10 Best Shoe Glues: Choose Your Best Glue For Shoes

10 Best Shoe Glues: Choose Your Best Glue For Shoes

10 Best Shoe Glues: Choose Your Best Glue For Shoes

Despite taking care of our shoes, some of our most favorite shoes end up in despair inevitably. This clearly does not mean it is time to toss them out when your shoes break down or cause problems.

Quite fortunately, there are a lot of products that are made to salvage your most cherished shoes and sandals. You can bring your shoes to life using one of the best shoe glue for all types of footwear and repair them in no time.

It can be incredibly infuriating to continue wearing a pair of worn-out sneakers. Unless you are thinking of replacing it with a new pair, you will eventually arrive at a point when you have to bond it. Finding the best shoe glue for your footwear collection will prevent your beloved shoes from being thrown in the trash and save you the need to spend a load of money on a new pair of shoes.

Now it is time to highlight the 10 most recommended shoe adhesives that will certainly not let you down.

1. Shoe Goo

Shoe Goo stands true to its name as it is specially created to be used for fixing shoes. Hands down, Shoe Goo, is one of the most excellent quality shoe glue that is ideal for all styles, which is why it stands top of the list.

Pros of Shoe Goo

  • Takes one day to cure
  • Reaffixes and patches holes
  • It is waterproof
  • Flexible and Pliant
  • Can Resist High Temperatures

Clear Dry Coat

The best thing about Shoe Goo is that it does not stain your shoe and dries clear. Maintaining a seamless color is an absolute must.


Shoe Goo stays flexible even after it has dried. This glue is incredibly flexible and pliable for filling in gaps and holes in your footwear.

Perfect for fixing holes and broken heels and soles.

Repairing your shoes and sneakers cannot get any simpler and inexpensive. The Shoe Goo adhesive lets you fix your shoe sole and fill in all the holes in your shoe. Altogether, this is an ideal glue for repairing everything from broken heels to detached shoes. Use the Shoe Goo repair for breathing life into your shoes.

It is the perfect choice of adhesive that can be used for repairing sneakers and a preferred option for skateboarders since it fixes their shoes, safeguards them, and patches holes to keep them free from moisture.

Bonding with Shoe Materials

Moreover, Shoe Goo even acts like a shield that keeps the leather, rubber, vinyl, and canvas material safe for long durations.

Water and Temperature Resistant

Shoe Goo can resist high temperatures, is long-lasting, and waterproof.

Curing Time

Shoe Goo requires a minimum of 24 hours to heal.

Final Verdict

Shoe Goo remains the best choice for fixing athletic shoes, sneakers, and any shoe you wish to repair. Once it gets set, it will stay strong and provide brilliant traction for athletic and sports sneakers.

2. E6000 Shoe Glue

Looking for a premium quality adhesive for your shoes? E6000 237032 cement-based glue is the perfect option of renewing your worn-out sneakers.

Pros of E6000

  • It is waterproof
  • It can resist temperatures
  • It can bond with leather and other shoe fabrics flawlessly
  • It is non-flammable
  • It is a cement-based industrial power product.

For peels and loose heels

If your sole is peeling or has gotten split, the E6000 glue does a terrific job repairing it. It also works for loose heels and fixes them straight away.

User-Friendly Packaging

The E6000 glue is available in a 2-ounce tube and is also equipped with a built-in applicator tip. This enables you to carefully glue your shoe in all the desired areas without spilling or making a mess. A shoe adhesive can be particularly strong, which is why this applicator tip is designed to avoid the glue from getting on your fingers or hands.

Drying and Curing Time

E6000 is exceptionally forgiving, as it does not dry immediately. After the adhesive has been applied, you have 5 minutes to make all the necessary adjustments. This includes making sure that the shoe sole is aligned correctly before the glue begins to set. The E6000 adhesive takes around 24 to 72 hours to cure completely. Lastly, the glue dries white.


It is one of the most top-recommended industrial level adhesives that flawlessly bond leather and several other shoe materials.

  • Waterproof and temperature resistant

Moreover, it can resist harsh temperatures. This creates flexibility for the sole to move with your feet. It is non-flammable, waterproof, and is safe for washers and dryers.

Final Verdict

E6000 is an industrial power product with an easy to use applicator tip, which evidently makes it one of the most favorable shoe glue for repairing your sneakers.

3. Loctite Ultra Gel

Loctite Ultra Gel is ideal for fixing all your damaged and worn-out shoes.

Pros of Loctite Ultra Gel

  • Creates a reliable, flexible, and lasting bond.
  • It can resist temperatures
  • It wipes out the moisture
  • It takes one day to cure

Silicone Base

This silicone-based glue is going to stick with a wide array of fabrics and materials such as vinyl, plastic, rubber, etc. It is a waterproof sealant girl that formulates a protective coating for the shoe's soles upon applicated.

Strong and Flexible Bond

Loctite Ultra Gel can resist temperatures and bonds very flexibly. This way, you can quickly move your feet around naturally and effortlessly.


Loctite Ultra Gel is a fantastic adhesive that can be applied indoors and outdoors because it develops a seal against humidity. This adhesive does not peel or crack, nor will it shrink after application.


Being one of the market's most potent shoe glue, it is available in a 1-ounce tube, which lasts for a very long duration. This tube can save you a heap of time and money when a need for repairing your damaged sneakers, hiking boots, and other shoes with broken heels and peeling soles arises.

Final Verdict

Loctite Ultra Gel is a brilliant glue that is highly recommended for damaged toes, heels, and peeling soles. Its long-standing powerful bond will breathe life into your shoes and make them last for a long time.

4. Original Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is another industrial power material that ensures that your sole will fix and not come off again in a long time.

Pros of Gorilla Glue

  • It can resist water and temperature.
  • It joins impeccably with any kind of shoe material.
  • It can expand three times more than other glues
  • It does the job of reattaching and gluing soles and patches the holes.

Versatility and Flexibility of Use

It is a versatile product that provides flexibility after it sets. Gorilla Glue is 100% waterproof and completely safe to be used indoor as well as outside. This versatile adhesive applies to a variety of footwear.

Bonding with Shoe Materials

Gorilla Glue sticks to almost all materials so you can get a safe and durable reaffixed shoe. It is particularly suitable for canvas, vinyl, leather, and rubber soles. It also does the job of patching holes in your shoe. The glue basically spreads into the fabric to form a powerful bond. Moreover, Gorilla Glue is water-activated polyurethane.


For the best quality results, you should clamp the shoe with rubber bands, strings, or heavy objects for at least one or two hours.

Water and Temperature Resistant

Gorilla Glue is water and temperature resistant. It will not crack down even if it is subjected to the elements.


Gorilla glue is extremely durable because it expands three times more into any material after it has been applied. This creates a sturdy fix and keeps the sole reaffixed to your shoe for a longer time.

Final Verdict

The Original Gorilla Glue is a sturdy and reliable glue that will set on your shoe with the utmost flexibility. It will stick to all kinds of shoe material and create an unbreakable bond.

5. Shoe Fix Glue

The Shoe Fix glue is another excellent adhesive that is a great option for repairing your shoes.

Pros of Shoe Fix Glue

  • It can resist moisture and temperatures.
  • It creates a lasting and flexible bond.
  • It sticks to a wide array of shoe materials.
  • It bonds immediately and does not require clamping
  • It is designed mainly for bonding shoes.

No Clamping or Curing Time

It immediately bonds and does not require any time for curing or clamping. It neither expands nor dries thickly, so even after the Shoe Fix glue sets, you will not feel uncomfortable.

Moisture and Temperature Resistant

Shoe Fix glue remains unaffected by cold or hot temperatures. Moreover, it can resist moisture, not peel, or crack after being exposed to water, and create a durable bond.


This highly flexible glue allows the shoe sole to move with your feet naturally.

No Stain Marks

The glue becomes transparent when it dries and does not leave any enduring black marks on your fingers or shoes, so you can be at ease.

Bonding with Shoe Materials

The Shoe Fix will stick to vinyl and rubber, so all your sandals, formal dress shoes, and athletic or sportswear shoes can be fixed with confidence in no time.

Ease of Use

Lastly, Shoe Fix glue is designed to reaffix any kind of footwear, anytime and anywhere.

Final Verdict

The Shoe Fix glue is formulated to instantly repair your sneakers without any time needed for curing or clamping. This clear glue also creates no trouble regarding color-correspondence.

6. Gorilla 4500104

Gorilla 4500104 is the ideal glue for athletic shoes, boots, dress shoes, and tennis shoes.

Pros of Gorilla 4500104

  • It creates a flexible and durable bond
  • It works on several different shoe materials
  • It dries clear
  • It can resist water and extreme temperatures

Flexible Bond

The Gorilla 4500104 dries and sets down to create a sturdy and flexible bond for your footwear. Even better, it works on all types of material such as rubber, vinyl, leather, and more. It contains a non-foaming method that is very simple to use. The end result of Gorilla 4500104 is that it formulates an evident powerful bond that can work for shoes in any color.

Water and Temperature Resistant

It is water-resistant and also impervious to extreme temperatures.


The Gorilla 4500104 is a powerful glue that works remarkably in filling holes, reaffixing damaged soles, and re-sticking peeling soles.

Durability and Ease of Use

It is available in a 1.75-ounce tube that will last for a long time and allow you to quickly fix your footwear at home.

Final Verdict

The Gorilla 4500104 adhesive creates a lasting, sturdy, and flexible bond for a wide array of shoe materials. Its multiple uses make it an excellent choice of shoe glue.

7. Barge All-Purpose

Barge All-Purpose is one of the finest glue you will spot in the market in present times. It is quick and serves as an ideal choice for times of crisis.

Pros of Barge All-Purpose

  • It is a cement style glue
  • It comes with a Neoprene base.
  • The drying time is short
  • It can stick to many different materials and fabric
  • It results in a flexible and durable bond

Neoprene Base

Barge All-Purpose adhesive is a cement kind glue that contains a Neoprene base.

Flexible and Durable

This glue is designed to give you an utterly flexible and durable bond for all damaged footwear, including shoes with peeling heels, soles, and toes. It is one of the best sealants because it develops a remarkable bond that allows movement flexibility while fixing the sole.

Drying Time

It dries very quickly, in a span of just 10 to 15 minutes.

Bonding with Shoe Materials

This excellent glue can stick to vinyl, rubber, leather, Polyurethane or PVC, and another kind of material or shoe fabric. With Barge, you can bond any of your damaged sports sneakers, boots, office shoes, and more.

Temperature and Water Resistant

Like other glues, it too remains unaffected by cold or hot temperatures and is waterproof.


The standard formula of Barge All-Purpose adhesive is present in a toluene-free tube and is powerful and quite safe to use on all types of shoes.

Final Verdict

Barge All-Purpose Glue is a cement type glue with a short drying time that is great for reaffixed peeled and damaged soles and the uppers of your shoes.

8. Boot Fix Glue

Boot Fix glue is a cobbler's glue that guarantees fixed soles in no time.

Pros of Boot Fix Glue

  • It dries immediately.
  • It dries clear without leaving any stains or smudges behind
  • No need for curing or clamping
  • It sticks to vinyl and rubber effortlessly
  • It dries and bonds flexibly.

Instant Bonding

Clamping your shoes while trying to repair the sole by using adhesives can often end up damaging the look of your shoe. However, this problem can simply be eliminated by using Boot Fix Glue. This particular adhesive eradicates the need to clamp your shoe because the glue sticks and repairs your shoe instantly.

Clear Drying

The glue does not expand or dries thickly as other shoe glue brands do. It dries transparent and can be used on any colored shoes or sneakers without worrying. The clear coloring does not leave back any black stains on your footwear, and you can be assured there will be no discoloration of the fabric.

Moisture and Temperature Resistant

The bond that Boot Fix glue generates remains unaffected by temperatures and also keeps away moisture and water.

Bonding with Shoe Materials

Boot Fix glue is best for sticking with vinyl and rubber; hence you can use it on any boots and sneakers, including hiking boots and formal shoes.


Boot Fix glue is a durable and long-standing glue that is the ultimate solution for all your shoe repair problems.

Final Verdict

Boot Fix Glue allows you to fix your boots, shoes, and sneakers with utmost confidence, without the need to put in a lot of money. It works wonderfully on shoes with materials like vinyl and rubber and does not call for a need to cure or clamp the shoes as it dries instantly.

9. Gear Aid Freesole

The Gear Aid FreeSole is one of the best options for reaffixing the sole to your shoe and rebuilding its heels and toes.

Pros of Gear Aid Freesole

  • It contains a concentrated formula
  • It is waterproof and temperature resistant
  • It is ideal for dense shoe repair problems
  • It comes in a small packaging that lasts long


Gear Aid Free Sole is indeed one of the best glues that can be used for repairing climbing shoes, sneakers, skateboarding shoes, hiking boots, and many other athletic and sportswear shoes. It is the answer to all your problems like damaged heels and toes, scuff marks, and peeled soles.

Drying and Curing

It dries to a solid rubber in just two hours. After it has cured, it forms an elastic rubber element that can resist both water and temperatures. It creates a sturdy toe cap for hiking boots and repairs the soles and heels in a short amount of time.


Gear Aid FreeSole is a great solution that can save a lot of your money. Its highly concentrated mixture only permits minimum shrinkage and is best for dense fixes.


This formula is available in a 1-ounce tube and only calls for one application.

Final Verdict

The Gear Aid FreeSole is an excellent shoe glue adhesive that forms a dense and flexible rubber product for protecting a wide variety of shoes.

10. Gear Aid Aquaseal

Gear Aid Aqua Seal is a urethane glue that can be used on all types of damaged shoes.

Pros of Gear Aid Aqua Seal

  • It comprises urethane
  • It has a flexible and robust ability to stick.
  • It forms a waterproof seal
  • It can resist hot and cold temperatures
  • It dries clear and does not affect the color of your shoes.

Urethane Glue

The elastic urethane glue formulates a strong bond that can be applied on your gumshoes, waders, and other shoes that can be used in water. This glue is recommended especially for fishermen who can use it to fix their shoes.

Flexible and Strong Bond

It is designed to be sturdy and elastic after its cure time.

Abrasion Free

An additional feature of the Gear Aid Aqua Seal is that it offers protection from abrasions.

Purpose and Application

It is safe to apply to all artificial and natural materials like Hypalon, neoprene, and rubber. This is one of the top-recommended choice of glue for filling a hole in your sole.

Dries Clear

This adhesive is also clear when it dries and does not affect the color of your shoe. With Gear Aid Aqua Seal, no clamping is required because it dries within a short time.

Water and Temperature Resistant

Gear Aid Aqua Seal can resist both water and temperature.

Final Verdict

Gear Aid Aqua seal is a brilliant shoe adhesive for fishermen who can bid farewell to all their boot and wader repair problems. The urethane glue can withstand water and temperature and create a strong bond that will protect your footwear.

Different Types of Adhesives Used for Shoe Repairing

Altogether, 4 different kinds of shoe glue can be used for fixing your damaged shoes. they are listed as follows:

  1. Neoprene Cement

Neoprene Cement Glue offers a sturdy and durable sticking power. It usually dries instantly and is corrosion-free. It is an ideal shoe adhesive that works on all kinds of athletic shoes, sneakers, or footwear with rubber soles.

  1. Urethane Rubber

Another kind of shoe glue that can resist any type of temperature and water is urethane rubber adhesive. The urethane rubber adhesives are so elastic that they are perfect for restoring damaged and broken soles.

  1. Epoxy Glue

The epoxy glue is a type of shoe glue that can stick to any fabric or material. It is widely used for fixing and repairing all your footwear. Always go for an epoxy glue with less catalyst because you certainly do not want your shoes to crack, peel, or become brittle.

An epoxy glue usually takes a long time to cure and dry, typically a minimum of 24 hours. To attain a robust and stable bond, you need to ensure that the glue dried for at least one full day.

  1. Super Glue

Super Glue is a renowned kind of shoe glue that dries quite quickly and takes very little time to cure. It can be found easily in any market. Super glue's sticking is everlasting and is used to restore leaking soles and treat peeling soles.

Important Factors in a Good Quality Shoe Glue

For the best quality shoe adhesive for your footwear, there are certain elements you need to focus on that will enable you to make a better decision.

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