Nurses work all day long, hence they are always on their feet. In fact, some stand and walk a full day, which may lead to foot pain, fatigue, and over time may experience a lot of discomfort. For this reason, they need to buy good and supportive shoes that’ll keep them comfortable.


There are shoes meant for nurses to save them back and foot pain. Athletic and tennis shoes are among the best choices when it comes to comfort. But do you know what shoes to wear with scrubs? Tennis shoes do that perfectly. They offer better feet and leg support, overall comfortable feeling, and shock absorption.


Generally, we know the drills in a tennis game, including short sprints, quick starts and stops, and frequent side motions. That means a player needs shoes withstanding such kind of roughness and movements.

The playing style, court's rough texture, and personal preference should give a guide on the shoe type to wear for optimum performance in a game. This article discusses what shoes to wear with scrubs to provide ankle and back support plus reduce pain. Let us begin by discussing tennis shoes to wear with scrubs.




Buying guide for tennis shoes to wear with scrubs

We’ve got crucial considerations to put in mind when searching for the best and cute tennis shoes with scrubs. Supplement your knowledge for mens sports with the following basic tips for tennis shoes wear with scrubs.


What are your needs? 

As a nurse, buy shoes after identifying the particular benefits you get from them. For instance, get a pair that works comfortably and effectively on harder surfaces. Suppose you’re an EMT worker, shoes handling different terrains would be a great choice.




Slip resistance

Consider slip resistance as a primary factor when selecting shoes for wearing at the healthcare facility. Some facilities may have wet and slippery floors that are only favorable for cleaning, but not walking around.


Most of these floors will have body fluids, liquids, and spills, which may pose a danger to those moving around, especially unaware of the messes. Therefore, the shoe you wear should offer protection against slipping. Buy should with a perfect grip that's slip-resistant for your safety.




Weight of the shoe

Tennis shoes, in most cases, are bulkier compared to others. However, it's possible to get lightweight designs suitable for sustaining your feet's comfort throughout the day. A shoes' weight is essential more so if it has to be worn for longer. Heavier types will certainly affect your performance levels, especially on a busy day at work.

Function over design

You need shoes for efficient walking and standing. No looks or attraction will help solve this problem. As a result, go for a shoe that gives convenience in their function. Working as a nurse is stressful; therefore, don't just go for looks without the function being accomplished to prevent more burdens.

In the end, you'll also be saving yourself from back and feet pain. We also don't suggest that getting a good looking shoe is a bad idea. If you get one combining both looks and function, the better. Neutral colors perfectly blend with most facilities' dressing code. Otherwise, wearing screaming colors may draw a lot of attention to your feet. Fashionistas can put on good scrub tops with pants and neutral shoe color.


Stability and support

Long working hours need stable and supportive shoes for walking around.  They’re great for your health and comfort. Nurses plus other healthcare providers should get shoes providing back and ankle support to eliminate pain at the legs and feet. Other vital factors include shoe design, material, and shape.

Working dress code

A healthcare facility has its chosen shoe type for wearing. Some have specific tennis shoes and scrubs, whereas others aren’t limited. For example, colors like white, blue, or black may be chosen to match the defined scrubs. Depending on the work surrounding, your shoes should be supportive and comfortable at all times.

Favorable foot arch

Do you know your foot arch type? It can be normal, flat, or arched. Understanding your foot arch is imperative to save one from pain and problems related to it- different arches respond differently to various arch supports and designs. In case you buy a shoe with less arch support than what your feet should use, please take them back and get your type. Pick shoes with the right arc support to prevent joints and back feet ache in the future.




 Type and fit for what tennis shoes to wear with scrubs

Finding out your foot type when buying tennis shoes for nurses is very crucial. You need to start by understanding the three-foot types, such as underpronation, overpronation, and neutral. You can find out your type by doing the 'wet test.' Begin by wetting your feet, preferably one, and step on a dark construction paper. The imprint's characteristics determine your foot type. Let's look at the variations.


It's also called supination. One is said to have supinated feet if the imprint leaves a large open area. A supinator tends to roll out their feet when making steps. They need a better and more flexible shoe for eliminating shock issues when making lateral and quick movements.


Overpronation is seen in feet with a complete imprint. Overpronators do the opposite of what's done by supinators- feet move to the inside when making strides. Therefore, stabilizing tennis shoe suits them best.


Neutral feet have a medium space in the arch area, not too big nor small. Individuals with this foot type can enjoy comfort in any tennis shoe make. They simply need to consider other important factors like foam for cushioning and traction, as we shall discuss later. It's because they also will need comfort, stability, and support during their movements from ward to ward and other places in the facility.

The best tennis shoes to wear with scrub 

The following is a list of the best tennis shoes to wear with scrubs. They contain features and properties required for a good a pair that will enable you stand or walk for long hours. They include; 

Brooks Dyad

If you want a tennis shoe to keep you on for up to half a day, the Brooks Dyad is a great choice. It’s mostly suitable for nurses with flat feet lacking pronation. The shoe is an option for either male or female gender. Furthermore, it's flexible and lightweight, accompanied by numerous grooves plus a segmented crash pad for dual pod construction and support.

It, however, needs more cushioning, more so for flat-footed people having supination. More characteristics making it one of the cute shoes to wear with scrubs is removable insoles, cushioned memory foam, and technology made Brooks.

New balance women’s WX608v4

Not only can players opt for New balance women's shoes but also nurses moving from point to point taking care of the sick in various wards. They’re featured with thick outsoles that give excellent comfort and support when walking and standing. You get the required lateral support keeping one’s feet tightly on the ground. It's an incredible feature for supporting individuals having plantar fasciitis.

The shoe is packed with an internal shank plus shock-absorbing material. Comfort is provided by the IMEVA midsole. Its laces make it easy to put on and take off. Besides, making adjustments to your desired tightness is effortless using the laces. The shoe has a dual-density collar with a soft density foam for cushioning. The two properties also provide a firmer structure for comfort and support.

New Balance MC806

Men can’t get disappointed by the New balance MC806 tennis shoes. They're excellent for the court and making ward rounds. You get comfort and support from its Absorb cushioning technology. Men with both narrow and wide feet can get their sizes in the market. Be sure you won't find trouble when looking for well-fitting shoes or sizing. It's constructed with a rubber outsole, which is non-marking.


The sole has a herringbone pattern for the great support and traction no matter the surface you're walking on. The new balance MC806 has a lighter and durable C-shaped midsole. Its lace-up model helps to easily wear them and remove. Another feature is the perforated toe box and side panels for keeping the feet cool and dry throughout your working hours.


K-Swiss bigshot 3 lite

K-Swiss are among the best of what shoes to wear with scrubs at the hospital. They’re mainly for women at the tennis court or walking all day serving patients from one room to another. Having been featured with a rubber sole, they provide good traction and shock absorption—no more worries about falling on wet surfaces or slipping on slippery floors.


Your ankle is safe, comfortable, and well-supported through the cushioned collar and tongue. They're durable, therefore, expect them to serve your feet for long before thinking about replacement. The upper is highly breathable made of synthetic material and mesh that makes it lightweight.


You'll enjoy wearing them, especially on hot days without discomfort due to heat. Its sock liner and CMEVA midsole are responsible for providing comfort and support to your feet and legs through your movements.

New balance 1865

The New balance 1865 comprises forefoot and medial support for enhancing stability. The shoe works well for cushioning, keeping you on toes the entire day. Its upper is FantomFit and electrically engineered for offering fit and ultralight support. It serves both women and men and comes in various color options.

The shoe is excellent for arch foot support and absorbing shock when stepping. More features include quick rebound energy return without sewing material application.

New balance 990

The 990 New balance is worn by both men and women. It's made from mesh and pigskin, making lightweight and with high breathability. It contains ENCAP midsole technology providing support and high durability. It also has a brown rubber sole and dual-density collar foam. 

Asics gel resolution 6

Asics gel resolution 6 are tennis shoes for women, which as well serve excellently at work. They are well constructed with a rubber outsole. The sole is abrasion-resistant, and non-marking hence improves traction. The feature also helps withstand wear and tear, thus high durability and more extended service. It has a shock-absorbent gel for limiting feet fatigue, making one more comfortable for an extended period.


The shoe is lightweight with a flexible make and a form-fitting midsole offering support. It helps secure your feet in place—no chances of undesired twisting that might break your ankles. The rear shock-absorbing feature plus foot gel is present for feet protecting every move on a hard surface.  

Brooks adrenaline

Brooks adrenaline is best suitable for nurses overpronating and in need of support. Both men and women can use it. Individuals with flat feet can perfectly be served by the Brooks adrenaline shoes because of its cushioning abundance. Additionally, the upper is made of synthetic and moisture-managing mesh and a breathable fabric lining.


It again has a removable foam insole with a padded tongue plus collar. Its heel is uniquely made of a segmented crash pad to absorb shock and give smooth transitions. The brown rubber sole is good at delivering grip and light cushioning.




The bottom line

Do you know what shoes to wear with scrubs during your duty as a nurse? Is it now clear that tennis shoes are not only meant for the court but also for nurses at the healthcare facilities? Yes, they can provide nurses with the best comfort, stability, and support needed when moving around, either running or walking. The various tennis shoe types are great for walking on hard floors for long hours with getting exhausted or experiencing pain in the toes and legs generally.


Consequently, all your focus and attention will go to your patients and not feet. How great! Different healthcare centers have developed varied rules on dressing code and outfit. However, nurses generally should put on closed-toe-shoes having a covered heel, providing comfort and protection. The shoe should also be slip-resistant, best for your arch foot type, and giving a stable stand and walk. The size is also important.


You need properly fitting shoes for better movement and more confidence. On the contrary, buggy shoes will likely temper with your movement. As a result, you'll find it hard to do your job as expected. Too tight shoes will also make you uncomfortable and hinder your performance at work. Look at factors to consider when buying what shoes to wear with scrubs, and it'll shed some light on making a better choice at the market.





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