavaliers scored 148 baskets against 80 baskets of Miami Heat. By the time of this match Miami heat were new born in the league while the Cavaliers enjoyed their best form ever in history.


Going by this one could have predicted who would win but no one could have dreamt of the match being a historical one. To many it was just a match like any other until the evening of the Game. Being the biggest blowout in NBA history, this game must have elicited all types of reactions amongst different basketball lovers in diverse corners of the world. To get exact moments on the evening of 17th December, 1991 we will up to revisit the happenings of this game.


Cleveland Cavaliers taking Miami Heat on 17th December 1991.

This historical shoe piece was hosted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in their home Arena. Both teams had shown a good play throughout the season and no side was seen to pose a huge challenge against the other though the Cavaliers were seen to have an upper hand.

No one expected anything unusual out of this match, not even the Cavaliers players, in fact they said that they never knew they had realized a new record until the match was over. Briefly   how were the two sides before the evening of the historical match?


Cleveland cavaliers.

This side had participated in NBA league for several seasons and we can say that they had some experience unlike their opponents. They had the services of some experienced players such as; Brady Daugherty, Mark Prince and Larry Nance. They had competed successfully in the Eastern Conference attaining third place in 1991/92 season. 

Miami Heat .

They were on their fourth year upon joining the NBA league and they had not made any worth recalling achievement. They did not have any of big names in NBA league of then.

Despite having no footage captured during this match one would really want to have the exact happenings leading to a score line of 148 to 80.Let us try to get some picture of what exactly transferred.

The Cavaliers outscored the Heat 48 points in the second half and by 29 in the 4th quarter.

At the first whistle of second half, Cavs had scored 73 points while the Heat had 53 bringing out a point difference of 20 points between the two sides. In a normal basketball match and in this case, one of NBA standards. The Heat needed a couple of stints and close the gap but this never happened.


Surprisingly, by the end of the second half the point difference had grown from 20 to 48 points and one could tell that things had gone south for the Miami Heat. The Heat’s players produced a very poor performance that evening with the teams star and their best scorer, Glen Rice scoring only nine points. At some point the Cleveland Cavaliers led by 73 points! What a game.


None of Cavs players scored over 18 points in the entire contest.

What’s the Biggest Blowout in NBA History?

This brings out a clear indication on smartness of Cavaliers that evening as their scores where evenly distributed amongst the players, only two players that’s All-star point guard, Mark Price and John Battle scored 18 points. Interestingly their starters did not play the last quarter of the game.


Uneven game statistics which led to blowout

Miami heat had eleven free throw attempts against 29 of Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers made 59 field goals while the counterparts made 33.The whole game produced 100 rebounds whereby the Cavs had 59 against 41 of the Heat.

Cleveland made 39 assists while Miami managed only 18. Miami made only 9 turn overs against 23 0f the Cavaliers. Going by this statistic it is evident that Miami Heat had little to give and Cavs deserved the win.


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What’s the Biggest Blowout in NBA History?


NBA have had very exciting moments since its birth. Apart from NBA players who have made great achievements as well has attaining record histories, Coaches who have helped their teams to great victories among other personalities who are directly involved in the NBA matches, the league also have other stakeholders who plays key roles to ensuring smooth running of activities in the league. For now let us have a look at the NBA Commissioner.


The current NBA Commissioner is Adam Silver who went to the helm of NBA league in 2014 upon retirement of his predecessor and mentor David Stern. Under his stewardship the league has continued to grow economically. He is remembered for forcing Donald Sterling to sell Los Angeles Clippers in 2014 when Donald made racist utterances. He later went on to ban him from the basketball events.


Once or twice you may have come across this phrase,” NBA Young boy” and wondered whether the phrase has any connection with the NBA basketball League. The NBA young boy is an American song writer, a rapper and singer. Some of his great tunes include; valuable pain, Genie and slime Belief.

The famous NBA initials attached to his name stands for Never Broke Again and thus has got no any correlation with NBA League. NBA Young boy merch features multiple neon colors accompanied by graphics on his albums.

 The bottom line

Blowouts do not happen only in NBA basketball fraternity but they also happen in other basketball events as well as in other sports. The margin of a blowout determines its magnitude and how it will be perceived by the fans from the sport where it occurred. The history of NBA has seen many records of blowouts thus putting them in different categories. Some of the categories include: Biggest blowouts, blowouts in NBA finals, Worst blowouts in NBA playoffs among others.

What’s the Biggest Blowout in NBA History?

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