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What Size Shoe does Shaquille O'Neal Wear

What Size Shoe does Shaquille O'Neal Wear

The size of shoes is a more important factor while selecting shoes for your feet than design, trend, style, and color. Although the fabric, design and other factors play an important role to provide comfort for your feet the exact size is the most important factor. If the size of shoes is not according to the size of your feet you will not feel comfortable whatsoever you do. It gets even more important while selecting sports shoes for your feet. Athletes pay due attention while selecting the shoes to wear during sports and practice. The mismatched size of shoes not only negatively affects their performance while playing but it also harms the cause of pain in the feet and backbone. If sportsman plays with smaller or bigger size of shoes for a long time it will definitely harm their posture and backbone. Above all factors were in the mind of Shaquille O'Neal while looking for the size 25 shoes. Knowing that he wants size 25 shoes for his feet you all must be interested to know that what size shoes does Shaquille O'Neal wear?

Shaquille O'Neal is an NBA player at Chicago and by his senior year, the size 22 shoes were not fit in his feet. His feet were grown to size 25 and there weren’t any sports shoes available for him which he can lace-up to perform in his college team. The last time college team ordered size 22 shoes for him but now even size 22 was smaller for his feet. The coach Vander Meulen approached college team and requested to arrange a pair of shoes for his feet which has grown beyond size 23.

Shaquille O'Neal is a man but doesn’t look like a man due to his big size. He is an extremely massive person and a 6 feet man look like dwarf while standing beside him. Whenever a leisurely walk through the room, it looks like a giant is in your presence. During NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, his shoes 25th anniversary was celebrated. According to another NBA athlete his size 12 shoes felt like baby shoes next to Shaq’s size 22.

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