Is NBA season canceled? This has been the question in most basketball fans from different corners of the world until the league resumed recently. All the same, basketball is a sport of its kind. Like any other game, it has its specially designed playing kits. The teams have their favorite colors and unique logos branded to their jerseys, which makes the sport even more exciting.

In any event, those attending should choose what to wear decisively to give the game its distinctive look and to ensure that they feel comfortable and in for the whole thing. Similarly, a basketball fan will need a particular type of attire for the match. It may not be a good thing to find yourself seated in the basketball arena waiting for the start of the game while on your office suits or any other attire. 

There is a variety of wears one can choose from based on gender and age. Forget about jerseys, which are made for players. We are not even talking about your team's favorite color. It’s about you as a fan and what will make you feel special and stand out as a supporter of your side while enjoying the evening of a basketball madness. What do you wear? Here is all that you need.


An enjoyable evening full of basketball fun will need comfortable, light, colorful, eye-catching, and stylish shoes. Before we get to choose the best type of such shoes, let’s first see different varieties of basketball shoes preferred by ladies and gentlemen basketball players. Freaky Shoes, freakyshoes.com got you covered here. 

Basketball shoes for men.

After watching basketball, you must have realized that the player's footwear helps them to sprint, cut, and jump; thus, they must acquire the kind of shoes that will enable them to achieve that effectively. Again, their pair of shoes should provide a firm grip on the court, be of reasonable weight, and offer lockdown support to make them comfortable while on the pitch. 

The right shoes will not only focus on performance but also looks. On many occasions, basketball matches of renowned leagues such as NBA league are played indoors under bright light. A wearer of a beautiful looking shoes of a unique fashion may steal some moments of the show. Who will not crave for such a moment? This makes basketball players go for the flashiest and best performing shoes.

Many people will go for a hot looking and fitting pair of shoes. Here is a list of shoes one would dream of as long as basketball is concerned.

Adidas men’s hoops 2.0 mid sneaker.

The upper part of these shoes is made of synthetic leather, making it light and comfortable. It also makes the shoe breathable, so it offers room for airflow ensuring one's feet remain cool and dry. It has a lacing system that wraps the entire foot as well as the heel lace system. Its sole is made of rubber material, giving it a very firm ground grip.

Under Armour Curry 3ZERO III.

The material used in making these shoes makes them durable and comfortable. It’s easy to manage their laces. They are made of breathable materials on their upper part, enabling one's feet to stay cool and dry for a long time.

Nike Men’s LeBron Witness IV Basketball Shoes.

These shoes offer excellent ankle support, which helps control their movement, thus keeping the weak parts of the foot safe. They are also stable, thus improving the wearer's movement. They are made of a design that makes them reliable, and therefore new players can quickly adapt to playing on them.

Adidas Men’s Harden Step Back Basketball Shoe.

The making design and the materials used in making these shoes make them reliable, thus offering an excellent fit to feet of any size. They have a wide opening in addition to easily adjustable laces, so one would take a very short period on putting them on. 

Jordan Why Not Zero.2

 The design of these shoes makes them usable in any playing court. They have a five-hole system. This enables one to adjust them according to how the boots can fit their feet. Their outsoles are made of rubber. This boosts the wearer's traction, ensuring their feet are safe in whichever court they are playing on. 

Nike LeBron Soldier XII SFG.

These shoes are known to offer support and excellent balance, as well as being comfortable. They have a padded upper part; thus, they conform well to one's feet. 

Nike LeBron 17.

These shoes are designed in a way to help one avoid foot pain and fatigue. It also enables one to manage sudden changes in direction. They have a plastic clip wraps in the heels; thus, they remain attached to their feet tightly, and they can't fall off easily.

Nike Zoom KD 12

These shoes are designed to control the movement of one's feet, and they also give your steps fluid and bouncy. Foot fatigue is too hard to come on while in these shoes. They are highly flexible and easy to put on.

Air Jordan XXXIV.

Their inner side is cushioned with air zoom to redirect the wearer’s force of steps and creates room for springing on, which is vital during challenging games. They also have multi-directional treads enabling them to transverse in any court. Their interior surfaces are comfortable, giving the wearer the satisfaction they might crave for.

Adidas Dame 6.

These are made of breathable materials that offer a natural cooling effect while on the game, thus keeping one's feet comfortable. Their laces system makes it easy to tighten to achieve one's foot fit.  Improve on stopping performance, and they are generally light and great traction pattern.

Under Armour, HOVR is also known as HAVOC 2.

These shoes are light, breathable, and designed to allow fast movement, rapid cooling, and support one's feet while moving. They also possess a sock liner, which escalates the energy return upon stepping. It is easily adjustable to one’s foot shape.

Nike Kyrie 6.

The shoe is named after Kyrie Irving. This shoe gives the player steady support and sufficient high traction control. It has an all–angle traction pattern; it's breathable, thus keeping the wearer's foot cool and dry. It also reinforces the foot in critical areas that fit one's feet securely, and it offers improved support on mid foot.

Adidas Harden, Vol. 4.

These shoes provide a firm grip and controls one’s high movement, thus ensuring stable use of the mid foot strap, enabling you to move in the right way. It has a protective collar top, has excellent traction, which makes it cozy. 

Basketball shoes for ladies

Nike Women’s Court Borough Low Basketball Shoes.

They are known for their white and black color. They are made of leather and have a rubber sole; thus, they have a very long life span. They have a padded collar to offer to cushion. Their rubber sole gives them firm grip and support. They are comfortable and warm.

WILTENA Unisex Lifestyle Basketball shoes.

These shoes have a rubber sole, which makes them comfy. They are well cushioned with EVA   midsole. They are designed in concave, convex texture to make them offer round support. They are breathable, thus ensuring one's foot is cool and dry all through. They don't slip while on foot and are made of a material which is wear resistance. 

Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Parker Shoe – Women’s Basketball.

They are convenient when walking, playing, and running with basketball. They a flexible bouncing midsole, have a firm grip; they are lightweight, making them very comfortable pair to play on.

Nike Women’s Court Borough Mid Basketball Shoes. .wearers

They are made of leather, have a padded collar for cushioning; thus, they are comfortable when wearing. They also have mesh tongues to increase breathability, and therefore they ensure the wearer's foot remains cool and dry throughout.

And1 Women’s Overdrive Basketball Casual shoe.

These come in black and purple colors. They are made of synthetic material that is easily washable and designed in a radial herringbone pattern to improve their grip and are lightweight. However, they might not be durable. 

LI-NING WOW 7 Series Women Basketball Shoes.

These are flashy and fashionable women's shoes. They are designed with a multi-layered composition of nylon mesh on the bottom part with the top layer dominating leather to give it good upper strength. Their soles are designed with the latest technology in the market. For instance, they are provided with anti-skid lines to enhance friction and have Cloud cushioning to reduce external impacts. The negative side of these shoes is that they might not be durable.

As has been discussed, the list of shoes both for men and women is long, and you can comfortably grab a pair for your basketball match outfit. You were wondering how to get a shoe of your dream designed the way you may like, then worry no more. Freaky Shoe Company is an online platform that deals with shoes of all makes and designs. Visit their website: freakyshoes.com and get your desirable pair of shoes. 



A pair of jeans will work perfectly on this day. Since there are different types of jeans to go for, the choice is yours, but you should understand that the kind of shoes you choose for the day may influence the kind of pants to put on. Here are some of the jeans you can go for;

Loose fit jeans. These will give you breathing space because they are baggy, they will also make you comfy by providing sufficient space around your thighs as well as the butt. These types of jeans will work best for big-boned men.

Slim Fit Jeans. These will preferably go well with slim people, mostly those craving for both comfort and style. They help outline the legs of skinny people and, at the same time, allow space around the thighs.

Regular Fit Jeans. These will best suit people of medium body size. They are highly preferred by men who are neither too thick nor skinny. 

Skinny Fit Jeans. These are jeans which are fitting tightly from the waist to the ankle. Mostly they are worn by people craving styles. They are not appropriate for big-bodied people. 

Tapered Fit Jeans. These types of jeans are broad at the top, but they narrow down towards the ankle. They are comfortable at the thighs, but it may not be the case at the ankle. They are recommended for people with bigger waists and thighs.

Low Rise Jeans. These types generally rest below the waist. Skinny people prefer them; they make one of the coolest fashion of jeans today. 

Mid Rise Jeans. These lie precisely at the waist. Bigger-bodied people prefer them because they sit comfortably beyond their navel, thus thwarting any slip-ups.

Which Jersey to choose

This may not seem to be one of the most crucial outfits there, and so many may not give it a significant consideration. The fact is, it is as important as the shoes and pants to be worn that day, choose it well.

On this, one may decide to go for their favorite color, a jersey that matches their shoes, or even the pants you are wearing. Some people will wear a jersey attached to one of the team's current players in the team you are watching or also pull out one on the team's legend. For example, it will not be an odd thing to be spotted on Michael Jordan number jersey while cheering for Chicago Bulls.

The Cap 

Many people will not find this necessary though; to some, it is an essential outfit that speaks volumes. If you find the cap essential and can't get into the basketball arena without one, grab one attached to your team. May be in terms of color, team logo, or any other item close to the team you are going to watch.

The bottom line

Next time you attend a basketball match, don't just dress anyhow, choose your outfit well, and have fun. On the color choice, go for what represents your team and put yourself out clearly on which side you support. 

COVID 19 Pandemic has disrupted many important events in the NBA league and other sporting activities worldwide. Since 1994, all the NBA seasons have gone hand in hand with NBA Live apart from the 2019/2020 season. The Pandemic also has disadvantaged players who wished to join the list of those who have reached the NBA near Quintuple Double.


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