Why Are They Called Creeper Shoes? Let's Find Out

Why Are They Called Creeper Shoes? Let's Find Out

Want to know why the shoes are called Creeper? Well, this question can arise in anyone's mind because Creeper is an usual name for a shoe. People normally call a mysterious or eerie person with this name, and not the wearables. But the thing is- there is an interesting history behind the name.

Creeper shoes are called Creeper because of what happened in the 1940s. During world war 2, special shoes were designed for British soldiers to fight in Africa. When the war ended and these soldiers returned, they wore these shoes and roamed the streets of London at night.

Thus, the name Creeper was advanced. Then, Teddy Boys made a song while wearing this shoe called "The Creep," which made the name even more popular.

Want to know more about the history and why they are still in demand? Then stick to the end. 

Creeper Shoes- Everything You Should Know

Why Are They Called Creeper Shoes?

The Creeper name is indeed weird and can make anyone curious about why anyone would give shoes such a name. To know about this, it is important for you to know the whole backstory that starts with the end of World War 2. 

History of Creeper

World War 2 is one of the most vicious wars mankind has ever seen. British soldiers took part in it and even fought in the deserts of North Africa. Since the sand of the desert is different, special shoes were designed for these army men to successfully fight their enemies.

The war ended in 1945, and the soldiers returned to their homes. But they already saw so much horror and bloodshed that most of them suffered from PTSD. To cope with these things, they used to wander the streets and frequently visit night clubs and brothels.

They used to wear those specifically designed shoes as well. This gave them the nickname of Creeper, and the shoes were called Brothel Creepers. 

Then, in 1949, George Cox Footwear made shoes of a similar design with crepe soles, which was a hit among people. After a while, the Creeper became the best-selling shoe of the company. 

What Made People Like Creeper Shoes?

Why Are They Called Creeper Shoes

People at that time loved the unique design of Creeper shoes. The sole was thick and rigid (which made sense because soldiers had to walk on the desert sand). In addition, there were also anti-ice crampons that made sure the feet stayed comfortable. 

George Cox Footwear manufactured shoes whose sole was 4-6 cm, four ring laces, and suede leather.

Then Teddy Boys wore them, which became the talking point of that time. They sang the song "Creep" and danced to it, which affirmed the name Creeper. 

The celebrities around the world kept on wearing these shoes. That is why they stayed popular throughout the second part of the 20th century. 

Why Are People Still Talking About Creepers?

Why Are They Called Creeper Shoes? 

Creepers were launched more than seven decades ago, but people are still talking about them. Their demand has not seen a decline because of lots of factors. One is the name, which is unique. Let's have a look at other factors:

Worn By Celebrities

Since 2000, the craze for Creeper shoes has gotten intense. Celebrities like Rihanna and Alexander Wang wore them and performed on stage.

Alexander Wang, in 2015, did the whole show around the Creepers. In 2013, Chanel also wore new Creepers that had a metallic design. 

Then, Rihanna collaborated with Puma to release Puma Creepers. They were an instant hit too, and Rihanna fans quickly purchased them. Recently, Prada also launched Creepers in 2019. 

In a nutshell, it has been more than 70 years, and Creepers are still going strong when it comes to popularity. 

They Are Unisex

One of the leading reasons why Creepers get sold out quickly is that they are unisex. It means no matter which gender or affiliation you have, you can put on these shoes and pull off a great look. 

It is because the colors and design used to make these shoes are both captivating and gender-neutral. So, if you want to wear them, then buy them without any second thoughts. 

Leather Fans Love Them

As mentioned above, Creeper shoes are made with suede or shiny leather. So, they are an automatic choice for those who love to have leather wearables. 

Initially, leather was added so that the shoes would not get damaged in the desert during World War 2. But now, this material is preferred because it is durable, and the shoe will stay in its original shape and color for years. 


Creepers are, without a doubt, really versatile. You can get them in different designs and colors easily. The famous ones are the ones with a black and white combo, but the metallic gold ones are also in high demand. 

Similarly, the ones endorsed by celebrities are also best-selling. The Rihanna Puma Creeper shoes were launched years ago, but still, people ask for them. The ones that Rihanna wore were even declared best shoes of the year in 2016, in which she defeated Kanye West.  

Can Pair Well With Most Outfits

Perhaps the best thing about the Creeper shoes is that they can pair well with almost every outfit. You can wear them with jeans, beige chinos, and even trousers. Since they have a sporty look, you can also wear them with shorts and pull off a great “Athlete-y” look. Similarly, this shoe can also go with any sock you want

However, note that it might not be the best idea to put them on in a formal event or environment. But if the setting is semi-formal, casual, or informal, then go for Creepers and have a great time. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, Creeper shoes were given that name because of British soldiers. When World War 2 ended, soldiers returned to their homes with the shoes they wore in the African desert.

They used to go to nightclubs and brothels wearing them, so the name Creep and Creepers got famous. Then, George Cox Footwear manufactured them in 1949, and Teddy Boys sang a song about them called The Creep. So the name got more popular.

Now, lots of celebrities and brands have endorsed them, which has made them even more famous.

That’s all about the reason behind the naming of Creeper shoes.

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